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  1. what's the general thoughts of the new ICS pistols

    1. ghostwalker


      I have the ble xae. Apart from an air bubble forming in the magazine, which was easily fixed in the end. I can’t fault it. Mag holds enough gas to shoot all the bb’s it holds. Pistol has a good amount of weight to it and is sturdy. Think it’s well worth the money to be honest. If you want to see one in action check out Magaz on YouTube. He runs one a lot as he is an ics uk captain. 

    2. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      Ghost, if I want to test one I'm a 5 minute drive from fire-support so when I have the money I'll head down there

  2. I'm back again.... wow, keep forgetting this place exists

  3. I'm back

    1. djben9


      didnt know you left!! haha

      see you play at UA

      you coming on the 25th Nov???


  4. firesupport, same as where I got the silencer and reddot
  5. I'm back and got my updated gun in the picture thread

  6. did some tinkering recently and put this together
  7. possible getting a Gen 1 night vision system for my birthday, also 0.2g vs 0.3g whats more accurate

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    2. DEDSEC


      Do you really need NV though? Do you play MILSIM or night operations?


      Just curious as it's a pricey toy to play with for a few days then not use again. Sure you want to splash that kinda cash on NV?

    3. BigBlackGlock


      I wouldn't even spend that much on an airsoft gun, let alone an accessory to put on one. NVGs are gonna be pretty impractical unless you're passionate about MILSIM and night ops as mentioned. Yeah it will look tacti-cool, but that is overkill for sure. Could do a lot more with that money. In my opinion anyway - if you really want them and have the money, then why not :) Your 0.3s might be more accurate, but less range (other way round for 0.2s). Does depend on your gun too.

    4. Unrustle_Thine_Jimmies


      .3s all the way if you can lift them. More accuracy= More effective range. Make sure however your gun isn't hiking them up an arc and then dropping like an arty shell,and you should see a huge increase in effective range

  8. 3D printing a grenade launcher

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    2. SeniorSpaz87


      I've used some good printers before; my school has a few. Not something I could ever justify buying, but it would be uber neat to have one.

    3. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      I've got a CEL robox, it was £1000 from maplin

    4. ImTriggerHappy


      Got a afg on my gun that was 3d printed at work. Looking at different things to try now if you got any ideas.

  9. hmm wanting to sell a few warhammer 40k miniatures but not sure how to go about it

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    2. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      yeah mainly black with white fists for the marines

    3. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      I'm keeping my ironclad dred for my grey knights

    4. Finius


      Send me a few photos of the termies and the whirlwind. I get paid wednesday ;)

  10. thinking about buying an MP7

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    2. TacMaster


      ^that. Be prepared for extreme expenditure on magazines though.

    3. M_P


      As opposed to the other brands that have cheap mags... Oh wait...

    4. TacMaster


      £40 per mag is quite a lot compared to the price of AEG mags.

  11. next 3 pieces of kit on my wish list are a G26AV, a black chest rig or plate carrier and a black helmet
  12. yeah I know, when not actually playing I kinda forget
  13. all this combat gear is nice an cozy, don't really want to take it off

    1. Undieing_Lust


      Yes...Combat gear is rather comfortable.

  14. got all my gear together just need a pistol now
  15. hmm liking the look of black Kryptek

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    2. Airsoft_Mr B

      Airsoft_Mr B

      Ah yeah I see it. Looks okay actually. I'd say get some in that case (I just wouldn't pay £100+ for the genuine stuff) :) certainly looks a lot more unique than just black

    3. adam bussey
    4. Ian_Gere


      <3 <3 <3 B| for everyday wear not just airsoft!

  16. now i feel like getting my warhammer 40000 collection out and adding some stuff to it then put it on here
  17. yes if it's the real steal one
  18. Hmm WE full auto G26 av of TM semi G26 av?

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    2. Monty


      ...I got one for sale!

    3. adam bussey

      adam bussey

      is it the advanced version with the commentator and magwell/grip extention?


    4. Monty
  19. painted it with halfords black spray paint and it's held up to 10~ hours of handling over the last couple of weeks, it's how I test the adhesion now just to get that G26 advanced I always wanted and a UGL
    1. Russe11


      From the pics, the lenses look substantial enough. Just check how they attach and maybe reinforce it, or wear safety glasses underneath.

  20. in HD without the new grip, wouldn't think it was an ex 2 tone from this would you
  21. aren't star just the same as Ares so it'll take the DD rail like the WE and that
  22. getting back in the grove after college now

    1. JB72510


      getting back in the grove? as in sanandreas? CJ is that you?

    2. TeddyBhoy


      ^JB you are a sir.

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