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    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes, certainly Any other comments: Very polite chap, good communication and paid promptly just when he said he would. A man of his word, and very nice to talk to. Another plus, very grateful too! Rushed myself and cheekily skipped a bit of work just to make sure he got the item before the weekend (was sent Thursday). Most people would just of gave the usual "got it, ta", but not him. Wonderful guy!

    Another M1911 question

    I was kidding mate haha just letting you know that Co2 is still referred to by some companies as "gas blowback". To answer your question however, 390FPS would be with a 0.12g bb as Cybergun do that a lot with their products. With a 0.20g bb, you're looking at about 310 to 330 FPS depending on gas used. If you're paranoid about it shooting too hot then use a low powered gas like 144 etc. I belive Cybergun are just a licencing company though. Much like the SOCOM GEAR M1911 is a licensed version of a WE M1911. So following that, Qlimax is right in saying WE magazines will work fine but so will Tokyo Marui. I have a Tokyo Marui M1911 and use WE magazines in it as well as I previously had a WE Desert Warrior and used Tokyo Marui magazines in it. It's most likely a clone or a retake on a WE and WE typically base their pistols off Tokyo Marui pistols (hence why you hear people say " it's TM compatible). Hope it helps.

    Another M1911 question

    Co2 is a gas and many companies refer to a gun being "gas blowback" if it accepts or runs on Co2. So don't be so harsh on Qlimax

    GHK M4/L119a1 Appraisal

    I'd say £400. I couldn't see anyone showing an interest at anything higher as you know that people only want the best stuff at stupidly low prices. Anything higher than £400 you'd just be getting trade offers.

    Can anyone tell what make this is?

    It's an FMA Maritime yes. I hope that was sarcasm Baz?

    Quick appraisal please? (pic heavy)

    Doesn't matter, you'd only get £100 to £130 max for it. You don't buy airsoft guns to break even or make profit, you buy them to have fun with them, then when you fancy a change you sell it for a low price to aid funding another gun or swap it. You'd get nothing but £100 guns offered for your CM16 as a trade, it's pretty much the baby blocks which everyone starts with. Nobody would pay access of £130 if you're lucky. Heck, I'd only pay £120, worth about £100. Nobody cares about a fancy stock on it, a stocks a stock, nobody would pay more than it retails for unless you have some "ultra custom" P* build or just a load of magazines, upgrades, batteries etc etc.

    25 kg sacks of bbs

    There's only one real solution in which can only be described in one word... Semi.

    Hobby king

    Better watch out, you'll have the UKARA license police on you soon.
  9. A load of poppycock really. They're not something you could skirmish with either, and some kid isn't exactly going to want a £550 shiny gun to hang on his bedroom wall next to his playboy calendar. So his only potential target market is collectors or a spoilt, rich person with so much money they don't know what to do with it. Might as well buy a real firearm for that price and take up skeet shooting or general firearm training.
  10. Not so much a specific post, but rather a member whom I feel over prices all of his kit. http://forums.zeroin.co.uk/member.php?112691-Desert-Express Many may disagree with me, a lot of his stuff is "rare" pistols with fancy slides etc but about 98% of his sales posts have been up since the dawn of time with pages of endless bumps and desperate price drops, yet still no sale. I feel this is because he ridiculously overprices his guns just because they have a shiny slide. As said, some will disagree. That's your opinion however I cannot justify selling a pistol for excesses of £500 with a "rare" metal kit and a single magaizne nothing more. I see far more custom pistol packages with plenty of magazines, a holster, fancy metal kits etc which go from £150 to £300 tops.
  11. DEDSEC

    Gun picture thread

    Bit of recoil porn for you guys. 18+ only...
  12. DEDSEC

    plate carrier/combat vest ideas?

    Well, would you look at who's selling a TMC 6094! http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/26837-tmc-6094-in-multicam-extras/?view=getnewpost
  13. DEDSEC

    Marui M&P magazine release

    Would you not think it would be easier and less time consuming to walk through the house and tell him then?
  14. DEDSEC

    Marui M&P magazine release

    Um, see any resemblance here? TheGrover - Anzio - The Hive GroverA125 - The Hive - Anzio Coincidence?
  15. DEDSEC

    Gun picture thread

    Metal reciever yes. Metal is rather glossy however feels nice, solid gun. Internals are just as the Double Eagle shotguns and pretty good range however you can't use anything but 0.20g bb's otherwise range is rather short (fixed hop-up). Throws 0.20g bb's a good 35-40 metres though.