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  1. I genuinely appreciate the time and effort you've been putting into your responses; you've been a brilliant help so far and while chucking more possibilites my way, your totally right, i have enough time to learn and it's an absolute pain!
  2. Right so, in the project of making a video or two to demonstrate my issue, and in the process.......lost a fucking selector plate spring. so for now, project is on hold. Further messing around is starting to indicate that the trigger contacts/trigger itself may be to blame. Could there be a way for me to incorrectly install the COL to cause a trigger contact issue? Initially i thought it was a wiring issue, like a break, but right now im half tempted to scrap the whole thing or get screwed over by a airsoft company tech on prices just to get the fucker working. Also, yes, motor does turn by free hand with abit of a push but other than that it works fine.
  3. You may be onto something there. Looking at the ambi selector, it's only slightly off on the one side, but you wouldn't think it'd cause that much of an issue. As for box alignment? considering how well everything fits (bar the motor currently), i WANT to be keen on the idea of it not being that, but it's definitely something to consider, just dont tell me i have to take out again....😭 I should mention that this was also when i was firing with the motor free from the handle; more oft than not it would just "seize" and not move while making that sound you'd associate with an electrical short or just the motor severely struggling. it was also overspin for some benign reason. I feel like i should KNOW what the funk is happening.........I'll probably wind up taking a video tomorrow or something for some better understanding.
  4. Cheers folks! doubled down on the COL, bought a replacement and presto! works a treat! Now for the NEW problems 🤨🙄 Just had to remove gearbox from lower receiver a second time to realign the ambi selectors (because they work on an external GEAR SYSTEM HELD BY THE CHASSIS AND IF IT'S NOT ALIGNED CORRECTLY TO THE SELECTOR PLATE, SAFE DOESNT WORK, ARE YOU JOKING!?) for the centrepiece of my worries; The trigger has gotten really, and i mean REALLY hard to pull; at first i thought the motor had crapped out or locked up because it was just refused to turn. when it does shoot, it does the following; Sounds really screechy, so obviously something to do with motor height, but adjusting the height adjustor does zero adjusting; grip must be tight or wires are holding it up. don't remember seeing any motor spacers, but will keep an eye on it. the initial firing test messing around with the motor caused a "trip" sound in the gearbox, or moreso of a click; first thing that came to mind was triggering something on the anti-reversal latch side of things, which is when the entire issue with the motor first started. shoots normal-ish now, but still with a heavy trigger without a bite point. Side note; is it normal for the selector switch to just glide between semi/auto without clicking into it like a standard M4 would?
  5. Bollocks. Again, bollocks. Guess i'll just have to bite the bullet and get to different COL's and see what sticks
  6. Considering it's a V2 gearbox in my situation, would it matter in terms of which brand COL i buy? searching around for a diagram/manual of sorts for internal lists and not getting anything; id rather know what part to get before i take it apart and forget what to do for 2-3 weeks to wait for delivery. Had a quick peek at the selector plate, looks totally fine, still greased up quite well and sits and operates fine. the two external springs on the gearbox are still alive and springy, so narrows it down to COL to me. only issue is which one fits.
  7. About to get round to fixing this problem myself. Sneaking suspicion that it could be the cutoff lever being worn out; but would like some secondary input if anyone has experienced a similar problem. The gun is wired in a deans/lipo build if that makes any difference (allegedly it does because WE AEG internals are pig metal, so would an SHS gearset be preferable....?)
  8. The parts in question: https://www.taiwangun.com/en/precision-inner-barrels/290mm-6-02-inner-barrel-for-aeg-maple-leaf?from=listing&campaign-id=14&q=290mm https://www.taiwangun.com/en/hop-up-rubbers/hop-up-rubber-70-monster-maple-leaf?from=listing&campaign-id=14&q=Maple+leaf+rubber With the rubber, i bought the 60 degree, NOT the 70, due to my fps being between 300-350. Unsure if the monster rubbers are any good?
  9. I did my research until after the trade with a teammate who basically got conned into buying an ex-players lot which turned out to be junk builds), this was in the lot so i nabbed it. All those cool features though.....can it run 11.1?
  10. So, decided to cut down the barrel of my M4 awhile back for a more CQB style setup, so installed a new maple leaf inner 6.02 barrel, along with a new ML hop rubber into my stock hop unit. It worked fine initially but am now having issues regarding a consistent feed. One trigger pull shoots nothing, a quick double tap shoots one and begins feeding, until after waiting a few seconds i have to double tap again. Ive also noticed that adjusting the hop does no significant change to the hop rubber, let alone turning it off or all the way on. Ive tried with multiple magazines also. Would it be worth replacing the unit too? Or should i just check the barrel/rubber to see if its a clearance issue? Edit: the gun in question is the PJ CASV (A&K clone brand)
  11. Swapped my stock CYMA AK. For a brand spanking new and unused Ares AM-009. I feel so so so dirty.
  12. So im assuming a standard m4 gearbox part change, correct?
  13. (Just a quick hand-me-down from my brother who wanted to sell it on and i got first dibs) Took it into a game a few months back and at chrono it wound up shooting full auto on semi setting. I've yet to open it up, but i have a suspicious belief that it's the selector plate. that or it just needs a good clean, but apparently it's quite a common issue with these models? Can anyone confirm this issue being a common one? or at the least source replacement parts? having a bad time looking for them.
  14. Hey all, So i played a game saturday, and packed in my L86; second game i've played with it. Evidently, abit of a rough and tumble scenario throughout the whole day, barrel of laughs, the usual routine. That was, until i saw that my handguard was found itself a good few centimetres forward, leaving a gap between that and the main body of the rifle itself. Upon further inspection, I've found that while it's attached quite firmly to the outer barrel, it seems as though the outer barrel loose, allowed both barrel and handguard to move, albeit with some force (it can also rotate, what the hell!?) Any ICS/L86 Aficionados out there, i've also noted the plastic clasp that the handguard secures itself to is still in one piece and isn't snapped or cracked, but very curious if this somewhat "standard" for the handguard barrel to be pulled quite heftily, or something has snapped? - Will upload pictures on request
  15. Anybody know where I can find an IN STOCK 7/8 inch outer barrel for M4? got a last minute CQB setup i want to try......

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