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  1. Resistor170

    Viper P90 pouch or other?

    Thanks for the heads up. I will cable tie them if they fail the test. Just ordered a couple.
  2. Resistor170

    Viper P90 pouch or other?

    Excellent, thanks for the info and those pictures. They do get bulky eh, but I can live with that for the price benefit. I had forgotten seeing these pictures before but I was to busy eyeing up your P90 to notice the pouches
  3. Resistor170

    Viper P90 pouch or other?

    Thanks, I'm pretty sure my drop leg panel is height adjustable, but yeah I am anticipating it to be an awkward reach. Once you get used to them would you say it's pretty manageable to put a mag back in where there is already one with one hand?...ie you won't need to stretch the pouch open with your other hand?
  4. Resistor170

    Viper P90 pouch or other?

    Hi I'm after some advice on the viper P90 pouches. I can't find any other pictures online other than outside front and outside back. I'm looking to run pouches on a drop leg platform, I've made my mind up on that, also ideally I don't want a dump pouch either. I know mag changes will take me longer but I want to prioritise minimal external gear. So all I know is there is a divider in each pouch so it can carry two. What I want to know is how snug 2 mags will fit bearing in mind I will be putting the empties back in the pouches. Is this going to be far too fidly with one hand? (I have some double m4 pouches where the elastic is so tight it's very fidly trying to get two empties in with one hand) I have also been looking at the flyye pouches, these are singles but looks like the fit will be much nicer. Cost is much higher but I would pay that if the viper ones really are no good. Any other recommendations would be welcome. Thanks
  5. Resistor170

    De-Railed discussions / Rants etc

    No I definitely don't think that's OK. Sometimes I really don't think things through before I say something...but this was purely about eating purposes. Which up until now, to do with that day and the march itself I had only considered the eating purposes. I've been hearing a fair amount on the radio about how we shouldn't eat meat anymore and I don't like the direction it seems to be going. Wildlife is also one of my biggest interests and it gives me a lot of pleasure, but so is history
  6. Resistor170

    Be careful emoji

    Yeah same. And you forgot transgender and bathtub. Feel we are going slightly off topic here though. What I'm getting at is I bet a lot of these tolerance banner wavers would be some of the worst culprits for telling people what they shouldn't say just in case it might offend someone And this is the problem. Keep all this "be careful" shite up and look at the mess it'll make in the future Don't say that, it might offend him = opression
  7. Resistor170

    Be careful emoji

    Post is about people who use it seriously That's exactly what I'm saying but I think we just used 'tolerance' in a different way. Sometimes when I've seen tolerance on banners etc it seems to be a "we are the innocent ones" when actually it's the opposite but most people wouldn't have the brain power to see past their banner
  8. Resistor170

    De-Railed discussions / Rants etc

    I'm here quicker than I thought. Fucking animal rights. Me the wife and baby got stuck waiting for a bus one day in London for a couple of hours or more. Buses weren't able to run as their was an 'animal rights' march going on. (its getting bigger and bigger each year apparently) 🎉🎉🎉. Who the fuck decides what animals want? Hold on I'll ask a sheep... Baaaaaa, OK maybe let's try a cow.... Moooooooooo, OK what's that horse?.... Neeeeeiiiigghhhhhh, and dog?... Woof. I could go on but we all know what noises animals make. However, haha, some people seem to think differently. Somehow. I'm not sure about anyone else but I would be pissed off if someone was trying to talk for me. Now, I just did a questionnaire to the animals and the results are as follows. The sheep went baaaaa The cow went moooo The horse went neigh The dog went woof Very interesting indeed. I have no fucking idea what they mean. I read animal farm - great book, but it's fiction I have watched babe - fiction, talking animals on a farm I have watched watership down - fiction, but made me well up because I have emotional damage from past I have watched ratatouille - fiction, great film, talking rat who can cook too I'll stop there and though this is layed out for the comedy value the blunt truth is that these animal rights shite didn't exist before people started twisting and distorting glorious nature into some sick and narrow minded humanitised hideous outlook on the planet. Thanks Lewis for showing me where to go, though you may regret it soon 😂
  9. Resistor170

    Be careful emoji

    Always best. The closer you get to hunter gatherers the better 😂. Fuck knows what people will be like in 100 years but I am glad I'll be long dead by then. If I am alive the day eating actual meat becomes illegal (which will happen because of the animal rights (made up by people) ) then I'll kill myself. And I'll tell my kids why, and I'll plant that rebellion in them, I'll make sure they join and fight for their freedom. I went off on one there but at the same time it was the only obvious thing to say. It's not the same as each to their own opinion. It is someone trying to suppress your opinion. Which most definitely would piss me off. Simple reply back and all is forgiven but if they say it again and again then that's proper opresssion no? To be honest the saddest part is these people - in my experience - tend to be the people who believe in all things good and 'tolerance' etc
  10. Resistor170

    Be careful emoji

    It looks like Steven fry said that before he joined the BBC. But at the same time the country loves him so he gets that free pass
  11. Resistor170


    I love my mudmaster, not the £850 one but the 'poor man's' £200 one. I got sucked in big time. Used to spend all day, 5 days a week getting dirting on vibrating machinery (no!) and it still works. Maybe like any old cheap watch I could've bought probably would have. But it looks cool to me and if it breaks then it's not that special after all 😂 It does bug me that they didn't put their solar power tech into it though. Rrp at 300 and no solar power is a bit of a piss take considering I could've bought their solar power 5610 module from argos for 50 quid a couple xmases ago
  12. I'd like to think I would have called the police if I'd have seen that (unless I heard you shooting). Hopefully being used to seeing toy guns on a daily basis wouldn't make anyone assume it's just an airgun or airsoft gun.
  13. Resistor170

    Be careful emoji

    If used like it will be here then fine, ha ha etc. I've had "you can't say that!" ample times in person which grates me and gets something along the lines of" I'll say what the f**k I want you p***k" back. This be careful emoji is the same. A simple pm to you would do, ONLY if you might not have known about something your saying. A public be careful emoji would grate me too. A lot of hyper sensitive people nowadays
  14. Resistor170

    Military Group Youtube

    I won't be watching them 😉. Joking aside that won't be worth the benefit of adding tone. Grim thought but no doubt inevitable.