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    Dpm plce with soldier 95 camo to match
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    Other than airsoft, sci fi and the odd airfix kit. And befor anyone asks no I don't still live with my mum.... honest!

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  1. Nicky blue eyes

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    Never thought about the citizen/soldier side of it.
  2. Nicky blue eyes

    Airsoft Ruined Movies For Me

    Talking of trigger discipline, a few days ago now while watching the longest day, I suddenly noticed there was virtually none at all. Considering alot of the actors were ww2 veterans . Also its great watching some of the behind the scenes footage of starwars: A new hope. Seeing storm troopers firing modified sterlings and giving orders in perfect English accents. In this case they used blanks so the special effects guys can put in laser blasts/sounds
  3. Nicky blue eyes

    G&G vs Cyma, help comparison!

    I've had a cyma 517 for over year and its not missed a beat. Its kept going when other, better guns have gone wrong on the field. Having said that I do want to get a better one but if your not overly rough with it the cheapo cyma will get you on the field an playing. (When I say better guns I have no idea if the owners have played eith the internals)
  4. Nicky blue eyes

    cheaters (rant)

    Gotcha. I will up my camo game........who's seen that film predator?
  5. Nicky blue eyes

    cheaters (rant)

    I suppose your right. Screw the weasel faced git. Its a bit like the lyrics from the classic english folk song all around my hat." And if anyone should ask me the reason why I'm wearing it. Its my f#*king business, cos its my f#$king hat"! Also part of me wants to see slave girl Leia in airsoft....probably get a few bruises but what a way to go lol
  6. Nicky blue eyes

    cheaters (rant)

    I had some bloke waiting for his kid on sunday look me up and down and say" going a bit far isn't it ?" Which I thought was a bit rich considering you had players looking much more tacticool than me. Although it has got me thinking I should tone down a bit on my camouflage lol
  7. Nicky blue eyes

    cheaters (rant)

    so.....Just playing devils advacat here, the same shots hitting/ missing people can look different from a different veiw point i.e. a couple of months ago I was shooting at some bloke and the bbs were going in every which way but on target. I could clearly see this. My pal was less than 6 feet from me and was convinced that they were all on target and got a bit stroppy about it. Its just one of those things.
  8. Nicky blue eyes

    cheaters (rant)

    If it any consolation I saw some bloke cheat, get called out by players, spoken to by marshals and then pull his whole family (about 5 of them) out of the game Because he got the hump over not calling his hits. I'd love to see what he's like playing monopoly. Not so much not calling your hit is not calling loud your hit. The amount of silent hands i saw today and no shout of "out" or "hit". I try not to shoot some one more than I have too but a meagre wave? Come on do yourself a favour, especially if there is more than 1 person shooting at you
  9. I'm sure H.M constabulary would only visit porn hub on a purely professional basis of course. On a side note telling the wife I was going on there just to look at the guns just wouldn't wash as an excuse. Lol
  10. Ian McCollum also has a channel called forgotten weapons on youtube. As a fan I will have to go and have a look......just at the guns of course. It dose make me chuckle that porn has become slightly more socially acceptable than responsibly handled fire arms.
  11. Nicky blue eyes

    If I hear...

    I got mine cheap...I just got to pretend I'm mexican and my name is Miguel Sanchez.
  12. Nicky blue eyes

    Are some v2 gearboxes more stubborn than others?

    Thanks I can do with as much advice as I can get. While I'm picking your brains I thought I'd try it all out, it works but its got a bit of a thump in the grip when it fires. How ever I can't remenber if it was there before
  13. Nicky blue eyes

    Are some v2 gearboxes more stubborn than others?

    With the piston gear should the teeth be just on the pick up or completely on the other side? Sorry if its a bit of a silly question. Cheers
  14. Nicky blue eyes

    Are some v2 gearboxes more stubborn than others?

    Just from the descriptions you gave me I recon I'm going to have to take it apart again. Oh well. Looks like I'll be getting a bottle of Jim Bean to get me through it lol. Cheers
  15. Nicky blue eyes

    Are some v2 gearboxes more stubborn than others?

    Its enough to make a man turn to drink. Lol. After all that hassle I don't want to take it apart again...until I realise I put the bugger back together wrong.