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  1. Guys why are you all hating on destiny its a mmo rpg with a deep plot great graphics and runs on a top notch engine. You can explore 4 planets all the size of skyrim. All your arguments arent well thought of like the ubisoft one. The main developers are bungie and activision!!!!!
  2. Hi I need to know if there is anyother way of getting a RIF when under 18 because my dad cant do the ukara regristration because of past experience of seeing someone get their head blown off so he doesnt like to be around guns so are there any other ways? Ive heard things about junior ukaras and such and also if someone isnt in my family is over 18 and gets a ukara are they still allowed to gift the gun to me because my friend who plays airsoft has a dad who likes the sport Please help. Thank you
  3. Hello have you ever been to south coast cqb apparently it's really good!
  4. Thanks for the options they both look really good
  5. I know a good starter gun is the g&g combat machine but I only like straight rails instead of rounded rails.
  6. Are there any other packages this one looks great but I just want to have a lot of options so I can find the perfect package.Are there any others ? Thank you
  7. Hello again. I was wondering if there is any good starter packages that would be worth the money and I would be able to use at a skirmish and wouldnt be absoloutly destroyed and would be able to hold my ground with the gun and not outranged. Also I would like the package to contain prefebly a mask that wouldn't be shattered the first time I use it and for the mask to be a half head (doesn't cover back of the head) this is because I always seem to fog up my goggles. Aswell it should contain a battery and charger and maybe some decent bbs that I would be able to use. My budget is £180 ish this will probably be a christmas present as its coming up in 3 months (where has the time gone?) Thank you!
  8. I also have a terrible right eye which so bad I cant read something 20cm away and I decided just to shoot lefty and it worked out great as I got used to it really quickly.Its a cheaper and simpler option. Hope this helps
  9. Always try to get a G&G combat machine as its the ideal starter gun.
  10. Im about to go to spec ops bloxworth for my first game on the 14th. Im asking if anyone is going there and I also wanted to ask a few questions. I was wondering if the rental guns were good quality and would hold their ground against the more experienced players and their guns. So I dont get completely masacred. Is the site well layed out? Are there nice experienced players and or marshalls who would show the ropes to a ne?wbie like me as this will be my first skirmish and regular site. Is their second site the rock any good? Thank you please awnser.
  11. Im in the south west coast, Dorset so it's ground zero
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