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  1. Erm, well the gun standard would be worth around £200, the SUSAT I have been offered £250 for. The Rail I have been offered £200 for. If I was looking to sell, I’d probably advertise around the £400 mark all in. What I paid for it? Well that’s a secret, don’t want to be lynched!
  2. Unfortunately it was a post from Facebook, and I am not on Facebook. If I find out will let you know.
  3. Just been sent an image from a friend saying that Skirmshop are opening in the UK from tomorrow. May have a sale on to entice buyers?
  4. Saw a couple of pics in here I liked so I thought I’d share one of my favourite buys. So I purchased this broken last summer, always fancied owning one. It is a G&G L85A2, with the blowback disabled to prolong gearbox life. It has a Real Steel DD rail, which doesn’t fit right, but nothing cableties can’t fix until I find a suitable way of holding it on. It also came with a Real Steel SUSAT, as you can imagine I was chuffed to get this bits alone. What was broken you ask? The guy before me had obviously taken it apart for one reason or another, and lost the hop nub! New one in, 50m range, semi reliable(stupid semi fault they all have). Still I just like looking at it..
  5. Correct- Again as with all laws it’s up for interpretation. If you have a set of lock picks at your own house, then there is no need to do anything. Your not breaking the law. If your out shopping with a set of lock picks, your gonna be considered a weirdo, but if you haven’t and aren’t intending to comment a crime, your not breaking the law. But if you are caught carrying them near someone else’s property, without being registered to a locksmith company/register you are probably going to be prosecuted, again the onus is on the police to prove you have intent, but if your at someone’s property with the right tools, that’s probable cause.
  6. Did you know Lockpicking is a recognised sport? And much the same as Airsoft, you have to “register” to be allowed to own lockpicks and assosociated tools, anyone without this defence is liable to prosecution in the same way Airsofters without a defence are. For the record I don’t partake in this sport. I have just had a few times to acquire and practice these skills legally.
  7. Combination locks of cheap make are easy to decipher and break into, and if you want to break into that padlock and don’t mind breaking it all you need are 2 spanners. Or a couple of small screwdrivers;) Really good fun trying to break into padlocks, without damaging them.
  8. Long overdue Bump!
  9. Might be of interest to you. I am not the seller.
  10. Look on EBay, there are 2 at least.
  11. Have a look on fleabay, couple of outer barrels for sale on their with RIS rails cheapish. Well was last time I looked.
  12. Have your tried typing G&p M4 disassembly into YouTube ? If not it’s worth a try. If this doesn’t work look for an exploded parts diagram for the gun and try and disassemble using that. If your talking gearbox work, it’s just a standard V2 gearbox so any disassembly guide on them would do. As for tools, you can find Allen keys and screwdrivers in any hardware shop, but it’s probably worth looking on eBay. You’ll only need a cheap set as nothing is torqued to tight.
  13. ^Totally agree with that statement. We were at a game where there were a group of current serving servicemen, the hire portion of our team and the less experienced players immediately admitted defeat and said “We are going to lose every game”. Once we had explained that as a soldier they don’t won’t to get shot, instinct tells them not to, and as Airsofters with unlimited respawns getting shot is the way to win, they sorta eased up and we won the day. I think the perception that they are trained operators vs us “pretenders” makes people give up before even trying.
  14. Irony is part of the fun.
  15. According to Patrol Base yup. And they are usually very good.