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  1. Hey guys So 3 years ago I quit airsoft after having nothing but problems with my guns. I am wanting to get back into it but just need a little advice on what my guns will be worth now and what is a good reliable AEG now. So my guns which I am wanting to get rid of are; G&G AK47 GIMS with possible sight and mount- batteries not taking charge but did work before they stopped charging. TM Scar L recoil- had nothing but problems with this, had the recoil and the bolt action taken out and works again. mp5- not sure what make but doesn't work TM VSR Gspec- Sent to ASPUK who put their £295 advanced upgrade in it, never actually used it. I am looking at getting a Krytac war sport LVOA-C MkII can anyone give any advice on these? Thank you in advance
  2. That's brilliant thank you all for you responses
  3. Hi has anyone bought from the grange before and what was your opinion Thanks Will
  4. Hi ive looked everywhere for the new king arms ebb 1928 thompson but i cant find it anywhere in the uk. Does anyone know of any shops that stock it as i have checked all of the ones i know. Thanks Will
  5. Ah ok thanks for the help i think ill take your advise and leave it
  6. Ok thanks, will there be an expensive import charge
  7. Does anybody know where i can get a KWA SR10 in the uk Thanks
  8. Yeah thats not good, Ive heard from a few people they dont support their worrenties
  9. Does it have as much choice though
  10. Ive just found a facebook page for JD airsoft and they are having problems with there website and emails so that will be the reason they arnt replying i prosume
  11. Thats a great help thanks, in your experiance where would you advise to buy from
  12. Yeah i would have moved on by now but im from Lincolnshire so its the nearest shop to me
  13. Hi ive been playing airsoft for just less than a year so im still learning, im planning to go to JD airsoft just before xmas but the guns i want to have a look at they dont have in stock. I have emailed them 3 times in the last month and had not reply. Is this a well known thing for JD to do or is it just me. And do they tend to have more guns in stock than it says on there website because it looks like hardly anything is in stock
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