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  1. Hard to come by as individual parts I would assume, that and people dont generally discard them so not need for suppliers to get them in as one off's
  2. Fair play, I assumed you meant they took full marshaling responsibilities.
  3. I'd heard of the site yonks ago but only recently bothered looking at the website. Think I'll fob that off to be honest, doesn't seem fair if a guy has hunkered down well for some monkey to put a grenade into the doorway totally the opposite end of the building to have killed him...
  4. For anyone that's played there, whats with the rule for a grenade kills a whole building?
  5. That's a fair way of doing it! We have a zero tolerance on it but that doesn't mean it doesn't sometimes catch us off guard when some man baby throws his toys out the pram, generally it doesn't happen but I would say over the years I've been marshaling i could count on one hand it has.
  6. I wondered the same, I've been after the S&T one for over a year but everytime I see one its snatched from right under my nose, if you ever decide to sell yours however
  7. Fully agree on the chrono issue. Anything to do with safety is paramount, we regularly test players in the game zone either as they are at their respawn or on their way back to it so not to cause any delay in being back in game too much. Testing in game is appropriate but only when the gun has passed chrono but for example the case of gas guns they can increase throughout the day especially if the player doesn't have use of some form of power restriction i.e. NPAS. Personally speaking I'd like to run our site chrono for a certain amount of time in the morning (say between 8:45-9:45) that's a full hour and considering we open from 8:15 that's plenty and something I'm asking to implement. Anyone that doesn't chrono in that time frame doesn't play the first game. It shouldnt be mine and everyone else's fault you either cant turn up to site on time or have a battery in a gun with a few beebs in a mag and just get it done and out the way. The amount of people that seem to have their priorities mixed up when arriving on site beggers belief. Why spend up until the last minute sorting your shit out when its as simple as couple of taps on a speed loader or a quick pour from a bottle and straight over, after that you can play around with pouches and shit all you like up until brief. You are there all day so you can discuss what brand you like, what your K/D ratio and all that other bollocks later. Sorry.. rant Fair enough, I would rather that person be employed by the site that way any recourse can be directly attributable to the site and not just someone they have picked to do the job on the day (fair enough you may know them well but how do other non regular players distinguish them from normal staff?) Agree on the bright tape thing. Quiet word is all that's needed, if its not enough player should get sin binned or chucked depending on issue. Ever had someone be aggressive to you while acting as a marshal? I had a player once call family members to come down to "sort me out" because he didn't like being told to shut up during the safety brief after being told twice politely to stop talking.
  8. Ares have announced they are producing one soon... https://wmasg.com/en/articles/view/9195
  9. Again I get what you are saying but asking players who attend regularly to be player marshals in my opinion just doesn't work. I don't play at the site I work at simply because I wouldn't want to even run the risk of people complaining of preferential treatment or put the ethos of the staff and rules into question (to some extent). I like the idea of the bright tape but at the same time I feel if they don't listen to the advice on the second occasion at our place they just get sin binned and sent back to safe zone. We have staff that if we are busy will leave the safe zone down a person so we can have an extra body on the ground so we can police large numbers of players, having said that I cant remember the ratio of marshals to players off the top of my head that is required by our insurance (and I'm sure everyone's may be different). On another note has anyone ever encountered either physical or verbal aggression at a game before?
  10. I wouldn't openly say to people if you don't like what we do or how we do things you can do one but I have left sites mid morning because I didn't like the way things were done/things haven't improved after complaints from myself and others. No big deal to me but luckily these days that few and far between. We have players doing exactly the same to their own team and I've also done so when playing as well. Couldn't give a shit if someone is on my team, cheating is cheating.
  11. While I appreciate what you're saying I don't think this is the route to go down. You have marshals on site for a reason, if they don't do anything speak to the site owner. If they don't do anything talk with your feet and don't bother with the site again. Problem I have with non-hit takers is if I shoot a guy and find him to not take hits I generally move off an go somewhere else (if a marshal isn't close enough to be able to tell without affecting my game), I've had it before when I have done that though and then been killed by the very guy I was getting frustrated with. I haven't been to a site yet where marshals aren't proactive though so maybe I'm just lucky.
  12. There has to be an element of giving people chances, working as a marshal you generally start to get a feel for the people that genuinely don't feel a hit to those that are just not taking them. Although I hate to have to test shot a person sometimes that is all you are left with doing so you can see it for yourself in which case the marshal tabbard comes off and you try and do it in an inconspicuous way. We as a site have banned 3 people so far this year for varying infringements. When it comes down to the enjoyment of everyone else playing that have payed money to play properly the bad eggs have to be sought out and gotten rid of, that's not to say the 3 we have got rid of was just hit taking but we generally apply as much education as we can before a ban is put in place. On the odd occasion the ban has been needed for something more serious we do generally inform sites we are friendly with and let them know that whats gone on, how it was dealt with and that they may be trying their place sometime in the future. Likewise other sites locally also share things with us and give us a heads up. We also have a very good reputation with the local police and have informed them of other reasons of why players have been ejected from site.
  13. Valid point mate. Around this time of year (especially Feb and March) there are a lot of public holidays in china which sometimes are a week long. There are a few later in the year also. I deal with China almost on a daily basis shipping materials to and from so I know all to well what knock on effects their holidays have on lead times! 👍
  14. If the end cap of the suppressor on the gun comes off you could do what I did on the post attached below
  15. I have friends that still have a stockpile of the madball tan heavy weight BB's!
  16. Or one of these https://airsoftgateway.com/products/replacement-bb-proof-lens-for-steamlight-tlr-1-hl-clear
  17. Someone somewhere out there might like them but I think that’s a hard sell in anyone’s books to be fair mate 😂😂😂 1914 called it wants it’s trench foot back jokes aside.. what happened to your little piggy?!
  18. Certain sites would pay good money for pictures of those feet, trust me a mate used to sell pictures of her and her fellas feet for £80 a time!
  19. Definitely every two weeks from this Sunday! I’d be shocked if it wasn’t or I wouldn’t be getting paid 😂
  20. Nope not one bit! They also have other cuts/weights which are just as comfortable as I was lucky enough to try out at the weekend.
  21. http://www.awaherts.com/ Every two weeks (game day this Sunday 21st April)
  22. Couple of pics from this weekend, my personal use this weekend is as follows - Guns Systema PTW w/ G&P Dbal A2, Streamlight HL-X Weapon Light, Replica Eotech XPS, Magpul MS2 sling, PTS unity tactical mount, Magpul CTR stock, Magpul trigger guard, Magpul MOE pistol grip TM M&P w/Streamlight tlr-1s Gear Crye black/RG field shirt UF Pro Striker XT (brown/grey) Combat Pants Mayflower UW Chest Rig Gen IV chest rig w/Esstac kydex inserts, Thales fist mic Karrimor boots (similar to the KSB Jaguars) OPS D-Ring cobra warrior belt w/Esstac single M4 pouch, Esstac double pistol pouch, Spiritus Systems GP pouch, Tactical Tailor dump pouch, Ferror Dangler, Eagle Industries 40mm pouches 5.11 SOMS bag w/5.11 large kit bag
  23. I know! I was wondering which one of the marshals was going to be you and I just took an educated guess in the end!! One of us will be back up pretty soon so more than welcome to check them out when and if we are. I may even do a video this weekend if I get the chance to show how audible the noise is 👍
  24. Nope, no different to thick foam or plastic plates in fact noise wise it’s better for noticing hits personally Should have mentioned this yesterday as the company owner was on the private day and the majority of people playing on green side were using them
  25. There isn’t a website, it’s all done through Facebook https://m.facebook.com/rawwarairsoft/ All games are first weekend of end of the month, best to join the group associated with the page
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