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  1. Hi, the screw at the end of my bolt has snapped and without it I can not cock back my cylinder, I was just wondering if anyone new where I can get another screw or one that will do the same job. Cheers, Ben
  2. When I pull the bolt back on my Well MB01 it is extremely stiff and requires a lot of force to even get it moving. Once I get it to slide its still very stiff and seems to make a grinding noise I have upgraded it internally slightly. I think I might need a new cylinder to fix the issues but I’m not sure. Hope someone can help All my upgrades: with ASPUK metal piston and spring guide, 90 degree trigger sear, 150 spring, and a new piston head and o-ring.
  3. I've recently bought a G&G CM16 SRS And am struggling to find a battery that will fit the stock and be efficient enough for the gun to run properly, I have been told that the gun only operates with 11.1 lipo's but I can only just fit my 9.6 Lipo in the stock does anyone know any 11.1 lipo's that will fit my sr-s stock i believe that the sr-s, sr-l & sr-xl all have the same stock so if you have experience with any of these guns could you help by giving me some advice on which battery I should go for. Thanks
  4. I've recently just purchased my first rifle which is a G&G CM16 SR-S i play at my local cqb indoor site and am looking for a optic to play with. Has anyone got any recommendations on what I should go with?
  5. Does this flashlight come with strobe mode?
  6. I'm running a G&G CM16 SRS, my budget is around £80 also my gun has a keymod rail so I would need a rail adapter also
  7. It depends where you play for one, also airsoft is a hobby you should play in the style you want to play
  8. I would personal go for the G&G CM16 SR-XL (HERE) It cost £208 from patrol base which is a small amount more expensive, however it's worth it. the gun comes built in with 3 round burst, a mosfet and a etu let alone the range and accuracy is extraordinary. In my opinion I would definitely go ahead and give this gun a go
  9. I have the same gun, and the thread is ccw, I did not have to access a pin I just used a pair of pliers and twisted it with them, in the left direction hope this helps.
  10. I play cqb and are unsure what flashlight I should get, I would prefer one with strobe but can't find any that are suitable. does anyone have any recommendations?
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