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  1. Has that fella even got legs?
  2. Look on fleabay, there was a couple last time I looked... I had the same issue, luckily I found one on Weaponcrates. Not sure why there is such a slump in availability.
  3. Like I say to be completely accurate you need to know how many amps it is drawing when charging, from there you can calculate the fuse size required. I'd say the 13A is suffice unless you wanna go into detail.
  4. Have you got an ampmeter? Do you know how to use it properly? If you can test the amps the charger is pulling on load multiply this by 2.5 and that's roughly what fuse size you need. If it's a balance charger, something nearer 5a will do, but if it's only a smart charger you may require the 13A.
  5. That's fine mate. You don't have to worry.
  6. Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yea Any other comments: Fast payment, great comms. Great buyer.
  7. Patience sir. It's the key to buying anything. Do you mean kombatuk or Combat Uk? Combat UK are my local shop and are very very good, just give them a ring and they are quick honest and very helpful, only downside is it's a little more expensive than anywhere else.
  8. Yeah it was good fun, I did shoot you a lot Jedi, I got Pt a couple of times, that .46 out of nowhere ;). I only got to stand in/near the trenches once, and that was that game. Your right, it was difficult to attack, and probably easier to defend from, it was a numbers game to be honest. Hopefully ill get to see you guys at another outdoor site before long, may even come down to dogtag if I can get the weekend free.
  9. Bump
  10. I didn't get a choice, the marshals had chosen the teams, would have liked to have played with you guys, think it would have been fun. I shot you all a few times, never enough though.:/
  11. Bought something else from him, will keep the feedback the same. Cannot fault him.
  12. You were the bastard behind those barrels! You shot me about 8 times in that video, I was the one who tried pistol rushing you.. Didn't even know where you were.
  13. It's not a problem fella, what you need to do is find out exactly what rail is on the Krytac (20mm RIS is most common) and then make sure any parts your looking for are 20mm compatible.
  14. All I can say is everyone who has a krytac loves it, if you search Krytac into the search function on the forums there are tonnes of information around them, I did hear something about an issue with one model, can't remember if it was Mk1 or Mk2. I havent had or used one but I trust some of the people on this forums opinion, and I am tempted to get one from that. You seem to know exactly what you want, I don't know why your asking us for advice, looks like I should be asking you! Ask @PT247 he loves his and I have been on the receiving end of his little beast and it is phenomenal.