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  1. Mate... thats some quality info there.... LiPo here I come!!! I've done tons of research on the LiPos and how o handle them and how they work... But didnt think I would need to take the leap over to them yet... But it seems I really should of. Thanks bro.
  2. Ah cool. Thanks for the info.. So based on the answers so far... yes it will work but its a pain in the arse! @sitting duck... I installed an SHS torque motor and 13:1 gearset in there last weekend. and it is totally awesome. I have an mosfet that I will be installing this weekend too I have little experience with LiPo batteries... I played Airsoft a lot almost 10 years ago and am still used to Nihm batteries. I need to change my mentality... One question regarding the battery you linked (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewitem.asp?idProduct=84544) For essentially £5, is it any good? How is it so cheap?! Crazy!
  3. Hi there I've been thinking about ways I can increase the voltage in my guns that use NiHM batteries. The problem I've found that battery size and shape and the space in side AEG's is a frustrating issue, and I dislike external solutions like battery pouches and PEQ boxes. I also like guns that are small and agile, like my MP5k with folding stock, but they don't give a lot of room for nihm batteries with lots of cells for greater voltage. If we pretend LiPos don't exist for this post, I think I have some up with a cool solution to get more voltage into my AEGs while making the most of the space inside the gun. Currently my MP5k has a 7 cell, 8.4v (total) stick battery in the top and I'm struggling to find 9.6v batteries that will be short enough to fit inside the 19cm space in the gun. But, there is enough space in the hand-guard for an additional cell. This led me to the following idea (solution): Solution(?) If I create a little battery extension out of an additional cell of the same mAh and voltage, could I add it into the electrical system as shown in the attached diagram? I would be wired with Deans for less resistance between 'batteries'. Question I don't know Is there a limit to how many cells you could essential chain together if voltage isn't an issue? If it does work, could you charge the single cell separately or charge it with the larger battery all connected together? if this does work, does anyone make them? If not I find this quite surprising as it could be a great idea for getting that additional bit of power.
  4. Good vid. I like learning by watching many different people do the same thing, as each video usually bring one unique thing that the others haven't shown.
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