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  1. I mean... Isn't it up to the buyer to understand what they are buying? I wouldn't of said it was false advertising. And obviously it sold pretty quick so....
  2. Fordy0401

    Glock 18c

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    Hi all here is my Raven glock 18c in tan. it has a full metal slide and can shot semi and full auto depending on preference. never let me down when using for CQB. Selling to trim down the amount of guns I have atm. comes with 1 mag and all original packaging. I’ll accept £55 which will include postage. any questions let me know cheers


  3. Fordy0401

    AVP 17 Valken

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    Selling my AVP 17 great gun with a cool black and gold look hasn’t let me down and shoots nice and straight. only selling to fund a new primary and cut down on the amount of sidearms I have. £100 new and I’m selling for 65 with postage. includes 1 mag and the official case. price includes postage



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    Looking to buy an SRS I'd consider any version with or without upgrades


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    (Still available) Hi all, Choosing to sell this as I’m just trying to cut down on the amount guns I have at this point. Really great gun that shoots pretty quite compared to most snipers. Heavily upgraded and worth’s around £650 at this point. Has a little paint wear on the stock but no damage at all. See specs below... G spec vsr. Airsoftpro complete gen4 trigger group and piston Airsoftpro teflon cylinder Airsoftpro cylinder head Airsoftpro spring m140 Airsoftpro maple leaf hop arm Maple leaf 80d hop up rubber Laylax full length vsr barrel Airsoft pro aluminium mag catch red And the 3 mags £656 total spent. shooting at 2.2 joules on .45s last I checked (month or 2 ago) looking for £275 but will listen to offers. Pretty active on emails so let me know if you have any questions or want to chat over the phone. Will post if required. Can work this out with buyer (been told parcel-force is the way to go?)


    , Cornwall

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    Hi all, Listed below are 2 guns for sale. I'm happy to listen to offers or if you would like to split etc... Happy to answer any questions or offers G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 R8-L This is less than a year old from when I bought it brand new. It hasn't had any issues and it's been a great first gun for me. I've added a skeleton foregrip, and a Beeman scope which was bought from this site a few months ago. I've also attached a 45 degree mount/dot sight to work alongside the bigger scope. The gun comes with a high cap mag and lipo battery. Happy to listen to offers without the attachments if you don't need them. Shooting around 280fps on .25's. RAVEN EU Series 18 Full Auto GBB Pistol This is only 6 months old and is a great gun for the price. Never had any issues and will come with 1 mag. Very snappy with a metal slide. Prices M4 - £150 Glock - £75 Whole package - £200 (Collection from south west Cornwall or buyer pays postage of £15)


  7. What ghillie wrap is that please?? Also would it fit other rifles? If so interested to buy if willing to sell?
  8. Fordy0401


    Sounds good mate. I'm out until tomorrow. Can you hold it and I'll pay and such then? Thanks
  9. Fordy0401


    How much for just the black glock holster please?
  10. Can you find out the parts from whoever you got it from by any chance? interested but would like to know what’s in it if possible thank you
  11. haven't got any advice for you but did you find any more info? looking for kar98 too
  12. thanks for the replies guys, will give them a try! also, gotta love Life of Brian! haha
  13. So I know this is kind of stupid, but I'm getting into Airsoft and have bought some mesh goggles and a lower face mask. Problem is, no matter how much i bend it the mask crushes my nose. I've seen a video of someone attaching the two together but in case that doesn't work (dont think it will with the glasses I've bought), does anyone suggest an idea or worst case a type of face protection that is perhaps held up by the goggles so it doesn't put strain on the nose/ chin? pictures below of what i have... Thanks, Big Nose
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