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  1. Apparently Umarex have just received licence from Glock to make some replicas. Wonder how good they'll look, and if they'll shoot half as good as they look!

    1. Defender90


      If they use KWA as the manufacturer then yes I'd think so.

      I have an Umarex/KWA HK45 and it shoots really well out of the box.

    2. AshOnSnow


      Depends if they make it in house or outsource it. Their HK416 chambered in .22LR is fantastic.

  2. Yeah having only been to the mall the once I have a vague recollection of the basement, I spent most of that night running away from the zombies... We shall definitely have to come back and get stuck in a bit more now I vaguely know where 1-2 rooms are!
  3. Krytac have a good reputation as being great out of the box The LCT AKs are liked by a few on this forum. Havent heard anything about the VFC. I would consider looking at the TM NGRS series with that sort of budget, you may not be able to get something brand new, but you may be able to get a real nice bundle second hand for around the £400 mark. I have 2 TM RS AEGs and haven't found anything that works better or puts a bigger smile on my and those around me faces. I wouldn't rule out the top end G&G guns either, they may not be the best around but they are by far the worse!
  4. I know this is off topic but I saw this and thought some of you guys may be interested.
  5. Make: VP racing and Nuprol Item: 1600mAh 8.4v Nimh batteries on small tamiya connectors Condition: Used Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no Price/Payment: £15+P&P Pictures: Yup Got these in a bulk deal, never used, just sat gathering dust. Haven't tried charging them. They were put into storage charge when I first got them(months ago) Open to offers Based in Herts
  6. Make: JG? Item: G3 Hi-Caps Condition: used, seen better days Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No Price/Payment: £10 Plus P+P Pictures: Yup As photo shows, one has tape on(bottom plate is missing) both have a little foam on because the G3 I had was miss feeding. This sorted that problem! Only reason for sale, I sold the G3 ages ago,(he didn't want the mags) and they are just sitting here.. Grab yourself a bargain!
  7. Make: Nuprol Item: retention Holster Condition: Great Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: no Price/Payment: £10inc P+P Pictures: Yup Was part of a bundle I bought, don't need it, have never used it, not even sure how it attaches to a belt! Grab yourself a bargain.
  8. Bump! Have noticed that the mag extender grip thingymajig is obstructing the mag a little, if I remove it the mags fit perfectly fine and gun works a dream, you can get it working normally there is a little trick. With this in mind, I'll try and fix it, I would be willing to take a slightly lower amount!
  9. Well that may come in handy, wouldn't mind giving it a go, even if I faff it up, I don't actually use it so it's no skin off my nose! I tell you what though. Last night using the Mk23 in the dark, it's the perfect weapon. Shouts of "Hit, who shot me?" "Where did that come from?" I must have looked like the Cheshire Cat! On on a side note, night games when no one has night vision are incredibly entertaining, you spend most of the night laughing at yourselves and others tripping over, and you can walk straight over to someone and knife kill without even worrying about getting shot. No one wants to use the torch because you give your position away and get lit up. Highly recommend trying a night game like this if you haven't before!
  10. You were right. The LAM unit is arms free gift. An expensive paper weight.
  11. Wonder if eagle6 want to buy mine for £48! Mine does the exact same as yours, sits in its carry case, although I'm going to try using it at tonight's night game see if it can be useful.
  12. I have the TM Mk23 and my brother has the ASG. The ASG is slightly noisier than the TM, it's not as nice as that TM "dum" sound. The parts are identical , the ASG suppressor is not as good as the TM, but I'm rather partial to Longbows replacement silencer anyways! The ASG mags are definitely better, I just had to file down the side lips to fill with BBs quicker like I can on the TM mags. Both guns weigh the same, can take the same parts, look the same, and perform relatively similar, (ASG will never beat TMs Hop units, they don't have the magic dust). The only differences we have found are the noise and the range.
  13. Don't worry about fitting the TDC, it takes 5 seconds and a monkey with no hands could do it, it's easy and simple. There are a couple of carbine kits if your boat floats that way. If your looking to improve range and accuracy, most people do the same sort of upgrades. The common ones are. Hadron V2 TDC mod( only £15 and well worth imo) Maple leaf 50%or 70% hop rubber The L Key, or the Hadron Design H plate. The crazy jet 134mm barrel just for the mk23, or the 150mm of you want it to go into the supressor( beware fps will increase!)None of these NEED doing. On the mag fronts, filling the valve with reasin on normal TM mags is standard, be careful when doing it, you can damage the mag very easily, like I did. Id suggest buying ASG/STTI mk23 mags instead, they work perfectly with no overpressure valve, the only mod you may need to do is file down the metal bb lip things (depends how you old your mags) My Mk23 has just the TDC mod, I'm going to do the rest eventually, I lift .43g and get 50-60M accurate with ease.(actually tested on a site range)
  14. Couple of questions to help the tech gurus help you quicker. What make is it? We we can work out if it's gas/electric/Spring easily. How does it fire? Do you attach a battery? Do you fill the mag with gas? Do you cock it after each shot? With this info it will help us help you!
  15. Best thing you can do, is let them follow you home, have the hose out the front ready and a bag of cement, spray them with the cold water and then throw the cement at them and just laugh. They'll be embarrassed as hell, but what's worse will be the burn they get when it starts to set. Warn them if they wanna come back you'll get something that causes a little bit more pain. DONT ACTUALLY DO THIS, just trying to say it's more effective than a BB gun and not actually illegal. Or or do the sensible/legal/right thing and put up a camera at the front of your house. Please actually do this one!