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  1. holy shit that paintjob is awesome, really nice build mate
  2. alright mate, thanks for the advice. my dad will have to finish with UKARA after my exams, which will mean the mk2 will be readily available hopefully. I doubt i will be touching the motor, can see myself breaking something, when as you said the response is not that much (i was using a cm16 before which wasn't great so im not worried) and they seem really good, cheers mate
  3. yeah i understand i do a lot of changing my mind, in the end i figure its just gonna be a normal aeg. I see that they are actually highly regarded, never heard of them as well. (never really want to do hpa anymore) http://www.patrolbase.co.uk/airsoft-m4-m15-m16-variants/krytac-trident-spr-black.htm#.VyfDRjArLIU this an mk1 or 2? i hear the mk2 is new, and seems to be generally better quality externals, if thats an mk1 i might wait for the mk2 just one question - i see it has an integrated mosfet, but only recommends 7.4. are they playing it safe and can you run an 11.1 or not? guessing the
  4. alright, so basically, change to deans (will look that up), and don't touch the internals apart from that. thanks for the help
  5. well the point is you can answer 1 of the questions. i'm not gonna ask 1 out of the 3 questions if i have 3 questions, but the 3 questions aren't enough to open a new thread. idea was to answer 1 of the so questions or whatever. @djben9, that is the £260 gun or whatever? if so, it shoot nicely? seems like the gun to get at the moment, good price, good build and good reviews so far
  6. so no upgrades? i would have thought a tightbore and purple bucking would be a good idea?
  7. yeah i will upgrade if i do get it, keep in mind i always change my mind but i like the price and the supposed quality. i'm guessing the body is polymer? is it solid?
  8. OK, ignore last question, i have a few more though, if you can answer any of them please do, all help is appreciated 1) I want to go a bit more expensive than a CM16, was looking at an ICS transform4 (i like the keymod etc) What are people's opinions on these? have read around a bit and they seem pretty good quality and nice guns, so I was thinking this would be a decent workhorse kind of gun 2) Upgrades, If I were to get this gun, how could I upgrade it to shoot accurately. What i was thinking was 1- LiPo for faster rof and snappier trigger, plus LiPo's are all I have used and seemed
  9. anyone having problems with LWA's site? for some reason whenever i click airsoft rifles it only shows 7 rifles, not sure why. all the departments are there and if you click them individually, but i always liked how their website was laid out but not sure why this is happening, checked if i have any "special selections" which i don't. anyone else having this problem?
  10. as i have forgotten, can you run TM EBB guns with Li-Pos? I was thinking the 7.4 or whatever from that website, can't remember the name but i remember them being really good from my experience. also, anyone had any experience with the fire support upgrade service? do the guns still have that "magic" after the people have been messing about with the gears (basically do they still shoot nicely?) thanks
  11. this, i also gotta wait til november before i can start driving, (if i pass the test) and i live about 45 mins away from the "local" which as my dad's car does like 20mpg max equals a lot of begging and jobs to get there, which is really fucking annoying lol
  12. i was looking at the mancraft sdik, but i'm not sure if i would then have to get other upgrades. what kind of upgrades would you still recommend? the trigger, a barrel, bucking rubber and other things? and the mancraft shoots well then?
  13. yeah fair enough, the paint job looked pretty cool as well (not buying the gun til the summer) right, upgrades for the VSR. ASPUK say that the upgrades they do maybe cheaper but still the same quality compared to PDI and laylax, is this true? they charge £300 to completely fit it all as well (my mate had a few problems when he fitted his) i think they use EZ trigger's or something, but i don't know how good they are compared to PDI and lay lax.
  14. nice man, was thinking of getting a mancraft one in the future (probably after the summer if i ever do) but see this new wolverine thingy. what upgrades have you done apart from the whole gas conversion thingy?
  15. yeah what i figured, my mate painted one and whilst it looks good, it was never up to factory standard, ie it could slightly rub off a bit, and wasn't completely stuck (still well done). we used all the right stuff as well, i think its called krylone? used the proper base, then loads of layers but still not perfect, people still recommend krylone?
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