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  1. clumpyedge

    assistance in choosing matching gear.

    While I agree with the latter points the first points about having freedom of movement is no longer true providing you get the right jeans. Some brands are now elastic woven and have mag pockets for instance the defender flex jeans from 5.11 or on the higher end of the price range the adaptiv.x brand over the pond.
  2. clumpyedge

    What's your favorite bit of "non-combat" kit?

    Imodium - for all the sites that seem to serve Sweeney Todd’s meat mixture in their lunches
  3. clumpyedge

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Streamlight - not cheap but not sickeningly expensive
  4. Dont bother. Get a decent gun instead, might I recommend you visit the church of Tokyo Marui
  5. clumpyedge

    How many guns ?

    I think at most I had four at one point but two quickly got sold on to fund my love of ranger green gucci stuff.
  6. clumpyedge

    How many guns ?

    Same as me bud, only ever had two primary's and a pistol or two and that's it. One in, one out is how I work.
  7. clumpyedge

    HK Flip up sights

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jing-Gong-HK416-Airsoft-Toy-Front-Sight-For-JG-6621-JG-M26-/153263552935 Has the gas block though, not sure if thats any good too you. Whats it going on?
  8. clumpyedge

    HK Flip up sights

    Ah sorry thats what confused me as the image like had the fixed sights.... let me do some digging
  9. Questions I would love to ask you, the airsoft community; What prices would you consider fair for woodland walk on? £20-£30 Any building ideas or landscape ideas? Lots of buildings, small huts and barricades, Bridges work well Would you prefer Saturdays or Sundays? Either but would be nice to have a site that plays saturdays as majority are sundays If you live far/over an hour or so away, would you come here? yes If you live far/over an hour or so away, would you come for a big event? yes What bigger events would you like to see hosted? depending on how the site progresses, evening games, weekend long games maybe milsim type games Best advice I could give if you want to do milsim/weekend games with long objectives is work with the players to get scenarios and missions and stick to the plans rather than deviating off the cuff. A lot of places fall foul of not enough planning for their games be it skirmish or longer games. Plan the games and order the a few nights before so everyone is on the same page staff wise. Questions to the few people on this forum that are fairly local; Would you prefer MilSim or skirmish site or maybe a mix of both? mix of both but as stated depends how the site progresses and is laid out What prices would you consider fair for woodland walk on in this area? going rate at the moment in this catchment are is £20-£0 walk on so happy to pay anywhere between
  10. clumpyedge

    HK Flip up sights

    https://www.zerooneairsoft.com/product_info.php?products_id=8747 https://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/we-hk416-front-sight-unit.html https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/marui-416-delta-sight-set-part-416-70-416-71-416-72-416-73 https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/vfc-416-foresight-to-make-10rs-version Couldn't find any flip up ones...maybe my google fu is broken
  11. clumpyedge

    Visionking scope for GBBR?

    I've had a few of the short dots (not this particular design) over the years, but they are very good optics! There are a plethora of mounts which work well with it as well
  12. clumpyedge

    Tracer unit, what bb's

    Im not 100% what tests they were put through on the test thread but could probably send some over to whoever did it for them to check.
  13. clumpyedge

    Tracer unit, what bb's

    Longbow BB's - they glow like a prostitutes bed sheets under a black light
  14. clumpyedge

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    First one is unreasonable IMO however after speaking with the guy on the second advert I think he had just bumped an old advert, apparently hes after £600 for it which I don't think is unreasonable by any means.
  15. clumpyedge

    Flip Down Sights

    Why not go for magpul flip ups or something similar? 99% of clone sights will shake themselves to death on an MP7. Side note that holster will be a massive pain in the arse as the gun itself is way to heavy to be efficient on a drop leg, Better off looking at a gun clip that hols it in place out the way till you need it.