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  1. I think that'll work, thank you. I'll be sure to put some pics up when it's all done
  2. I'm trying to be as precise to the real deal as proper one. Although if it looks similar it would
  3. I am looking at turning a nuprol sopmod M4 into a C8 for a sas loadout. I have managed to track down the barrel and pistol grip I need but have had no joy finding a stock. I was wondering if anyone might know if one is actually made for airsoft and if so where I can find one? Many thanks
  4. That looks amazing. I will have to get one asap
  5. I had a Dan and Wesson 6 inch as a plinker but, in the end it would only fit one brand of co2 capsule as the o-ring at the top of the cartridge had been shaped by the last cartridge I used. I do not know the build quality of your gun but you could end up with the same issue.
  6. Just looking through the forum and I havent found anything on AK12's. It may just be me but I'd like to know what you guy's think about having an AK12 in airsoft, made to a decent quality as I know that there is a version with a plastic gear box, and who you would like to make it?
  7. And this is why airsoft is always under fire from people who do don't really know the sport
  8. Having owned both a classic army and g&g m14's i can say in my exspirence they are a pig to modify and breakdown frequently. I bought the CA first but quickly realised it was a mastake and tried the G&G only to have yet more reliabilty isuses. Speaking from my own experince if you want the range of an m14 just buy a star M16a3, you'll never have to touch the interals, the range is superb and the grouping is tight.
  9. Thank you, you have given me things to consider. I'm not much of a tech so I might just stick with a krytac or kwa as reliability would be a massive plus for me.
  10. I am curently looking for a sig SG553 or 556 but I have no idea whether I should go for the king arms 556 shorty or the G&G 553. If anyone has experience with either of these guns please le me know which one I should choose
  11. Mine shot a little hot for the first couple hundred shots but it settled down
  12. These not so little AEG's are amazing. I bought one 2 weeks ago and it shoots further than any of my TM's and at 15m I got a 1.5 inch grouping. From what I understand they used to be supplied by ares but star wanted to charge less than ares rrp so they started making them their selves this means in effect you get an ares gun for less. I can safely say these are worth every penny for any airsofter who is looking for a medium range M4 or 16. ​I am not sponsored ​I just thought some people would like to know about these
  13. Those players with the six sense to turn around, duck into cover and flinch before any of my shots "hit" them
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