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  1. Use YouTube, there are hundreds of reviews of almost every gun ever made. Most of them do a disassembly, however, common sense should be used when looking for the guide, if the "host" looks 12 might be worth looking for another. Use the gun first, try and find someone else with the same gun and compare it, if you still find it lacking, come back and we can advise you better.:)
  2. There's a second hand one on Weaponcrates currently for £170...
  3. I love using my M60, but the weight is a problem. Games are definitely played differently when a Support gun is in play. We went to a site that is rife with non hit taking( won't name it as I know people like it) as soon as the support is on field it diminishes, because 20 RPS at anyone is going to make you take that hit. The Support role is a huge advantage to the team it's on, but it can be had with a M4/AK with a box mag, it just doesn't put the fear into someone like an LMG does.
  4. That sums up every human being ever.
  5. That does seem low, I have a We WET/Stark arms G18c and I can easily get through 28 rounds with gas left over, stupid question but are you sure your filling it with gas correctly? Not meaning to sound like an ass, but I don't know how experienced you are so I'd rather ask the stupid less likely questions first! I personally shake the gas can,(what gas are you using?) fill the mag upside down and then listen to it all go in and you'll learn roughly how long is enough to fill it. Does it vent gas before or during shooting? Do you get a cold wet patch on your hand when shooting? Is it a semi or full auto pistol? Does it happen in semi or auto? There are a few more experienced GBB guys who may have more useful info, but the more you provide us with, the more we can help you.
  6. Firstly, wrong place to post, post in Gas Guns for future reference. Secondly, you need to set the hop up, this involves taking the slide off, and adjusting a little wheel to get the most out of the gun. Search on Youtube for WE Glock hop up adjustment, and it'll show you a step by step. Also, you don't say with what weight BB, but I wouldn't recommend using anything under .25g for maximum range.
  7. I think we have fallen into this trap. But, good news, you can grow out of it. My brother and I started in January, and since then, between the two of us we have owned 24 guns. However in the last few weeks we have cut down, he now owns 4, I own 4 and we share 1! (Primary, long gun, CQB weapon and pistol- sharer is support). The main reason we have kept so many is we like bringing along newbies and letting them try some of the weapons they "could" own rather than the abused hire weapons. I don't see owning this many is a problem, I have actually made money from buying all those guns fixing them up and selling them on. And we own 4 "hi-end" guns, so there is definitely money to be made!
  8. Watching that made me reminisce. Was an awesome evening.
  9. But that's how airsoft should be, we always go out for a laugh, the only time we get serious is when some pampered Toff on the otherside starts getting upset, then it's only fair we ruin his day!
  10. That game still gives me nightmares. Think I only shot 10 rounds, spent most of the night running away in pure fear. Walking down a dark corridor, flipping your torch on, all clear, torch off, move another 10 ft, torch on, ZOMBIE moving in for a reach-around! Spent most of my energy on self control not trying to gun butt the zombies! They were brilliant. I have spoken to some of the people I meet around different sites about this and you get two responses; Epic! We'll give that a go! Or Nah, sod that mate, sounds rough to me. Definately will come back for another game, just not on a Family Weekend!
  11. @Albiscuit Let us know when you head to the school we shall join you;) It's local to me, just haven't had enough interest to go yet.
  12. Bring your sniper/AEG whatever against my TM Mk23, it will out range you. Lots of people on this forum use a pistol as a primary. Go to a game, find someone with a 350fps sniper, and put it up against a Firehawk/mp5 at 350fps. You will then be able to see with your own eyes that barrel length means naff all.
  13. Those underhand grey areas are the best part. I have had two sites change game rules now because people got umpy that we listened and used our brains and they didn't. What I don't like is sites that change the rules half way through the game to try and help the losing team. That sucks.
  14. My inner grammar nazi just died. This thread is like a roundabout. Suggestions have been made, lots of them, by lots of very experienced, and some not so, airsofters yet no matter what they say you have already made up your mind. What you really wanted is someone to turn around and say the A R85 is awesome, and that would have been the end of the topic. I don't mean to come across as rude but if your asking for advice, please take it! If your asking for someone to back your opinion up, please make that clear. FYI, I have a G&G L85 with all the bells and whistles, it just doesn't work as well as My G&g CM16 let alone my TM NGRS Scar.
  15. Search the forums, "gun techs Yorkshire" etc, you'll have more answers than you can shake a squeaky pig at. Do PatrolBase offer tech services?