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  1. Cheers guys, I had heard things had improved a lot. I also saw on their fb page a complaint that the manager dealt with very quickly. I'm going in to pick up a new gun in a few weeks and will be spending (for me) a fairly decent amount of cash on it and accessories. So I just wanted a little more reassurance they had sorted their acts out.
  2. Of late this is me. Haix high liability boots, el cheapo green trousers (need some better ones) black viper spec ops top, warrior plate carrier with more pouches than kit, generic green cap, revision goggles (usually). Oakley od gloves. Primary g&g gc16 predator, battleaxe electric mags, elcan sight. Side arm we g17 thats got guarder internals and a salient arms slide. i want a more pmc loadout but don't really know what to change up.
  3. Not anymore mate. Did have life in my old l85. But sold them with the gun a year or so ago. Had to run the life packs as they were the only things that fitted in the dd rail. would LiFe packs offer a comparable performance to a Lipo pack then?
  4. As an alternative have you thought about an assault vest. It is lighter than a plate carrier, has as much real estate in terms of pouches and you can usually wear a camelback style water bladder with it too. When i I want to run lighter I sometimes switch out to my old dpm vest instead of my warrior plate carrier.
  5. On the subject of lipos then. Can any of you fine folks recommend a good brand of both battery and charger. Reading the various pages, it seems the krytac series and well suited to the 11.1 15c lipos. But lipos are a whole new world to me as I have been running Nimh or life batteries since I started airsoft 2 years ago.
  6. You rate them that highly? lol. It's just the 9.6v Nimh batteries were the recommended for use with my predator and it's what I have. Changing over to lipos would require new batteries and a new charger. So more of a dent in the budget. Though in truth that's drifting towards £600ish
  7. To be honest I want to get a gun that I can take out of the box, slap one of my 9.6v 1600mah Nimh batteries into and know it will perform well. Kick is nice but not the be all and end all. Having something reliable, accurate and with good range is the biggest deal. Easy of spares and parts availability and compatibility are also major factors for me in the event of a problem.
  8. So I'm making my trip to get a new gun on March the 18th. Confusion still reigns as to what to get next. A third range of guns has been thrown into the mix to make things even worse. So now the toss up seems to be between krytac lvoa or enhanced lmg (if one comes into stock) tokyo Marui m4 variant KWA/PTS RM4 erg. I'm looking at the magpul version confusion reigns as all 3 seem to have a good rep and have various pros/cons. Krytac-excellent range and reliability mosfet fitted- no blowback. Tm- excellent range and reliability. Difficult to find recoil mags,need for either proprietary batteries or adaption. MOSFET seems almost a must. Kwa-rm4. Excellent reliability,decent range. Lots of proprietary parts and mags that like the TM are harder to find. I seem to be going around and around in circles and my already receding hairline is in danger of vanishing
  9. Take them to the next day you skirmish and ask around if anyone lost them. Post on the skirmish sites web/Facebook page asking if anyone lost them etc.
  10. What a decision to have to make.

    Krytac lvoa, ics hog or kwa rm4 scout erg. Decisions decisions decisions. 

    1. Katana


      RM4 looks really interesting and you can re-wire to rear with the RM4A1 buffer tube. I'd give it a shot, it just looks like fun.

  11. Can imagine it will work. As a tabletop miniature painter I regularly use either dettol or nail polish remover to strip paint from plastic and metal miniatures. A good scrub with a toothbrush after soaking will help remove any stubborn bits.
  12. Suppose the fact that most pb guns have big hoppers on top, differentiates them and makes them less realistic. I was about to buy an hpa rif a few weeks ago, but like many. I am now going to either wait or just pick up a new AEG. It's a shame they can't get this cleared up quickly, but that's the British law making system for you.
  13. So here's the dilemma. M4 build for woodland play. What sight. Red dot, red+magnifier, hmmm

  14. I'm hoping the cag on tour group go down to the sand pit at some point. Really want to try that. Or maybe section 8 up in Scotland. But that would be as a part of a holiday.
  15. I don't know how the krytac handles myself. But my experience with the predator and the chatter from krytac owning friends, says simply. No contest, get the krytac. All round better platform