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  1. Seeing him in Chatham myself. Jenny Talia is also pretty good too. She led to one of my favorite sayings "F.O.C.U.S" lol
  2. In light of some of the comments here I should point out Kevin bloody wilson is touring again this year. Got my tickets already😉
  3. Fair enough. I'll be truthful, thats not what I had expected at all. I thought you might have been on about people haveing a dig at the military's deployments at one time or another around the world. The trouble with the internet and social media is that any Muppet can say things without any real consequence. If I said half of stuff like that in a public setting people would either think I'm nuts or I'd get a slap probably . I can't see the what they're going to get out of talk like that. Strange times!
  4. I can think of more fun things to do with my time. Out of curiosity what subject are you on about? I was looking for cleaning tips on webbing and bit and peices on kit maintainance and that was salty enough.
  5. If this forum has upset them maybe they should stay away from arrse (army rumour service) I'm not a member or been in the forces but have come across it when looking for info on some of my kit. WOW. Just wow. Some of the grillings people get on there for not searching or asking silly questions are somthing else. I cringe for some of the newbies on there.
  6. Cheers. Picking it up tonight and playing, it is really front heavy. Looks like I'm off to the DIY shops at some point.
  7. I think the likes of the g&g raiders have forced the cheaper brands to up their games. Also the likes of valken, (dare I say it?)nuprol and specna arms into the begginer markets are giving people plenty of options for cheapish guns that aren't total crap. As for jg. Judgeing by what I've seen on you tube the Americans seem to love them
  8. Looks like I'm going to have a busy night or two. I'm hoping it is a balance issue. Thank you for the advice with the hex nuts any advice that means I don't have to take the bugger apart again is good for me.
  9. I didn't even realise that could be an issue. I will have a look tommorow now, as for the model its a front wired m4 I'm afraid thats all I know. If swiss cheese made carbines!
  10. Trouble with that is this is my tinkereing toy. Its been ripped apart more than an Adam Sandler film at the Razzies. My teching skills are getting better but I'm still learning, In good conscience I couldn't sell it to some other mug...I mean player. Lol
  11. Thanks for that. It looks like I've got some investigating to do. Also good to see you back👍
  12. Fair enough. I might have a punt on one. Hopefully my poor shoulder joints will appreciate it. Lol
  13. Long story short my battered old metal bodied jg m4 is monstrous heavy and quite frankly i want to lighten it a bit. I've seen a few places stock the plastic jg receivers but I dont want to buy somthing that is complete dog poo. Dose anyone have any experiance of the plastic ones?
  14. Plus there is a ton of videos on youtube of people disasembling and reassembling the little beggers.
  15. The 60s version is very kitsch. I've no doubt you'll suddenly understand loads of references from programmes like the Simpsons. The 90s film was ok. Lots of famous faces. I'm quite looking forward to having a look now.
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