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  1. Greetings all. Last time I was active here was over 3 years ago now. I'm definitely interested to see if any of the old lot are about and for those of you I've never met, I look forward to talking to you guys. A little about me: I live in Reading, I used to play primarily at AWA Herts, The Mall and Red 1 Skirmish. I'm 18 and my name is Mitchell. I currently don't own much gear, just a MOLLE vest and some pouches, what's the general consensus on AEGs now? Is it still CA and G&G being the best place to go for a high performance-low price rifle? I missed you guys.
  2. I'm with Cerbo and Marksman on this one... although if I was offered a PTW I wouldn't say no... even if it's just for braggin' rights
  3. I agree with Sonic... they've gone all action based now back when they used to be puzzle based was amazing
  4. these are good ideas... not sitting in the middle is always good i guess, i think we have lotsa perspex laying around... i could always get handy with that... and yes my lens can do long range stuff 720mm equivalent @ 30x zoom
  5. Hi there, I guess you have all seen people with cameras running around in a game if airsoft taking photos, whether they be a player, marshal or someone paid to be there... As you may know my other hobby is photography, now I wanna combine the two together by taking my camera out on the field, but my problem is my cam is a Fujifilm HS10, now for you who don't have a clue what that is, It is fixed lens, and it is expensive... and I don't exactly wanna get my lens shot out, I have a small protector thing that you screw over the lens but I do not know whether that will withstand a BB, and that alone is worth £50 so I don't exactly want to test it... so my question is, how would you recommend going about airsoft photography? Do you reckon my lens will withstand a shot? Any past experiences would be great if you are willing to share it... Thanks, Mitchell
  6. Hehe, here i go... Firstly i would like to point out im 12 so this may be a shock to you I used to collect consoles and games so heres some lists:- *inhales deeply* - Sega Mega drive - Nintendo 64 - Gamecube - 2 PS1's (yes TWO) - Philips 2600 (the seconds games console ever made ) - Gameboy pocket - Gameboy pocket ALOT more but i can't think of em atm... thats aside from my modern games machines - PS3 - Xbox - Xbox 360 - PS2 - Wii - PSP - Nintendo DS etc etc etc... Although i wasnt really old enough when the came out these are games i remember/play now - Sonic adventures - Resident evil (the whoooole series) - Tomb raider (the whooole series once again) - Space invaders - Call of duty (original before they got s**t) - Pickaxe Pete and a bunch more, i think (although i sold around a 100) i had around 300-400 games (yeah... sad huh? ) I felt 3 again whilst writing this (well atleast for the sonic part ) I still play alot of retro games... there great Mitchell
  7. COD reference... what did my mum always say? See no evil Hear no evil Speak no evil
  8. that is surprising... i guess there is a good number of new regulars around...
  9. The problem is, the influx of new members are probably only here to sell there guns and gear... And I think that when they are sold (at this rate in a couple of decades) you should get a new design, so people could collect them...
  10. i reckon atleast £100 for a decent pistol... You will have to pay £15 for two toning but have a look at these: http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...mp;id=GGB0342TM http://www.wolfarmouries.co.uk/airsoft/bb/...t&id=JE1911 There not the best but will do for what you want
  11. they really do... and the white and blue one isn't overly bright
  12. lol, laugh if you mistook it for your real airsoft gun, and figured it out when you pulled the trigger in the skirmish...
  13. i would order some more but i only have enough money to buy BB's and pay my entrance fee for next game, and i owe my dad for the hydration pack he just bought me... im sure they will all sell in time... and I would suggest naming and shaming too, but thats not possible... you need to change the voting system a little bit dev
  14. i have pictures of my patch on my gear, just the task of taking the mem card out of my camera and putting it in the PC is to much for me to handle...
  15. Well i could mention you guys at the end of my videos for £100 a video... na jk, i'll mention you at the end of all my youtube videos if u want... If you do, do you think you could put a link to my youtube somewhere on the site? if not then np i will mention u anyway Thanks, Mitchell
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