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  1. JasonFPS

    Various Gear for sale **updated prices/list**

    Medic pouch, how much posted?
  2. JasonFPS

    Brought my first Airsoft gun! Opinions?

    yeah and if he put it like that id have been fine, im new on all this, id rather be told to just search it up that beong told he'll look forward to me posting stuff thats already on here..
  3. JasonFPS

    Brought my first Airsoft gun! Opinions?

    well, for someone starting out of course im gonna wanna know things like that, so calm down, lewis
  4. Lastnight i put an order on my first airsoft gun, now the one i want for was the NUPROL DELTA PIONEER DEFENDER AEG! here are the Product details: Fire Selector: Safe, Fully Automatic, SemiMagazine Capacity: 370 Rounds (High Capacity Magazine)Feet Per Second (FPS): 330FPS +Recommendations: •NUPROL 7.4v 1450mAh 30c Crane Stock LiPo BatteryConstruction: Full polymer grip and butt stockHop Up: Adjustable behind dust coverLength: 70cm/77cmWeight: 2kg (without ammo and battery) https://imgur.com/a/Pjekq
  5. What does everyone think of people using two tone? would you be looked at badly or?
  6. JasonFPS


    What footwear would you recommend? alot of people wear boots, now a friend of mine has mentioned trainers that are multi cam, he says they would be comfortable and you'd be fast on your feet, whats your opinion?
  7. JasonFPS

    What would happen? (Ukara)

    Not about me, but ive always wondered as i know people who have asked and thought about it, Say the person didnt have there License and brought a gun second hand from someone and went to a skirmish or weekend event with it, would there be any backlash?