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  1. I got myself a cheapo chinese fast helmet and found I only wear it in moderate to cold weather. Its an absolute no go in anything above 15 degrees as I get too hot and sweaty in it. But having said that its saved my noggin a fair few times (i.e close in head shots, very low door ways and once or twice a bridge.) You can get equally cheap ear protectors that bolt onto a fast helmet. Not tried them yet but they're on my wish list. I would say anything real armyish might be too heavy. My mk6 helmet was a nightmare and just slid around like no ones business. And lets face it it dosen't need to offer any real ballitic protection. Unless its a really rough game ..............
  2. A sloth gets mugged by 3 tortoises. The police ask him " what happened"? The sloth says "I don't know. It all happened so quickly!"
  3. Looks like Amazon are going to be my new best friends soon. Lol cheers for the advice. I will let you know how I get on 👍
  4. Funny enough I got revision wipes so I don't ruin my other goggles. I shall have a look for visor clear. Cheers for the recommendation.
  5. The clear lenses seem to be out of stock in a lot of places so the anti fog wipes it is. I was hopeing there was a simple solution like pop into spec savers and try battering my eyelids at the staff. Actually I'd probably get banned from there if I did that. Also I'm a bit pissed off with my self that I buggered the coating by useing an alcohol based anti fog wipe. I suppose thats what you get for a quid though.
  6. So did I about 20 years ago....but they let me loose with a musket..tee hee hee.
  7. Thats the way forward I think. Well that will teach me to not read the instructions. Lol cheers anyway
  8. Going through my kit bag I found my old ess goggles. The anti fog coating on the inside has come off( my bad. I cleaned them with a cheapo anti fog wipe and it killed them.) New clear lenses are becoming a bit scarce (read expensive). But is there any where that re coats them? Can you re coat them? Tried looking on line and it just came up with a load of products like cat crap and rain ex etc. Or am I doomed to use them with the yellow lenses?
  9. I used to play paintball and then during one session I saw a bunch of airsofters. Tried it once, liked the atmosphere and the gear and got hooked. Plus I get to play action man in real life lol.
  10. I've Just seen that the cqb site in Ramsgate is now being run by someone called goat airsoft. Not sure if they are anything to do with seo but it looks like close quarters is back on the menu
  11. Homemade pistol lanyard. Just for that dads army look. Lol
  12. Not so much feeling blue but the physical side of it is scary. I mean at the time I'm running around like fat Rambo. But by the time I get home I need a Nepalese sherpa to carry me and my kit upstairs. Anyway, Maybe start planning your next game day as soon as you get in? That way you instantly have somthing to look forward too or geting small bits and peices. If I know its going to be a while between games, even stuff like bbs or gas or something takes the edge off personally
  13. And for Christ sake don't tell him you get depressed after you shoot loads of people!
  14. Going solo was one of the best decisions I made. The first time I went was a bit nerve wracking. But everyone was pretty friendly. Its just that thought of going alone but once you do you never look back.
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