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  1. Ammo boots were for parades mate from what I remember never had any myself, combat highs are the boots your after they were issued mid 80s and phased out late 90s.
  2. Have you looked at firesupport they have a few different ones in stock.
  3. Cheers for the help guys greatly appreciated
  4. Hi guys just after a bit of advice, me an my lad are attending op red snow at catterick fibua village and I wondered what food would be best to take? Has anyone attended a Stirling event before will there be time to heat anything up or is it just grabbing a bite when we can. Cheers for any help.
  5. It's a problem I could solve but then I'd have to try and find somewhere to hide the body ☺😈
  6. That's just not fair I definitely need to be having words with the wife
  7. Skirmish airsoft are running a game on the 6th
  8. Not bought but won a G316C IDZ R.A.S. with E.B.B at skirmish airsoft mansfield yesterday, http://www.smartteamhk.com/en/g316c-idz-r-a-s.html
  9. Helikon SFU trousers in coyote Blackhawk warrior wear lightweight shirt in o/d green CYMA 141 nimravus rubber knife 50m Green camo paracord
  10. So I spent last night umming and ahhing over what to get got it down to a choice between two, a condor modular vest or a tasmanian tiger vest. In the end I ordered a Warrior 901 chest rig in atacs fg 😃
  11. So the wife's given me £120 to spend any suggestions would be welcome
  12. Well as usual you end up with more options than answers, think I need to bump the wife off to get everything on my wish list
  13. Mr B I take it you didn't notice the free shipping
  14. Any of you guys had any experience with TMC gear? Just wondering how it measures up as to value for money. http://www.ebairsoft.com/mobile/force-recon-vest-land-pouch-khaki-p-3728.html
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