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    Cyma c.517.
    Umerex p99 DOA
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    Dpm plce with soldier 95 camo to match
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    Other than airsoft, sci fi and the odd airfix kit. And befor anyone asks no I don't still live with my mum.... honest!

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  1. Nicky blue eyes

    RIF Brands

    Oh lets not forget Bren guns as well
  2. Nicky blue eyes

    RIF Brands

    Dose it work? If so then let them get on with it. I suppose its a bit like skodas. Awful when they first came to Britain but now recognised as a reliable brand. But it took a long time for them to shake that reputation. I've found my cheapo guns keep going when some of the people with.... ahem.. better guns give up or start doing very odd things. There again I've not upgraded anything yet or really had it apart. I'm going on the principle of if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  3. Nicky blue eyes

    Are Kent police buying airsoft gear??

    I really hope this is because the officers at the sharp end have found them useful and not because some office wallah thinks it looks good. Never thought of the training side but that dose make a lot of sense. As for the paint marks on the walls, the state of my kids primary school now becomes clear. Lol
  4. Nicky blue eyes

    Are Kent police buying airsoft gear??

    Nuprol have really upped their marketing game
  5. Sorry about the quality of the picture as its taken from my local paper. But with all due respect to the frontline officers they look like airsofters. I think its the face mask that dose it.
  6. Nicky blue eyes

    Pew pew envy

    What happened to the type 88 rifles the chinese army had? Man I'm out of touch!
  7. Nicky blue eyes

    Airsoft tantrums

    Only really seen it twice in the two years of me playing one was a bloke that just flipped at some of mates. In all fairness he'd over heated and need some water and time out. But at the end of the day he was alright. The second was rental guy that wouldn't call his hits. So he got hosed and properly lost it. Also giving every excuse under the sun why he didn't call to the site team. The player that shot him even apologized and tried to explain why he got peppered but to no avail. Promptly leaving saying how sh#t it all was and taking his family with him. Nice example to you kids mate!
  8. Nicky blue eyes

    Pew pew envy

    Hope springs eternal. lol
  9. Nicky blue eyes

    Pew pew envy

    Its a little bit of shiny kit syndrome. And remembering life with out haveing to clear it with the wife. lol
  10. Nicky blue eyes

    Pew pew envy

    I'm ashamed to say I actually got jealous of my nephew the other day. Lets wind this back about 3 weeks to when he sold me half his kit. He hadn't seen a skirmish in about 3 months and decided he would rather spend his Sundays with his girlfriend. I felt pretty smug that i finally got my hands on his g36...yay me... fast forward to this friday just gone and i get a phone call from asking if he can show me something. My nephew is a little un-predictable so I wasn't sure where this was going. Anyway in he stuts with a nearly new G&G wild hog with lipo and and lots of other goodies.... I now want one... I don't even like that style of gun....jammy little shit.
  11. Nicky blue eyes

    ASG Franchi 12 SAS

    Hello where abouts are you based?
  12. Nicky blue eyes

    Ess v12 problem, marked lense?

    I had the same thing with mine, that film is the manufactures anti fog coating. I used cheapo anti fog wipes that were alcohol based and it started to take that film off. Completly buggered that set of lenses. The only way forwards is to get a new set .I would recommend revision fog wipes. To use with them as well
  13. Nicky blue eyes

    Faces to names .

    Ahh youth has its advantages but age has bought me all the cunning of a shit house rat😉 And for what its worth thats my fugly mug
  14. Nicky blue eyes

    Faces to names .

    Sod that I'm nearly forty and just getting into my prime! BELLYS GONNA GET YER!
  15. Nicky blue eyes

    The Rental Incident

    Don't tippman offer a teching service for sites that use there gear?