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    Other than airsoft, sci fi and the odd airfix kit. And befor anyone asks no I don't still live with my mum.... honest!

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  1. I've Just seen that the cqb site in Ramsgate is now being run by someone called goat airsoft. Not sure if they are anything to do with seo but it looks like close quarters is back on the menu
  2. Homemade pistol lanyard. Just for that dads army look. Lol
  3. Not so much feeling blue but the physical side of it is scary. I mean at the time I'm running around like fat Rambo. But by the time I get home I need a Nepalese sherpa to carry me and my kit upstairs. Anyway, Maybe start planning your next game day as soon as you get in? That way you instantly have somthing to look forward too or geting small bits and peices. If I know its going to be a while between games, even stuff like bbs or gas or something takes the edge off personally
  4. And for Christ sake don't tell him you get depressed after you shoot loads of people!
  5. Going solo was one of the best decisions I made. The first time I went was a bit nerve wracking. But everyone was pretty friendly. Its just that thought of going alone but once you do you never look back.
  6. Ahhh with you....tag with projectile weapons. Lol
  7. I've now played for about 3 years and also made some dodgy calls on hits early on. You live and learn... hopefully. And not always listening to a briefing properly i.e. team a has unlimited lives team b doesnt etc. If its a first time thing then I think a quiet word soon sorts it out. No need to embarrass people or humiliate them. If they keep doing it the yes take things up a notch. As you say even experianced players make bad desicions from time to time. To me the term cheat means someone that breaks the rules habitually. Just my take on it.
  8. I've been useing my cyma 517 for over 2 years and not had a problem with it but I've not upgraded it or taken it apart. When i got mine from patrol base the guys said they have less back for repairs than any others. But just remember the outside dose look a bit plasticky.... having said that its also still in one peice externally
  9. A guy joins the french foreign legion, gets promoted to captain and sent to a remote fort in the desert. On his first day he's inspecting the fort and sees a mankey, disgusting old camel sitting in the corner. He shouts out " sargent. What is this horrible creature doing here?" The sargent says " Well mon capitaine, the nearest town is 4 miles away and the men start missing women....if you know what I mean. So then they use the camel....." The captain stops him and says" thats disgusting! I will never use the camel like that! 3 months on and the captain is desperate for a screw. He shouts out "sargent bring that camel in here" so he dose. With that the captain drops his trousers and buggers the shit out out of the poor animal. When he's finished he calls for the sargent to take it away. He says " so sargent do the other men use the camel like that often?" The sargent replys "No, mon capitaine they ride it to town and use the brothel!"
  10. Hello, Quex is my home site. Well......when real life doesnt get in the way. Personally I bought bullet ant gogles and revision wipes and not looked back.(no pun intended) As for a pistol, I've had mine for a year and waved it in anger 4 times. 2 of which it went Pete Tong. So it might be worth getting a rifle first. And plus 1 for gloves. I use cheapo paintball gloves because its not fun taking a hit to my sausage fingers👍🖐️
  11. Seeing him in Chatham myself. Jenny Talia is also pretty good too. She led to one of my favorite sayings "F.O.C.U.S" lol
  12. In light of some of the comments here I should point out Kevin bloody wilson is touring again this year. Got my tickets already😉
  13. Fair enough. I'll be truthful, thats not what I had expected at all. I thought you might have been on about people haveing a dig at the military's deployments at one time or another around the world. The trouble with the internet and social media is that any Muppet can say things without any real consequence. If I said half of stuff like that in a public setting people would either think I'm nuts or I'd get a slap probably . I can't see the what they're going to get out of talk like that. Strange times!
  14. I can think of more fun things to do with my time. Out of curiosity what subject are you on about? I was looking for cleaning tips on webbing and bit and peices on kit maintainance and that was salty enough.
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