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  1. you going for a Russian assault class look form battlefield 4? Nice. i looking for something close to the American engineer from Battlefield
  2. thanks man, what time does it start on a thursday?
  3. Thanks, and sorry to hear the man, i wont take personally, your personal dealings is a priority for you, and thank you for you help Chock and Sitting Duck, sorry if ive missed any other guys, i really appreciate the help and welcoming from you guys, you've increased my interest in airsoft. Thanks guys!
  4. thanks, im thinking of playing this sunday, i just wondered about the prices, does the gun hire package include the payment to play on the site, or do i have to pay for both the gun hire and the entry fee?
  5. thanks, you got any links for good shops that sell these? would be great to look at.
  6. ive been looking around, and i stumbled on full mesh masks, would this be okay with glasses behind them?
  7. Contact lenses are a no-go for me, i just cant deal with initiating foreplay with my eye ball, and my glasses are hard frames, (you know, that hipster look) so bending my glasses are out of the question, guess i gotta keep looking..
  8. i should really ask all these questions in one post , but i wear glasses to see, and i'm almost blind with out them, but i want to wear full face protection, (i want to keep my teeth) what face gear would you recommend with the consideration of my glasses?
  9. Cheers guys, you're a great help!
  10. yeah i just wondered because it would be a nice goal to strive towards, thanks for the input guys, if anyone has information on Trojan Airsoft, id appreciate it, nice to know what its like from someone other then a site runner
  11. Sorry for another question, but are there airsoft groups you can join, like 'Clan' of some sort, would be cool to play as a constant team, is this a thing, or am i just fanboying battlefield??
  12. the money isnt a deal for me, if i like it then i will save up and until i have the funds, ive started putting a bit aside every week on my payday, if i enjoy the sport, April will be the month those savings disappear within a week end.
  13. yeah i really like the idea of Milsim, but i think i want to get into skirmishing first, allowing me to understand the general airsoft game, at my own pace, rushing into things have always gone tits up for me
  14. Hopefully i don't get stabbed by a dildo then, and yeah i think fair play is the way to go, im not into cheating to win, it not worth being a dick to get a win really, win or lose it should be about the fun.
  15. Haha, from the look of the current replies, you seem like friendly bunch, gives me more reasons to get into this, meet new people and all that.
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