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  1. A newbie player had his rental run out of battery mid game once. I just gave him my ģ36 and ran in pistols blaring. Got no problem lending my gear.
  2. OS Windows 7 Ultimate CPU Intel i7 2600k OC'd 4.5Ghz Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth P67 rev.2 Memory 8GB Corsair Graphics Card EGVA Nvidia GTX 970 SC Monitor(s) Displays Asus 3D 23" Screen Resolution 1920*1080 Keyboard Logitech G110 Mouse R.A.T 9 PSU 850MW Corsair Case Coolermaster Storm Scout Cooling Corsair H50 Watercooler, 5x120mm fans, 1x140mm fan
  3. They can't actually enforce that. For the same reason you can speed by running in a 15/20 zone. Kinda near nowhere. Live in the town next to chippenham and lacock (where they filmed harry potter and pride and prejudice). Still a council estate area with a higher crime rate compared to the rest of town. Guess its because im employed, over 21 and a clean licence with 5 years no claims.
  4. 8 was good. But i was using it as intended on a tablet. (Surface Pro 2) 8.1 had all the windows start buttons etc so was pretty much as easy as 7, if not more.
  5. 22 years old, £400 insurance fully comp. 5 years no claims 1.8, with the LSD Happy sideways times. Poppy headlights are cool, but i know a lot of girls who like them because they look like cute cars. If any of the first 2 series are girl cars it's deffo the mk1. MK2 is a bit less happy looking XD
  6. Indeed. And that doesn't apply any more. They all drive Mk3 now. Mk2s are just owned by old men and people in thier 20's. Didnt get a mk1 because RUST! Saw this mk2, basically rust free so thought why not. All the other mk1s ive viewed were complete rust buckets.
  7. Considering an adult pheasant weighs around 2-3Kg and I was going 60MPH+ yes i expected a dent or at least a scratch. remember a cricket ball weights about 200g and is thrown roughly at similar speeds. so imagine something 10-15 times heavier being a pretty hefty hit.
  8. Some twatty pheasant decided to kill itself this morning on my car. Now i have blood and feathers splattered everywhere No damage strangely.
  9. Within 1 week i've spent £400 on a PS4 and £425 on a new hardtop for my car. Whoops.

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    2. Sitting Duck

      Sitting Duck

      did you cheat on ya girlfriend and she chucked your old console out flat window - hence needing a new roof for car in same week ???

    3. Tariq


      Ha no. Wish there was a girlfriend in the first place. Needed a new roof as my car is very cold in the mornings and leaks in the rain :P.

    4. Tariq


      Just thinking I could have possibly gone polarstar with that cash :(

  10. Im really liking it actually. Only done a few singleplayer missions but i quite like the multiplayer.
  11. Ed, I suppose it's like christmas for you with all these Jennifer Laurence leaks. I gotta say they're pretty good. ;)

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      Kim Kardashian's stupidity is too major a part of her for me to even attempt to appreciate her visually...

    3. team flex

      team flex

      well she screams nicely LOL

    4. Lord_Metile


      Kim Kardashian, more like. Kim Stupiddashian. TL;DR, she's really stupid and should go to school.

  12. Tariq


    Currently just graduated. 2:2 BEng Automotive Engineering with Honours. Thank god that's all over. Currently doing agency work. Trying to find a designing job with an automotive company.Overseas would be nice. Japan/Korea/Malaysia.
  13. I got something like that when I got stranded in Malaysia during the Iceland ash cloud thing. 3 week Extended holiday and my £900 flight ticket refunded. Win win.
  14. Again, anonymous is not a group. Scientology may have been 4chan, but the "anonymous" mantra is taken directly out of the film. Anonymous is simultaneously both linked to 4chan, and also has nothing to do with 4chan. There have been anonymous movements done from lone individuals with their own agendas.
  15. Yeah it came out of 4chan, but really only the name. The whole movement came out of the film.
  16. Can i point out "Anonymous" is not a club, group or party. It's a wild collection of thoughts and ideas. (Inspired by the ending of V for Vendetta where everyone is seen donning the mask). Some will do good, some will do bad. Some are not politically motivated and just troll. You cannot put sweeping statements on Anonymous as there is no cohesion or agreement within the people. Anonymous is not a "hacking group" which the media portrays. Between the guys hacking Paypal and you viewing AFUK as a guest, there is no difference. You are both Anon. As with the stick; Mastercard, Visa and Paypal lost a lot of money from the downtime after the DDOS attacks. Much more effective than signing petitions and waving peace banners. This is the technological age, cyber attacks are the new riots. Fawkes lived in a time where the only means of revolt is through violence. And obviously V is a cartoon character, not real.
  17. Just insured my MX5 for £450 Fully comp. They are putting a lot of trust in me with that price.

    1. Monty


      That's awesome, is it your first car?

    2. Tariq


      Technically yes. Had the MX5 for a year. But drove my mum's Rover 216, and then the 25 for a year. Used my motorbike no claims and converted to a car policy. Now on 5 years NCB :)

  18. idk, they make good fun of the Scientology lot so there's that. + the whole wikileaks defence thing that went on, taking down mastercard etc.
  19. Very safe. Top people who run it. Only company ive delt with that also honour thier 6 month warranty I got on my aeg. If you ever want pistol upgrades, speak to the grange.
  20. 54c isn't abnormal when playing games. Especially on a laptop as they have next to no cooling. My graphics card gets to 90c at full load and thats normal for a gtx card. Do you actually have a stand alone graphics card in your laptop? What one?
  21. http://www.coldsteel-uk.com/store/Folding-Knives.html
  22. I'd just buy a new gun, it's not exactly like your current one is too expensive. Sell it and buy a new one.
  23. ACOG suits the 417 more than the elcan personally. A nice scope wouldn't look out of place though. Only need about 4x though but it fits the DMR role.
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