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  1. armyamy

    Gun picture thread

    Updates on my Dboys M4 RIS Painted black instead of desert. Also a pressure pad Ris torch and an Eotech 552 And my little brother posing with it
  2. armyamy

    Gun picture thread

    Its a Dboys M4 RIS.. Yeh thining of going back to black
  3. armyamy

    Gun picture thread

    Needs a new paint job i think. Mods please amend if ive not posted the pic correctly
  4. armyamy

    Forum Patches?

    WOW... *ahem* These patches are wow.. .. there seriously looking really neat tho
  5. armyamy

    Forum Patches?

    Looking at SA80 LSW or H&K 416 style AEG (10 inch) full metal SRC GE0516TMIII http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...ts/GE0516TM.jpg It looks awesome
  6. armyamy

    Forum Patches?

    Hey im loving being one of the lads lol Everyones so welcoming and patient and polite on here.... It helps alot!
  7. armyamy

    Forum Patches?

    Id love one of these... there looking sweet