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  1. I had a cheapy ebay special radio for a bit, but found it's quality lacking. Bought these Wouxun ones, nice bits of kit. Not too expensive, and the instruction manual is good and written in hilarious engrish.
  2. I read a book about the army and went to the naval museum in portsmouth once. Can i join your gang?
  3. Anybody at 'The Billet' this weekend?

  4. I stepped in one time when a local 'team' were being abusive towards some of the younger players. Unfortunately, the sport can attract the wannabe sgt majors who think their disgusting attitude makes them appear the big man. That said, I have also told young players to stop being tools on the field. Like the one kid stood at the back of a room, shooting down a corridor and nearly hitting our team on multiple occasions. Or the kid who while we were sneaking up on the enemy started to flash his torch, and when asked to stop said "Can't make me" and held it constantly on. However, I've also been pushed out of the way by a bloke who must have been in his late twenties as I was in his way. I just shook it off and got on with the game, no point in rising to it as they likely won't receive my 'feedback' in the way I'd like.
  5. Ah fair enough, so a videos section is on the cards? For the time being, perhaps a pinned topic somewhere for videos to be posted?
  6. I'm sure there's probably a reason for it, but why is there no section for members to share their airsoft related videos, if it's a separate category, then memebers can create a topic for say a gameplay video from the weekend and people can view and comment there on it.
  7. Fair enough, I had no issues with the documentation provided, but I also had access to other devs who used it a lot.
  8. How long ago did you last have a go with Unity? I know the first time round it was limited at best. Now it's actually quite expansive and their forums very active and helpful.
  9. Well it does, Unity has a much more central location for its documentation and tutorials, as well as themselves publishing the tutorials. You stand at much better stead getting started with them as everything you need to know is easily presented to you to learn. Of course, they'd have to learn something, but then I think that's a given!
  10. Ah yes, I remember saying that myself. 2 months later, I'd spent about 450 quid on stuff. To date, probably 3 or 4 times that!
  11. How do people go about "zeroing" their rifles? I tend to just fire down my garden, making hop-up adjustments until it flies nicely, anybody do anything else or have and tips?
  12. I'm a software developer by trade (for the moment at least, until I change careers), and while not in C++, i have heard a lot of hobby game developers are shying away from it. I'd reccomend looking at something like Unity3D, which is an engine and development kit designed for games development and caters to the hobbyist community very well. You also have an active community of like minded people there to draw on if you get stuck.
  13. They are kicking off about the fact there is 100 more TASER officers on the streets today as well. Bloody joke, we're on the same terror alert level as Northern Ireland, and they all carry sidearms!
  14. I finished editing a full game from Sunday at The Mall!

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    2. Lozart


      Just FYI - I've posted your vid on the Zed Adventures FB page so your views might just go up a bit :)

    3. SoapAirsoft


      Thanks! I'd do it myself, but due to personal 'real world' things I don't want to mix my FB up with Airsoft, as some people just see guns and get the wrong end of the stick!

    4. Lozart
  15. I am genuinely amazed by Tracer units, no idea how they work with airsoft pellets...
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