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  1. I'm looking for one to do a CQB with near me. I would ideally like a full metal body and decent gearing as I don't want to be faffing with it. Ideally battery, although gas is always welcome. I've seen these: http://www.socomtactical.net/airsoft-guns-knifes/professional-airsoft-guns/sub-machine-guns/cyma-mp5k-high-power-metal-airsoft-aeg.html http://www.socomtactical.net/airsoft-guns-knifes/professional-airsoft-guns/sub-machine-guns/asg-bt-mp5k-pdw-value-pack.html But unsure which is the better in terms of manufacturing. Any advice?
  2. Hahahaha, ok, not licence. The legal rights to buy a replica airsoft rifle/handgun. And yea, I can imagine a bunch of muppets slapping on a 12x scope onto an M4 with an uprated spring hoping to claim DRM. Having used a 4x a lot, it's a 250yd+ scope. So 2x is the realistic max you need unless it's a good few acres accross.
  3. The good news is I need to go to site 3 times before I get the licence thing. So I'll have a good ol' chin wag with the marshals if they are not too full of em self's.
  4. Rails are none essential I think chap, mainly a sight mount is needed. May I ask, why is there a requirement/need for a quite gearbox? Noise doesn't bother me and I'm sure the idea of stealth is out of the way in most games. Is there another reason for getting rid of noise?
  5. I've not been to absolute in years. I'll be going to my first game in a few weeks after 12 years! Need to hire first to get licence. And yea, from research there is a DMR looking gun, or a dedicated proper DMR. I personally don't like the silenced look with a scope big enough to see the flag on the moon. I like a short range small scope with a red dot as it's practical and a clean look.
  6. Hey again guys! I've decided on a semi auto DMR with a FPS of 400-450. Site restriction is 435 at Absolute Airsoft. So yea, I'll aim for 450 as I'm sure with hop up it will bring it down a little. Anyway, as I understand, almost every AEG can be modded to be a DMR. I have a few questions. If going down the DMR route, is it better to get a specifically designed DMR (M16) or get a normal AEG (M4) and modify? Scope, I imagine a 1.5x - 4x scope will be good as anything more is a bit OTT. What are the normal modifications for DMR's? In laymen's terms. And why are the modifications done? Thanks!
  7. Waltham St Lawrence, between Reading and Maidenhead just off the A4. Thanks for the help today mate.
  8. It was an American that claimed a lower 350fps haha I think that my next best option is to go to a retailer, walk in and have a chat.
  9. Some videos on youtube are claiming 350... Annoying.
  10. What about the mammoth 450fps? And I see regarding the M4 being as effective. But if I remember correctly, half the enjoyment of this stuff is how you feel and play out the games. And I'm sure, lugging up a hill to deploy a huge M60 and just rain down hail would be a wonderful feeling.
  11. I did quickly look into it... I'm not sure how it will be seen, but it would be fun! Just laying down cover/surpressive fire from a distance.
  12. Some lovely gun suggestions. I like the sound of DMR a lot. As in total, it should be 4 or 5 of us going together, 4 of us did it together 12 years ago! The fifth is my partner, she's keen on joining in from time to time. So, the 4 of us, we compliment each other fairly well, 2 AEG's me as DMR and possible one with sniper or AEG depending on the feel of the day. I think I will likely invest in something like a SMG for up close.
  13. Further development, talking to my mate who will be joining. What options do I have if I wanted to go semi auto?
  14. Thank you so much for that info! Amazing detail and information. Awesome As for the reason, I like weight and engineering if that makes sense. I want something that will give a good feel. I'm used to the weight of the SA80/85 A2 ()... So picking up a poly body will feel weird and too light for me. I'll spend some time today looking at the brands you mentioned. Thanks
  15. Is there anything similar to the AK? I'd like multiple design options.
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