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  1. That's why I hated it, sometimes I end up loving ugly things because they are different. Just ask my... Actually don't
  2. Ha I used to hate the 5-7... Sp-01 shadow is really cool. I own the gbb 4.5mm which is identical. It's nicer in the hand too, you notice the sort of cut out shape above the trigger which you don't really pick up on side on photos. Silver trigger and barrel looks smart and of course the slide being inside the frame (with 4.5mm pps m2)
  3. I think the FN five-seven is fracking awesome. Also I like the look of the m2 Walthers, PPQ m2 for example. This has stayed with me since the early 90's. Mine just clicks but it has been done by someone, with an hpa tank in the console.
  4. I get to site with ample time to prepare for the first game, have a coffee, have a little nose around at what other people are using. To be honest the idea of loading before I get to the site never came to mind until other people mentioned it. I really don't see the point unless you're someone who's always late or just on time. I do organise my gear the night before so I can just grab and go in the morning
  5. I'm getting the feeling you are urring towards the standard rifle. You have already got a rail and as you say you can attach side rails without drilling holes into the gun. Practicality wise maybe you should get this. I'd happily use the B with iron sights and fill a dump pouch with carrots to knaw on if I'm playing in the dark.
  6. I think the budget means it would have to be buy one get one free 🥴
  7. If it was me then B purely because I prefer compact weapons. That said, having the rifle of the PRC Army would be cool. A quick look on Wikipedia tells me the B is issued to their Navy and maybe SF units so that would satisfy me enough and I'd still take the B.
  8. Are you just undecided between the two? Maybe best to go back and have a handle of them again. My vote is still definitely the type 97, but I would only advise you buy it if you share lots of pictures on here after 😉
  9. Maybe they would look less scared with eye Pro...? And R1701987....I'll never be born
  10. Is this going to be aired on tv? 'This would be awesome' was my first thought, swiftly devoured by 'this is a disaster that will ruin airsoft as we know it', swiftly repeated again in the tune of that REM song. If it's on tv then surely somehow...somehow they will turn it into shipwrecked or love Island or I'm a celebrity get me out of here 🤮. Maybe not, if the people are paying good money to enter then they won't want the TV geniuses to ruin their game. But then maybe the TV fuckwits will make celebrity versions and their own silly hunger games versions. In which case expect our sites to be booked out nationwide with the masses of sheep who live to be someone else because they never spent more than 10 minutes of their lives thinking for themselves. I could happily go on but I've satisfied myself enough already and I may have gone slightly off topic at some point near the start. ... Or maybe it won't be on tv
  11. Hi welcome and congratulations on becoming a father. Everyone here will talk airsoft and some like photography and filming. I think there was also someone here who turned a guitar case into a gun case Desperado style.
  12. Well, if nobody says stop... Hey don't you careful now me for pointing out probable consent
  13. But I have watched on YouTube, it's too easy and sneaky, nobody knows what I am doing, nobody says stop. Before I know it it will be too late, damage done.
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