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    trying to find a good site in and around London

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  1. Does any one know of any shop that will chronograph your gun for free with in London ?
  2. My WE M4 GBB Open bolt with an upgraded crazy jet inner barrel and rear pop up sight (facing the correct way). We 1911 with wooden hand grip.
  3. My WE M4 GBB Open bolt with an upgraded crazy jet inner barrel.
  4. To be honest, GBBR are a bit of a pain at times, so I'm just looking for the easiest way without to much hassle. So would you recommend Propane or red gas ?
  5. I have WE M4 GBBR and WE 1911 with metal slide, I will try red gas and see how I get on, Thanks
  6. not that often due to the lack of sites, I did used to go to the Skirmish in billericay a lot but its a waste of time as the local team and other players just don't call hits and all the games are the same. I did manage to play at the mall in reading. That was a cracking place but expensive with travel and hotel ect. If I can find a decent place then probably would go twice a month
  7. There are so many different types of gas brands and version, (green, red Black ect) I have read conflicting stores about using certain gas at certain times of the year or some gas can cause damage and issues if you use it to much, so any help would be great. Thanks Craig
  8. cool, thanks for the fast reply I will have a look
  9. Hi I am based in North London (Hendon), and I am looking for sites local to me, I don't drive so I have to rely on pubic transport but I'm struggling to find a regular site. I used to go to Skirmish in billericay but it's full of cheats and almost no one calls there hits and all the games are the same. So I'm looking for somewhere else. If anyone knows of any good locations, I don't mind travelling but nothing over the 2 hour 30 mins. thanks
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