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  1. BenBurnside

    Broken MB01 bolt screw

    Thanks Nick
  2. BenBurnside

    Broken MB01 bolt screw

    Hi, the screw at the end of my bolt has snapped and without it I can not cock back my cylinder, I was just wondering if anyone new where I can get another screw or one that will do the same job. Cheers, Ben
  3. BenBurnside

    Help! Extremely stiff bolt pull on Well MB01

    Okay thanks for the help!
  4. When I pull the bolt back on my Well MB01 it is extremely stiff and requires a lot of force to even get it moving. Once I get it to slide its still very stiff and seems to make a grinding noise I have upgraded it internally slightly. I think I might need a new cylinder to fix the issues but I’m not sure. Hope someone can help All my upgrades: with ASPUK metal piston and spring guide, 90 degree trigger sear, 150 spring, and a new piston head and o-ring.
  5. I've recently bought a G&G CM16 SRS And am struggling to find a battery that will fit the stock and be efficient enough for the gun to run properly, I have been told that the gun only operates with 11.1 lipo's but I can only just fit my 9.6 Lipo in the stock does anyone know any 11.1 lipo's that will fit my sr-s stock i believe that the sr-s, sr-l & sr-xl all have the same stock so if you have experience with any of these guns could you help by giving me some advice on which battery I should go for. Thanks
  6. BenBurnside

    Best slim line flashlight?

    Okay thanks mate
  7. BenBurnside

    Sight recommendations

    I've recently just purchased my first rifle which is a G&G CM16 SR-S i play at my local cqb indoor site and am looking for a optic to play with. Has anyone got any recommendations on what I should go with?
  8. BenBurnside

    Best slim line flashlight?

    Does this flashlight come with strobe mode?
  9. BenBurnside

    Flashlight recommendations

    I'm running a G&G CM16 SRS, my budget is around £80 also my gun has a keymod rail so I would need a rail adapter also
  10. BenBurnside

    Is it really worth being a sniper in the UK?

    It depends where you play for one, also airsoft is a hobby you should play in the style you want to play
  11. BenBurnside

    TOP 5 AEG Brands, I need your help

    G&G, Krytac or G&p is all I would use
  12. BenBurnside

    Long AEG under £200

    I would personal go for the G&G CM16 SR-XL (HERE) It cost £208 from patrol base which is a small amount more expensive, however it's worth it. the gun comes built in with 3 round burst, a mosfet and a etu let alone the range and accuracy is extraordinary. In my opinion I would definitely go ahead and give this gun a go
  13. BenBurnside

    Removing the muzzle?

    I have the same gun, and the thread is ccw, I did not have to access a pin I just used a pair of pliers and twisted it with them, in the left direction hope this helps.
  14. BenBurnside

    Flashlight recommendations

    I play cqb and are unsure what flashlight I should get, I would prefer one with strobe but can't find any that are suitable. does anyone have any recommendations?