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  1. The asg were absolutely fine. Never had any issue with them feeding or flying true. Same cannot not be said for the Valken bb's. They were utter poop
  2. I was thinking headcam as I don't snipe when I play at the moment. Figure it should pick up most normal range engagements.
  3. Maybe looking into making some videos soon. i won a GoPro hero 5 session cam last week, so I just need to add a sizeable sd memory card, mount and protective case.
  4. Thank you. They are the ares short midcaps. I liked the look of them over the normal length m4 midcaps
  5. I picked up some ess ice glasses off the bay for less than £20. Thinking of trying one of these under my fast helmet to see if It helps keep the sweat away and stop fogging so easily. Its that or a doo-rag
  6. I'm wondering if using some sort of sweatband or wick away material would help to prevent the sweat dripping and making fogging worse. Im not talking the classic 80s style tennis player ones, but something to help alleviate the problem in general
  7. I'm leaning towards some ess ice. I used the ess advancers 3 years ago and for the last 18 months the revision bullet ants. Now my bullet ants are kaput, I'm thinking of the ice glasses.
  8. I used to paintball a few years ago on the tourney scene. Trust me the lenses in the masks won't break. I have seen people test them with frozen paintballs and some very thick shelled paintballs as well as airsoft guns. I personally wouldn't wear a paintball mask for airsoft unless it was full on cqb. But that's just a personal preference thing.
  9. Lessons of the weekend. My krytac is awesome sauce. All goggles go to heaven eventually. Valken bb's are crap. Old training never dies. 

  10. A lot can depend on the type of woodland. Heavy woodland favours the darker colours, where as lighter woodland with less tree cover favours a lighter shade. I play in fairly heavy woodland, lots of trees, ferns and ground litter. I use od green trousers, a do, ubacs with od green warrior raptor and a fast helmet with a flecktarn cover. It's works as there is a lot of shadow and greenery. But it let's be honest, at airsoft ranges the biggest give away is movement and camo is of limited effect.
  11. As another member of the sweaty Betty club. I have been desperately searching for some new eye pro as my revision bullet ants finally gave out yesterday (rubber around the seals split). I was looking at the ess ice glasses. Has anyone tried them and have an opinion. Another thought occurred to me regarding the issue of sweat. I used to play American football and under the helmet a lot of the guys would wear a light weight beanie much like the stuff base layers were made from. This was to help wick away the sweat produced. Im not sure if this or even a sweatband would be a viable option with the upcoming summer.
  12. So I was thinking about the pyros we use in game. Now me, I'm an all round player, sometimes I'm on the tip of the spear, others I'm plodding along the rear. But I do tend to enjoy a good flash bang (ooooerrr matron). but that got me thinking. Over the year I probably throw a good 100+ flash bangs and that's a lot of booms and a lot more pennies. So I thought...reusable grenade. Now I play woodland a lot, but also want to start travelling about and hitting other sites too. Most of my grenade use is for clearing bunkers and rooms within fortifications. Given that outline. What's the general consensus on the best quality reusable airsoft grenades, preferably with .209 shotgun primers. initially I was thinking of the incentive designs id5. But they seem forever out of stock.
  13. I bought a krytac lvoa s last weekend. Today I got to use it for the first time. Oh my god. All that's been done to it, is a guarder clear rubber swap. Aside from that it's stock. But. absolutely amazing performance. Great trigger rspinse and rod, bb's went where they were pointed. Absolutely loved the feeling of having a solid, reliable and well performing gun. Only hiccup in the day was a bb jamming in the hop. But I put that down to the Valken tactical 0.28g bb's and not that gun itself. Once the bb was removed, it was back to business as usual and grinning whilst shooting.
  14. 1st game day with my new krytac lvoa-s. Oh my god I'm in gun love. It's awesome. 

  15. Finished off the build of my newest toy today. Really happy with the way she looks. Just need to dial in the hop on Sunday and get to some bb slinging chaos.