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  1. Yeah do tell? would like to potentially reach one of these. Trouble is I dont use social media so I dont hear of them until its often too late
  2. Looked a lot longer than an inch longer than the B&T one, your right though wont make much difference. They seem superb though. Will be adding to my wants list, once I sort out a tri shot base and grenade pouches and another pistol mag or two I will look to upgrading my tracer!
  3. Eh? the last bit doesnt make much sense, and thats coming from me haha EDIT***(May have been my screen, not just your post. have closed down and opened up again and all seems well, apologies, unless you edited it too, but there was something up with a different tab too, poxy computer) My only concern with the Acetech is it looks longer than my B&T ones, and for CQB id rather the shortest option.
  4. LOVE my tracer, may have to invest in one soon. cheers
  5. These?
  6. It does.. This sunday is an issue.. shame really. Would love to try somewhere like this. They are all days which dont work for me typically
  7. Bugger, this may cause an issue... The MK one is a lot nearer to me and doable in a day, so more of a possibility. Could you have a look for info, or point me in the right direction?
  8. Sounds obvious use the same weight bbs and tracer bbs though... I mixed .2s normal and .25 tracers and had feeding issues for ages and couldnt work out why, I think my mags/gun/hop didnt like the mix of bb weights. And I have 2 x B&T tracers, they are ace!! just remember to keep fresh batteries in with your gear, I find they go almost instantly. One mag is fine, then all of a sudden, its like your using normal bbs..
  9. Great PCs, my only advise would be to buy a plain one and put your own pouches on in places that make sense for YOU... Trial and error will tell you where you want things placed (and what pouches you need and dont need)
  10. Oh Dear "You can quickscope like a boss or use it as a "CQB" gun" <_<


    Free kitkat if you know....

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    2. Aengus


      Don't get your problem he hasn't said any thing? Are you angry because a kid got a gun??

    3. L3wisD


      I did apologise to the kid, but it was the way he said "f*ck UKARA" and then went on about how he was going to strip the green paint off. It's predominantly UKARA that stops irresponsible kids getting airsoft banned. So it just sets me off when they try and get around it.

    4. Aengus


      Stripping the paint off - fair enough it's your gun and your life if you wan't to wave it about in public and get shot go for it. f*ck Ukara - Well it is a bit sh*t.. but it's all we've got so hey ho. If he really was a tw*t that wanted to buy a realistic gun he would have many options other than buying a two tone. A kid buying a two tone shows compliance to the law as they're not trying to circumnavigate they just deal with the cards they're given.

  11. This is why my advice is always buy the basics first, the list of stuff you "could" wear or need is 2 pages. In reality all you NEED is eye pro a gun helps, and boots are good. Everything else solves a problem, load carrying, dump pouch, gloves, slings, helmets, comms, patches, then you have batteries, gun bling, slings, bbs, grenades...... See what I mean. The best thing to do is to play the damn game!! I have spend almost 2 years buying things which look the part but in reality I dont like using and buying black for cqb and all green stuff for outdoors. Its best to start simple and work out what works for YOU, all to easy to drop hundreds on gear you like the look of but then hate using!
  12. Great, sniper hunting is my fave pastime in woodland games
  13. Hmmm going to look at this seriously. Would mean an overnight stay, and potentially having the monday off work but I may well be there!!
  14. yeah kinda, mine are a double m4 pouch with molle on the front, think they are called kangaroo pouches and then 2 x piston pouches connected to the molle on the front of the m4 pouches, and I wouldnt worry too much about being off balance etc.. I only have one thigh panel (on my left leg) and dont wander around in circles
  15. Why dont you just use one thigh panel and stack the pouches on top of each other? I have a thigh panel just like that, and have a double M4 with a double pistol on top of it (was actually cheaper than the companies own brand built one) @Gazmeister