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  1. Nice work! we should have a camp out or something!
  2. Its the initial layout and finding a decent defender! I can get a pretty decent built T5 for the price people want for a defender! Im happy with just doing what im doing at the moment, the camper is a dream which wont be a quick decision. you have the land rover now right?
  3. If you do end up buying let me know as I found it works out cheaper buying from a 3rd party.
  4. Yeah I shopped about for a while and self build is by far the best way to considering some of the prefab ones I've seen dont start any lower than £45k!! Yep tried it in the garden with the full tarp set up the other evening and by far the most comfortable sleep Ive had, will be going out in thetford at some point and the lake district for a proper outing soon but so far so good! I went for the complete set up including under blanket as I wanted as much comfort and heat retention as possible (knowing what english weather is like) I've taken a lot of hints and tips from varying youtube videos to get what I think now works as a perfect set up (for me) this is by far the best channel Ive found for useful information https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTDXDBHApa_cvcOx86yJOA
  5. Funny you say that I have been looking at getting a VW T5 or similar to convert myself, Brother works for a company that does van instillation so if i did get stuck not like id have an issue sorting it and could be so much cheaper doing it myself.
  6. Not airsoft related really but could be used for milsims I guess if the AO is anything like the trees etc. but I just got myself a full DD hammocks set up so I can concentrate on my other hobby which is bushcraft and wild camping. *not my picture but you get the idea
  7. Funny she doesn't even use them in her own kit, she uses the ones from Kydex Customs NLD (I think that's what they are called, based in Europe). Ask her how much she likes short dots as an optic.
  8. Morph suit... a sports cup and belt rig is all thats needed for airsoft saying that gimp suits work well if you want to sweat some unwanted pounds off
  9. Hit is a hit. A certain someone got called out because the leaves on his tree suit were getting hit and he didn't call it. If you're wearing it, its attached to you're body or even grazes you regardless of where it does its a hit. Yes sometimes people don't feel the hit (usually because they are wearing way more shit than they need) but its still a hit. Ive lost count of the amount of n00bs that will turn up in full osprey kit and wonder why they get complaints all day because the 50000000000000000000000 layers of cordura they are wearing makes it nigh on impossible to feel anything (not to mention it looks shit).
  10. In fairness though with some of the places available to play range isn't everything, so power is actually the least of my worries on some platforms. For the vast majority of times I play 30/40m is the distances I would be shooting so give me an under powered gun with the accuracy I need and I'm completely happy. Guess its weighing up the factors of distances of where you play and what you want out of the gun.
  11. Grinds my gears when people come to the chrono and start harping on about their gun being 349.9 and how amazing it is because its right on the limit. BULLSHIT the site limits are NOT a target they are just a limit, plenty of guns that are way under that can shoot a hell of a lot better which is proven the higher powered gun cant hit the side of a barn door later with their close to the limit RIFS. Power is only one of many factors that make a gun shoot well, try telling matey who brings his 5 different guns to the chrono that he's worked on himself... one doesn't even feed, one doesn't get more than 3ft and two shoot every which way but straight.
  12. He could in theory buy a RIF without any of your info other than the code Nope Might teach you a lesson not to leave important information laying about that someone else can use.
  13. Ah... that explains the shit-ness of you're parcel being lost then, If I could go the rest of my life not having to deal with DHL I'd die a happy man.
  14. Is UKMail a subsidiary of someone else? Not seen anyone use UKMail in a few years (and I am a buying whore). Only person who I used to get stuff from with UKMail was the odd bill coming through.
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