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  1. No. You have done nothing wrong and cannot get in trouble for it. 2 toning the gun devalues it, so best to just keep it as it is.
  2. I am covered for airsofting by the insurance I have for re-enactment. http://www.ccc3.co.uk/ It covers a wide range of activities, hunting, shooting, re-enactment, fishing, Archery and airsoft is included on the list under shooting. 10 Mil public liability plus personal accident and legal expences cover. So it would probably cover the expenses involved in having a tooth damaged.
  3. A couple of things to note: When starting out, you will quickly realise how unfit you are and how heavy the guns are when you have to carry them all day. LMG's due to their size will tire you out a lot more. Get some boots, some face protection and maybe some camo gear. Hire guns for a few times and see what playing is actually like. If you then feel that you want an LMG and can cope with lugging it around, go for it. I would however suggest making the LMG the 2nd gun you get. In my experience of games where there are LMG's, they tend to be prone to malfunctions due to the excessive use they get, so a spare gun is a must.
  4. I put a burst wizard in my sten. Works pretty well, just an occasional double shot. You will need to check with the site if this is acceptable. All you have to do is plug the mosfet in between the battery and the gun and then set it up with trigger pulls (read the manual). Once you set it up it's just a case of letting the mosfet learn the properties of the gun for a few shots and you're good to go.
  5. http://www.britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk/shop/hardwear/deployment-bag-grade-1-1124036.html
  6. SLR! http://uk.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/AEG_AEP_ARES_ARES_L1A1_SLR_Black.htm
  7. You still need a defence for this and still need to be 18.
  8. I was thinking of issues like slow running speed, which might require games will less running about. They might position some boxes inside bunkers that have high windows. But mainly I was aiming advice in general for anyone with a disability. Most sites will put the effort in to make sure everyone of all abilities has a good day, but you cannot expect them to be able to make any necessary changes at the last minute.
  9. It's probably worth letting the site you are visiting know in plenty of time, what your limitations might be. They can then plan a selection of games for the day that won't leave you feeling left out.
  10. Russe11

    Pistol tactics

    Stay mobile, keep gear to a minimum so you can move quickly and quietly. Do not allow yourself to get pinned down. Try to always sneak around and shoot people from behind or the side.
  11. Airlines are actually not weird about this sort of thing, it's just not common enough for the average check in agent or person on the phone to be familiar with. In theory you can take Rif's on a plane as hold luggage. Lipo's (or any lithium batteries) however must be in hand luggage or on your person. https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/262685/Travelling_to_the_UK.pdf P13 briefly covers RIF's and lists an advice line. If you contact the airport you are planning to travel to, they may be able to put you in contact with someone from customs, I would try the advice line 1st though.
  12. Actually the law restricts sale of RIF's and IF's (2 tone guns) to over 18's. There is no mention of age in relation to anything else. To manufacture or import a RIF you just need a defence. A defence could be UKARA registration or it could be anything else that proves you intend to use the RIF for legitimate purposes. I would suggest that it might be better to replace the 2 tone parts at the airsoft site and swap them back before leaving at the end of the day.
  13. Actually, technically no. It is illegal to manufacture a RIF without a defence (ie. proof that you will be using it for airsoft). There is no mention of age in relation to this.
  14. UK workers have more paid holiday than required by the EU. Minimum wage is better than most of the EU and the working hours regulations were passed by our parliament so will remain law after we leave. It is the short term uncertainty that is affecting the markets, not any actual facts. The UK will almost certainly stay in the EEA so trade and migration with EU countries will not be affected. We will now however be free to make trade agreements with non-EU countries and Canada and the US are already clamoring to do this. Even Germany has said they want a trade agreement, but they can't make one (they will have to get the EU to make an agreement or in other words fight to keep us in the EEA). Immigration will actually not be affected. EU citizens will almost certainly still be able to come and live in the UK. Non EU immigration was never controlled by the EU, which is why Calais is currently a bit fooked atm. What will change is that we will no longer have to pay benefits to anyone who manages to get across the channel. If the french decide to revoke the agreement which allows Britain to conduct immigration checks in France and vice versa, this will mean that the immigrant camp will still be in Calais, because everyone will be trying to get out of Britain into France, where EU rules mean they get benefits. Exports to the EU will still have to conform to EU regulations. Healthcare agreements with most of Europe actually predate the EU (anyone remember the E111?). Once all of this is formalised in a couple of years Britains economy will recover and start to reap the benefits, meanwhile we will be able to sit back and watch the EU disintegrate as everyone else realises what a fantastic idea it was to leave.
  15. In terms of skirmishability, a WW2 bolt action is going to be less effective than an AEG. In terms of fun, I would go for it There is a Cyma M1 carbine springer, which fits into the budget category but is considered reasonable. How easy the internals would be to upgrade, I have no idea. http://www.evike.com/products/44598/ For maximum fun with a bolt action, I would suggest getting a shoot and scoot SMLE and rubber bayonet. They can be bought fully made up or in kit form. You could even put VSR internals into one. If you paint the bayonet silver to look real, a bayonet charge really scares the shit out of everyone. I personally own an Ironairsoft SMLE, which is gas powered and unfortunately broken. I will need to build a new magazine from scratch as these guns are no longer made. Once I get round to doing this, I can guarantee that I will have the most fun anyone can have with a single shot weapon. Imagine a gun able to use the mad minute technique but where the bolt only has to be moved less than an inch to load each round. Plus the ability to fix bayonet and charge.
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