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  1. Sorry to hear it. If you are open to practical pistol then maybe you'd be open to taking up plinking with air pistols and rifles instead? No need for any defence as they are classed as firearms so you can jump right in. Few cons worth mentioning are that air pistols cost more than the exact same version in airsoft, nowhere near as much choice of pistols. Steel bb's ricochet like mad. Lead pellets OK but most of the blow back pistols are steel bb only. You'll need a safe place and backstop to shoot either at home, garden or at a range. Pros include no running, designing and builiding targets can be satisfying. Just a completely different pace. With air rifles there a few different diciplines, hft looks good fun but I have no real experience with air rifle shooting yet. I'd say well worth looking into, check out airgun forum UK and also Google for where your nearest air gun ranges are. Initially, it might seem boring just shooting at metal or paper targets but there's enough variety of targets in my opinion to keep it interesting.
  2. It looks like your gun is firing tracer bb's backwards 😉
  3. Well, it's a small difference of views between us then. I think for me anyway, it wouldn't be a natural progression as its too competitive for what I like about airsoft. But I do understand where you are coming from if you wanted to take the path best suited to your physicality, I just know for me it's not about that
  4. ... So you were joking. Why didn't you just say so
  5. Maybe I didn't make my point crystal clear, it was relating to how someone's physical fitness condition would 'naturally' dictate what hobbies they are interested in. I would say my natural body condition through work and motabalism - if that's how to say it - would be perfect for long distance running or racing push bikes etc, but I have absolutely zero interest in those sports. Yes, I would never make a rugby player 😂, but to think it's natural to be interested in things just because of your body type is bizarre. Like you don't know what to like so you look at your body type for help. Am I allowed to like something like poker?... Remember that would mean I'd sit on my arse not moving much for hours on end. What you said just came across to me like you think airsoft is more like a job than a hobby. Edit: or maybe you are right and the reason I find most stuff on tv boring or shit is actually because I'm too fit to be sitting down for too long and my body is telling me to get up and run up and down the stairs 50 times as fast as I can
  6. Yes I think this plays a big part. Ask the general public what they think of Guns and I'd say most would be instantly negative. We always get the bad news relating to firearms and never stories where they have saved lives
  7. Sorry but that is a joke right? I'm fit and don't care much about role play and it is most definitely not a natural progression. Because someone is fit, does not mean they must do everything as fast or physical as they can.
  8. Guns. Well it all started either with duck hunt on the Nes or when we used to play cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians at primary school in the playground with FIF's (finger imitation firearms) . That led on to playing 'the gun game' on and off at a mates house with him and his brother using a bunch of non firing toy RIF's they had, this was always great fun. My dad bought me a metal colt SAA style cap gun maybe at the same time too. I have always been interested in war history, mainly WW1 and WW2. Only bought my first air rifle a few years ago, now own a few air pistols and like shooting them at different types of targets for a bit of fun. I didn't even know airsoft existed until maybe about 5 years ago and so obviously I jumped straight into that, which I play for fun and not often. Hoping to get my shotgun certificate in the future, which I will mainly be shooting clays with. I don't know why I have always been interested in guns but I have. Along with football, guns are possibly the only other thing I have been consistently interested in thinking about it. Is anyone still there? 😴 Sorry I could have just left it at guns.
  9. I'd like a setup with a lot more size and variety and/or dynamics to the game layout. A game where people can play at whatever pace they want - unless running is banned. And where you can where what you want, and where you can play in any style you want... If you can't tell I am trying to describe a normal walk on day
  10. While everyone obviously can do what they want and I won't ever tell someone not to do what they want, people are all still allowed not to like something. I really do not like the look of speedqb. I think your comment Seth, about if they were dressed differently then people wouldn't mind so much is nonsense, they seem dressed right. It looks way to hyperactive and even watching it is unenjoyable, like modern action films that change scenes 10 times every second so you have no idea what the fuck is going on other than its given you a headache but kids think it's wickid innit. Put the guns down, drink a cup of sunny d and play 'it'
  11. Mm speedqb, I've seen these before but don't remember the cheering 😑. For me it is closer to an actual sport - a lot of sports - than airsoft. They may aswell put the guns down and play this...
  12. This interests me...I have a recent annoying experience with evilbay and want you to win this battle.
  13. Thanks 👍🏻. Yeah I think I prefer it on the tan too but both look good to me
  14. Cool. Did you happen to take a photo of it on the black frame and have some free time to share?... I feel 15 again and I'm asking a girl for naughty pictures 😅
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