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    Other than airsoft, sci fi and the odd airfix kit. And befor anyone asks no I don't still live with my mum.... honest!

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  1. Genius. Why have I never thought about this before. Also with in my limited ability for D.I.Y..👍
  2. I really, really don't know who your talking about?
  3. You could always go the really cheap way which is a couple of black sacks with holes poked in them, both for you and the gun. My rain gear of choice is an old dpm jacket with enough fabsil sprayed on to rip the ozone layer another hole. Some of the best games I've had have been in the rain. Less players but better quality of play. Also better conversations in the safe zone and banter as well. I've paid to run around with a plastic gun and thats jolly well what I'm doing. Come rain or shine! Lol
  4. Jg m4. Bought it knowing its an ex rental gun. It was cheap and I thought I could teach my self some teching skills.... there is an age old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" It worked pretty well befor. Now it hardly works at all. This gun lead me to a rage that was a cross between Basil Faulty and Donald duck! Its still partially dis-assembled to teach it who's boss!.... that and I had to walk away befor I gave myself a coronary!
  5. I just had to google who Ant Middleton was. Turns out I was wrong. He's not the new bloke from wheeler dealers.
  6. Not so much keeping you cool but getting you properly re-hydrated is somthing called dioralyte. Its actually used to replace the salts and things in your body if you get the squits. Nice. A friend swears by them after he goes running. I must say the taste a bit funky mind you. But if they can help a large, sweaty mess like me I'll give them a go.
  7. Now thats an option for us sweaty gimps👍
  8. It might seem like a silly question but has anyone tried a camal back with ice water in it? I don't own one ( I've never needed one) but even if you don't drink from it will it help to lower your body temperature a bit. Or are you just lugging the extra weight for nothing and maybe a cold drink on the way back to the safe zone. I'm used to skirmishing so its about 20 mins or so between sit downs.
  9. I got myself a cheapo chinese fast helmet and found I only wear it in moderate to cold weather. Its an absolute no go in anything above 15 degrees as I get too hot and sweaty in it. But having said that its saved my noggin a fair few times (i.e close in head shots, very low door ways and once or twice a bridge.) You can get equally cheap ear protectors that bolt onto a fast helmet. Not tried them yet but they're on my wish list. I would say anything real armyish might be too heavy. My mk6 helmet was a nightmare and just slid around like no ones business. And lets face it it dosen't need to offer any real ballitic protection. Unless its a really rough game ..............
  10. A sloth gets mugged by 3 tortoises. The police ask him " what happened"? The sloth says "I don't know. It all happened so quickly!"
  11. Looks like Amazon are going to be my new best friends soon. Lol cheers for the advice. I will let you know how I get on 👍
  12. Funny enough I got revision wipes so I don't ruin my other goggles. I shall have a look for visor clear. Cheers for the recommendation.
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