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  1. Has anyone noticed the mock suppressor, great use of lego tyres maybe!
  2. Lockdown boredom + paint. Sprayed some pistol grips, I'm going to also insert the help for hero's badge into pistol grip.
  3. If the front one moves it should have numbers on it.
  4. Is it from inside, or from front sight
  5. Does anyone know if other brands of airsoft magazines are compatible with the well m92, beretta, m9 (if any) looking for co2 and green gas mags. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the comments and advice.
  7. I thought his mate could gift it to him and it would be legal
  8. I read everywhere about how important eye protection is, but I'm wondering about groin protection, do you use it, what do you use, or do male airsofters have balls of steel lol
  9. I worked it out, press the plunger in, sorry wasn't sure and didn't want to force it or brake it, always better to ask if not too sure.
  10. Does anybody know how to remove them, searched online and all the how toos I can find seem to have a screw at the back the r32 doesn't, thanks in advance.
  11. I got two broken guns yesterday from that bb site that lots of people don't like, I like to try and fix things and see how things work. The rifle was a broken safety, the pistol is a faulty mag that I can't fix or don't know how too, its leaking from under the top rubber bit not valves, oh I like to spray things too lol
  12. Bit bored today so thought I'd have ago at spraying a camo effect, Mrs wasn't to impressed with me picking clumps of leaves from her acer lol
  13. Right I'm off to plantation airsoft on Sunday, apart from have fun are there any tips, where do I go when I arrive etc. Thanks
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