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  1. Ok cheers, I think I may need to be careful actually saw a review vid from a shop and they said even thought kwa recommend using 11.1 lipo that they recommend and only give guarantee if running a lower one because it kills the pistons and that 🤔 how they would prove it would be interesting
  2. If I thought choosing my first rif wasn’t confusing enough…. ok so on the kwa website it says, “KWA, as the first airsoft manufacturer to produce Li-Po ready AEGs out of the box, recommend using 11.1V Li-Po batteries in all of our AEGs.” I’ve seen on a vid that it has a mini tamiya connection. can you get an adapter or will it be a waste of time as your still running power through the tamiya adapter and not gaining the benefit of the deans anyway? Sorry if it’s a daft question just starting out really and don’t want to waste money on the wrong things cheers
  3. Thanks for the heads up lads, even with the £150 different your advice would be to go with the t10 over the specna? I mean overall as well not just build quality I mean internals. Is the kickback not just another thing to go wrong lol but playing devils advocate I suppose a computer chip in a toy gun is also asking for trouble 🤣 Whatever I chose will be wrong story of my life
  4. Yeh I’ve just literally been having a read up on them and that’s the general feel I got from it, at the minute it’s looking like either a t10 (if I can find one for sale) or risk a crap QC and get a specna edge
  5. Yeh been looking at it tonight saw a bud review from a shop that said only thing wrong the hop rubber is not very clever?
  6. Just been to see the geezer in the local shop and he said to look at those 👍 said pretty reliable and half decent out the box. Would you say go for krytac over g&g on pure performance? cheers
  7. Cheers, I did try to leave no room for banter 😉 Yeh like I say I fancied an m14 but thought if I’m the future I go into sniping then an m14 is somewhat of a half way house, thought I’m better of having something full auto to like an m4 to cover more bases so to speak if I’ve got that and a single shot bolt action. ok nice one I’ll have a look at those! im not sure what’s happened there I just started writing? Must have clicked bold by accident
  8. Alright guys, new (but not new) to airsoft… been going on and off for years, probably been 10/12 times but always as a rental. I’m due to get my ukara next trip although not rushing into anything. I’ve already built some kit up so that’s all sorted webbing etc and before anyone asks yes I’ve got face mask, revision sawfly glasses and some altbergs so I haven’t scrimped on the important stuff 👍 I’ve read through a lot of the posts already and learned your all saying get to know which one I like the look of first and then from that can decide which make and model to get. Until I’m very experienced I don’t even want to think about any upgrades etc so I’m looking for advice on what to get. I don’t need all the bells and whistles like recoil or the ones that stop once the mags empty I just want solid reliability and to be very competitive out the box, I’m not expecting things that are fairytales but defo want to be accurate and good range etc. Want to shoot a rental then shoot my new one and say Jesus that’s the dogs… Not got a budget as such but I was thinking around 300 and then whatever it costs for spare mags battery’s charger etc. In life I’ve always been buy cheap buy twice but if your going to say you’ll get the same out of £200 than you will out £300 then fair play but if you say stretch to 4 and it will be a different beast then I could probably stretch. In the future I’ll be looking into going into sniping but that’s down the line when I’ve earned my stripes so to speak so at least this way I’ve got a solid back up if future rifle has problems. Play at 2 sites and are both woodland. Enjoy having a sneak around at distance sometimes but equally like throwing a smoke and running at the trenches lol I’ve always liked the look of the m14 but thought I may be outgunned at closer quarters with it only being semi. So I’ve been thinking probably m4 route, seems popular so must feel nice in your hands and IF I decide in future to upgrade abit there seems to be more scope for this? I’d like a standard to longer barrel rather than the shorter cqb style, I know it has no affect whatsoever in airsoft but it just wouldn’t feel right in my hands. Sorry for the long winded post I tried to answer some questions that you were probably going to come back with 😂👍 I’m happy with decent second hand gear but I read someone say to stay clear of second hand until experienced in what to look out for. Cheers
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