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  1. Hi Guys, I'm wondering, I've just purchased a Glock 18c AEP for CQB and I'm struggling on finding a magazine pouch, or a way of transporting the mags. I use both extended 60 round mags and 24 round mags. I'm more looking for pouches or a carry system for the smaller mags during CQB combat. Cheers.
  2. I'm liking all of this even more... Any chance of having some photos of your radio equipment stripped down, i.e. the radios in their standard commercial form as well as in your MilSim get-up? I really do like the idea of turning the UV5R into a base-station unit.
  3. Apologies Ed, I probably should have watched it first
  4. Hi there! This video will show you hot to dis-assemble, clean and lube and then re-assemble your pistol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bB_bgqulX5g. Unfortunately I couldn't find a similar video for your MP5. Hope this helps (-; You should clean your weapon regularly and lube it every so often!
  5. Nevermind, didn't see a page 2... Carry on :-)
  6. I like, more information please? Obviously this is home-made, what base-model did you use from Baofeng? Any chance of a video of it working?
  7. No worries mate. Hope it works, if not I'm pretty sure their are some more experienced airsofters on here than me with some better advice (;
  8. This video shows you how to take the weapon apart, do this with the weapon UNLOADED. Clean your weapon with a damp (not wet!) piece of cloth on the end of a cleaning rod. Alternatively just use a large match-end or something long and thin to feed some cloth through your barrel. Get rid of all the dust and make sure both on your magazine and weapon (where the gas goes in) there is no large chunks of dust. Make sure all of the gas 'valves' (the bits where the gas goes in and then comes out) are also clean and not blocked. Load your weapon, fill it with gas and fire a few shots, if this doesn't work then unfortunately I have no clue. You should clean your weapon every so often anyway. Hope this helps you.
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