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  1. Ammo boots were for parades mate from what I remember never had any myself, combat highs are the boots your after they were issued mid 80s and phased out late 90s.
  2. sutty7100

    Where Have All the Buffer Tubes Gone?

    Have you looked at firesupport they have a few different ones in stock.
  3. sutty7100

    Stirling airsoft themed game

    Cheers for the help guys greatly appreciated
  4. Hi guys just after a bit of advice, me an my lad are attending op red snow at catterick fibua village and I wondered what food would be best to take? Has anyone attended a Stirling event before will there be time to heat anything up or is it just grabbing a bite when we can. Cheers for any help.
  5. sutty7100

    CM16 feeding issue's

    Thanks I'll probably just order a new one and replace it seeing as they aren't expensive
  6. sutty7100

    CM16 feeding issue's

    About 18 month's old, hopefully is that as it'll be an easy fix
  7. sutty7100

    CM16 feeding issue's

    Hi guys my son's spare rifle is playing up, the BBS don't feed on semi and intermittently on full auto. It's not the mag as it fed fine before and still works in our other rifles. I stripped it down after it started playing up but nothing stood out as at fault, when reassembled it worked for a few shots then started playing up again. Suggestions would be appreciated I was thinking it could be the tappet plate but that's only a guess
  8. sutty7100

    Hop up advice G&G gc16 mod 0

    Okay cheers I'll check all that and keep looking for a 330mm barrel
  9. sutty7100

    Hop up advice G&G gc16 mod 0

    So I fitted the prowin and a prommy purple flat hopped, I cronoed it on Sunday and there was a 75 fps drop is this normal? Also the inner barrel is 330mm long zci don't seem to do one this length would I need to get one longer and cut it down
  10. sutty7100

    Hop up advice G&G gc16 mod 0

    Thanks for the help
  11. sutty7100

    Hop up advice G&G gc16 mod 0

    So I've got the gc16 mod 0 30th anniversary rifle had her for a year an half. Fps is about 330 but the grouping at range is about the size of a dustbin lid so I was thinking new hop up and rubber, so I started searching and reading reviews and came across the prowin unit but then read on here that G&Gs are picky with the hop ups they will work with, so my questions are, 1 - am I restricted to just getting a metal G&G hop up or is there one it will work with? 2 - can someone recommend a hop up rubber please 3 - is there anything else I should do as all she has had is a barrel clean
  12. sutty7100

    Blue berets?

    Amazon or ebay!
  13. sutty7100

    Gun picture thread

    It's a problem I could solve but then I'd have to try and find somewhere to hide the body ☺😈
  14. sutty7100

    Gun picture thread

    That's just not fair I definitely need to be having words with the wife
  15. sutty7100

    New 4 players

    Skirmish airsoft are running a game on the 6th