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  1. Can anyone recommend any smart chargers?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TapZxK


      if you are looking for a Lio charger, have a look at Nuprol Lipo 3 Charger.


    3. Lord_Metile


      Thanks, I didn't realise they still made the Imax B6

    4. M_P


      I'm not sure whether they're still made to be honest but you can still get hold of them without too much trouble

  2. I'm back i guess

    1. PT247


      I'm saying hi I guess

  3. Some kid gave me 4 marlboro golds. What should I do with them?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. CaptainDumbass


      ...... i cant tell if this kid is kidding or not.....

    3. Lord_Metile


      I was kidding about the smoking part but I wasn't joking that some kid gave them to me.

    4. JamesAirsofterAgent


      Yeah dont sell just bin them the sooner the better

      Not worth the time selling them

  4. How would I work out how much to sell my gun for if I've upgraded it a lot?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. PT247


      so too hot for pretty much all UK sites, then knock another £20 off as whoever buys it would then need to downgrade it.

    3. GiantKiwi


      PT247 - 35%, not 25%, second hand unless extremely rare/sought after is never worth any more than 65-70% of original value


    4. Lord_Metile
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lozart


      How long I wonder until the Americans start telling us this wouldn't have happened if only we had more guns...

    3. SeniorSpaz87


      Nah... you do you...

    4. Lord_Metile


      Lozart that's exactly what I saw on facebook. It's a sh*tty argument considering the answer would be "which one" if I asked someone about the recent shooting in America.

  5. people who shout at kids to move up but are too busy taking to the marshal about vaping to actually participate in the game.
  6. Not sure how it's islamophobic. It's what happened. I would argue islamophobic would be "MUSLIM PAKI IMMIGRANT SHOOTS TEACHER IN THE NAME OF ISLAM WHICH IS A DISGUSTING RELIGION"
  7. When you want to shoot up a school but nobody calls their hits.
  8. So I've installed a new spring but now it's shooting really weak. Any suggestions?

    1. Hudson


      What gun, what spring have you put in, what was in before?

      What was it shooting, what is it putting out now?


      For starters...

    2. Lord_Metile


      don't worry, I fixed it.

    3. Hudson


      Ok cool. Informative, cheers!

  9. Installed an ICS crane stock onto my m4. Next is the spring and then an MOE handguard

  10. Anyone know any other sites other than fire-support which sell ICS externals?

  11. Well I can 100% say my interest has increased a lot today. Medic instead of respawn games are awesome

    1. Left-Ear


      they are fun unless the medic is nowhere to be seen haha

  12. Now I can see why your wife isn't a fan.
  13. Question for anyone with a walkie talkie at Holmbush tomorrow. What frequency will you be on?

    1. Lord_Metile


      Actually, pm me.

    2. PT247
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