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  1. There's a little screw in the body that secures the fire selector. Tighten it up and that will do the trick. It's one of those little issues with the ics l85. You will need to keep going back from time to time to retighten it.
  2. Well fingers crossed it's all now sorted. After much swearing, nearly losing the new prommie nub and one hell of a fight. The prommie purple bucking and nub are installed in place of the previous hop rubber set. Test fired a mag of 300 .28 asg blaster Devils. Fed perfectly well, hit a target the size of a saucer at about 20 metres with 100% accuracy. Cant test at longer ranges until next weekend. But all looks good.
  3. Definitely interested in a black one and a green one.
  4. At combat action games friendly fire is counted as a hit. Frustratingly I tend to get shot more by my own side than the opposing team guess that’s what happens when your a sneaky beaky who outflanks a lot. Gun hits count unless it’s a support weapon on a mount or with its bipod deployed to be static. Everything else, kit, webbing, rucksacks etc are all counted as a hit too.
  5. thinking about a new loadout. Would love to do something uksf but lack the finances for all the Crye and and high end stuff

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gepard


      @CKinnerley has some good quality stuff for sale. Might be worth checking in to see if he has anything you may want. 

    3. MZKaleem


      The key to building an impression kit isn't spending all your money at once. Live within your means and build it up carefully and you'll be so satisfied when it's done. Plus the big money pits, like the rig set ups, can be easily switched for replicas and still look great, TMC JPC/AVS/CPC etc are decent enough for airsoft and relatively cheap (compared to the Crye equivalents anyway). Same for the helmet, no need to spend £££s on a real opscore, just grab an FMA repro, and build off of that.

    4. ghostwalker


      I did look through @CKinnerley stuff @Gepard alas I believe I’m a little too..... rotund. 44’ chest and 38 waist lol. Working in a chip shop is bad for your health. 

  6. Everything else seems ok to be honest. Gun cycles fine. Tappet plate is fully pulling back and pushing the nozzle fully forward. Barrel has been cleaned thoroughly. Because it’s a very intermittent problem it’s almost impossible to just ‘recreate’ it. Visually the nub nub is the only damaged piece I can find on th gun. Thinking replacing it with a prommie purple bucking and nub might be a good idea. And taking it from there.
  7. On someone’s advice elsewhere I removed the hop unit to check the rubber and bucking (think that’s the correct term). The rubber bed looks to be fine. But the black bucking has what appears to be a split in it. Could this be the problem?
  8. Go, play as a hire. Minimal cost to yourself and take it from there. if you love it, kiss goodbye to your bank balance. If you don't enjoy it, your a few quid out of pocket with the knowledge that at least you tried. Its amazing what what you can do if you want. I spent a couple of years training and playing American football......after picking it up at 39. Loved it. Only gave it up as it got far too expensive. With my other hobbies.
  9. In fairness it could work for you if you go for the milsim crowd. Especially stuff aimed towards cqb building clearance etc. Also teaching the finer points of laying up points, setting proper ambushes etc. Some military tactics also also work well in airsoft. Yesterday a few of us got into one hell of a tangled mess of a firefight with the opposing team. So we used the good old 'pepper potting/ fire and manoeuvre' to withdraw safely. On a different note. Welcome to the forum and airsoft world. Theres a few ex-forces guys kicking about. I was only a reservist. But spent 6 years with the Royal green jackets. Nowhere near your level of badassery of course.
  10. I picked up a 2nd hand ics ape a month or so ago. It had just been fitted with a new hop unit and hop bucking. Last game day it shot flawlessly though it does seem to struggle a little with the .28 bb’s. (Can’t seem to get the hop dialled in just right. It’s either not enough and they dip or it jams up on the next notch of hop application). But today it was misbehaving like heck. Generally shooting fine (285fps on asg blaster devil .28’s). Then all of a sudden nothing, gears cycled and gun fired and no bb’s. Then a couple would fly out next shot , followed by a couple of shots that flew maybe 20 feet and then it would shoot just fine again. This went on throughout the morning. Sometimes a couple of shots sometimes five or six bb’s would blast out scatter shot style. On returning home I checked the hop rubber (fully applied it and looked through the barrel) I couldn’t see any noticeable damage, but the barrel was a bit mucky so I gave the inner barrel a few pull throughs. I check the nozzle and its got some minor wear marks on the outside of the plastic. But there’s no actual damage, nicks or chips to the end of the nozzle. Mags being used are all ics mags. Only change over the fortnight has been from asg cursed .28’s to asg blaster devil .28’s. Not really sure what else could be the cause.
  11. Welcome. Must say I really like that camouflage pattern.
  12. Had this picture taken this past Sunday during a game. Shows off most of my ics cxp ape the way it should be shown. Delivering pews to those foolish enough to come in range.
  13. You also have the incentive designs id5 multi shot grenade, the AI cyclone or burst banger grenades. The challenge outside of timed grenades. If finding something reliable for both indoor and outdoor play all year round.
  14. I recently bought a ics cxp ape 2nd hand. Nownthe gun is flawless. New hop unit installed a fortnight ago, bodywork is in near perfect shape etc. It shouts straight and true. I got to field it yesterday for the first time and was fairly impressed (immsooilt as was shooting a krytac lvoa last year). Over the chrono it was hitting 315fps on a .20 and 258fps +/-2 on .28 bb's. The internals are stock. So I was thinking about a few upgrades. But I'm new to this gun. Was thinking a better spring to lift the fos just a little but I don't know what one. Then maybe a madbull 6.03 barrel and better hop nub maybe guarder clear or prommie purple. What would you fine folks suggest.
  15. Flecktarn uniform and a G3 rifle. Everyone will tend to go Russian or Brit/American. So take a different approach and take one of the other frontline nations like the Germans.