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  1. Please remind me in future not to drink and politics while I have internet access.

  2. It's been over 3 months now, but I'm finally back into airsoft. My limiting factor? I couldn't find a left-handed hip-holster...

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    2. airsofter2015


      You could do what i did learn to shoot a pistol right handed. For some reason i shoot rifles right handed and used to shoot pistols left handed

    3. PT247


      do fobus not make them?

    4. DX115FALCON


      Mainly stopped because of university commitments, but was kinda pissed off that I couldn't find a good holster for my CQB secondary. All sorted out now though

  3. Time to dig this thread up from the grave and crudely resuscitate it with some light humour
  4. I agree with a maximum ROF rule, especially if your site allows automatic fire indoors (as most places that I played while in the US did). 30rps is more than enough. Any faster and you're just being a dickhead trying to hurt people.
    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. SeniorSpaz87


      Save £60 getting it from wgs

    3. two_zero


      woah!! such destructiveness!! almost tempted despite the it being the fugliest RIF ever o.o

    4. DX115FALCON


      I've sold my kidney to make the pre-order cost...

  5. Anyone seen these ACE new gun designs? http://imgur.com/gallery/aOg5t

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      1st one - sight for sore eyes

      2nd one - primitive trigger

      3rd one - wtf a cock n balls ris

      4th looks like angry birds gun vs star wars AtAt walker thingy

    3. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      lesson - gun design & drugs don't mix

    4. Lord_Metile
  6. Unless he buys it for you, and you suddenly remember that you owe him that exact sum of money for something completely unrelated.
  7. G&G CM16 Raider. They are great guns. I would link you one right now, but my university blocks literally everywhere because they think that they are "weapons dealers"... Edit: Remembered that I can link to ASW. These are amazing, and great value for money. My younger brother has had his for almost a year now. No issues with it at all. G&G GC16 MOD0
  8. G&G UMG Mids are a fiver from RWA until christmas. I can finally transition to full mids instead of hi-cap heroing it

  9. Hey guys, nominate AF-UK in the 6th Players choice airsoft awards. We can't let /r/airsoft win again!

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    2. DX115FALCON


      hahahahah I will probably do that...

    3. GiantKiwi


      Nope, just nope. Until they update their form so that it doesn't look like something knocked up in Dreamweaver a decade ago, I won't be voting on principle. It takes me an hour or so to build these from scratch at work, no excuse for that s***.


    4. DX115FALCON


      I know the pain. It's just lazy.

  10. Nah. In Scotland, Sunday is designated airsoft day. Be forewarned, Fridays at The Fortress can be hectic. Games are often not those which you may play on traditional airsoft day. Modes such as "Trouble In Terrorist Town" are often played. It's a lot of fun, but is far slower paced than what you're probably used to. The Fortress also have a strict full-seal eyewear rule- just because it's CQB, and you can never be too sure. If you go there, bring a torch. There's one room that is literally impossible to pass without one. Pistols are also a must.
  11. I'm not accusing them of cheating at that site in particular but I have been informed- by a very reliable source- that a lot of players who play there are banned from other local sites.
  12. I take it this is (the company formerly known as) One Shot? I'm pretty sure that a LOT of their regular players are those who are banned from the Airsoft World sites (Fort sites). In response to the original question, The Fort is a brilliant site if you are after a nice, friendly outside gameday (just hope it doesn't rain!). They run one game every two weeks, on Sundays. Kick off at 10am, ends at between 4pm and 5pm. The Fortress is The Fort's indoor CQB arena. I tend to play here a lot, and can vouche that it is genuinely amazing. They run the other weekend (same time as The Fort), an
  13. full seal eye-pro should be MANDATORY for airsoft. It is for many CQB sites, but more places need to take this kind of thing more seriously than then do. cant go wrong with a set of mesh eyeware- or Bolle/Wiley X gear if you prefer clear eyeware.
  14. New PC parts ordered! Looks like Tuesday or Wednesday will be spent building this beast

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    2. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon
    3. DX115FALCON


      i5 3.5ghz processor, MSI GTX 970 4gb graphics card, 16gb RAM, MSI Gaming 5 motherboard, 2tb hard drive.

    4. Ewan_Vs_Pigeon


      nice, my bro had the i5 an msi m5 gaming 5 so he could use ddr4 ram and it didnt allow the i5 to run at full speed...

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