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  1. No. You have done nothing wrong and cannot get in trouble for it. 2 toning the gun devalues it, so best to just keep it as it is.
  2. I am covered for airsofting by the insurance I have for re-enactment. http://www.ccc3.co.uk/ It covers a wide range of activities, hunting, shooting, re-enactment, fishing, Archery and airsoft is included on the list under shooting. 10 Mil public liability plus personal accident and legal expences cover. So it would probably cover the expenses involved in having a tooth damaged.
  3. A couple of things to note: When starting out, you will quickly realise how unfit you are and how heavy the guns are when you have to carry them all day. LMG's due to their size will tire you out a lot more. Get some boots, some face protection and maybe some camo gear. Hire guns for a few times and see what playing is actually like. If you then feel that you want an LMG and can cope with lugging it around, go for it. I would however suggest making the LMG the 2nd gun you get. In my experience of games where there are LMG's, they tend to be prone to malfunctions due to the excessive use
  4. You still need a defence for this and still need to be 18.
  5. Having finally got a job, I got paid yesterday. Theres a WW2 airsoft game today but I have to work. The really annoying thing is I have to work less than a mile away from where the game is :(

    1. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      ouch - they didn't put working very very unsocialable hours in job description. bummer when work gets in the way of important things in life :(

    2. Russe11


      Yeah, I had hoped to get one of those 9-5 jobs doing some sort of admin, but instead I got one of those jobs where you work all sorts of hours surrounded by air hostesses. Oh well, I guess I will have to live with it :D


    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      I work with a load of tarts as well, me being the biggest tart of all :D

  6. From a recent 1940's event, where I got asked to model for a photographer:
  7. People who think my guns are just toys because WW2 era airsoft guns must be less effective than their fancy M4 right? People running away from grenades. Because airsoft grenades have long fuses to make them safe, it is possible to reach cover or a safe distance before they go bang. In the real world that would not happen. In most WW2 games, it's where you are when they land that counts, not where you are when they go bang. This is a much better system as it's more realistic and makes grenades a much better weapon. Paintballers who use the same site. Most people can just chuck thei
  8. BB hits are unlikely to damage your back. BB's are small and have very little mass behind them. When they hit skin they can cause damage to the skin but rarely cause any bruising as they do not have enough energy to damage deep enough. Baggy clothing is better for absorbing bb hits than padding as it allows you to feel the movement of the cloth as it is hit but will absorb the impact. Padding can be responsible for people not realising that they have been hit. Sniping may not be the best option if your mobility is impaired as it will involve a lot of crawling around. If you cannot run ab
  9. There is talk of following it up with a No1 MkIII* so I will wait. The SMLE was used in all theatres by all commonwealth countries, the No4 was only really used in Europe after 1942. That and the SMLE uses a P1907 bayonet which is a hell of a lot scarier than the No4 bayonet
  10. My lee Enfield is by Iron Airsoft. They made 1 batch a couple of years ago. They were prone to problems and my one no longer works. Still great for reenactment though. The shoot and scoot Lee enfields are currently the best bet. However there is information that Red Wolf Airsoft may be making a no4 based on a VSR10 sometime soon.
  11. Also check out whatpriceglory.com and http://stores.ebay.co.uk/spearheadmilitaria/ Bear in mind that British battledress is made from the itchiest scratchiest wool imaginable. Denim battledress is an option and is also cheaper. Epicmilitaria.com is also worth a look I did a guide a while back: http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/22158-ww2-airsoft-for-dummies/ Spearhead is where I got my Australian Service dress (awesome soft merino wool and massive pockets). whatpriceglory is where I got my Jungle greens and Khaki drill.
  12. Be aware that if you decide to get WW2 kit then it starts getting expensive. Check out ww2airsoft.org.uk though as it does open up some very fun games. Both my main guns are actually the AGM Sten. One is stock and the other has been used as a base for a custom made Owen gun for use with Australian gear. Magazines for the Sten come in 2 sizes. AGM makes 50 round magazines and King Arms makes 110 round magazines (they actually hold 130ish). The King Arms mags can be hard to get hold of and use less metal, they can sometimes have issues fitting into Stens (the same mags work on MP40's. If
  13. There are 3 brands of thompson worth even looking at: TM and King Arms.make the best ones by a long way. Cyma do a basic one which should be okayish. If you read the legal section, the rule about being 18 applies to the buyer in selling a RIF (non 2-tone)or IF (2-tone). It doesn't apply to converting an IF to a RIF. As long as you can prove that you have a valid reason (ie that you are an airsofter) then you can remove the paint. L85's are cool but almost all versions have reliability issues so I would suggest that they are a good 2nd main weapon and not really good as a 1st buy.
  14. Well done, sounds like you have perfected the sport already. Just 1 more skill to learn before you are a pro. How to tell the story of how you stumbled around the woods completely lost, fell over, ran out of ammo and got shot, to you mates in such a way that it makes you sound like Rambo
  15. A hat will absorb the impact of a bb. Boonies are quite good at this as the fabric is heavy enough and loose enough to absorb the impact. My slouch hat is even better, but I'm not about to recommend everyone wears one of those Helmets may help if you run into low hanging branches or structures, they are not needed for protection from bb's.
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