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    specna arms sa-e20 ,we tech gp1799 ,valken trg 2, l85 ,ics mp5, m93r ii, wetech mk3 hi-power
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    british virtus loadout ,1980s sas ,falklands/1990s british army
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    Ace airsoft (looking for a cqb site near bilston)
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    west midlands
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    ww2 and veitnam anything military really mostly gas masks armour night vision helmets and most historical guns like mp5 and m16

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  1. Alright thank you mate will do could you recommend any that are good ??
  2. Like about 100 foot for me it isnt long enough range id be happy to just get a little bit more since i play at a big woodland site
  3. Thats true im thinking of using .32 and i was using a ics ces p but i really liked an mp7 so i got a gbbr one the ics had a range of like 70 foot then died off i might upgrade sometime soon but im kinda bored of it also sorry if i sound like a propper noob im new to modding really and only understand a few things on aegs but im new to gbbrs
  4. How would i improve the hop also the barrel dont look super long on firesupport but your maybe right its my first gbbr i got sick of batteries i just wanna make the range super long whilst being accurate enough
  5. Anyone ever used one of these ive got a kwa mp7 coming and im looking to get stupid long range whilst being accurate and these from what ive heard are really good
  6. No i will try but i didnt know that gas is bad ive already ordered nuprol gas i appreciate the help
  7. i heard about how bad they were when i bought one but its such a nice looking gun and wouldve finished my 1980s iranian seige loadout but he valve knocker is still there and not snapped as everytime i put a mag in i locked the slide back (like it says in the instructions but many people forget to do it and end up snapping the knocker off ) tried what u said tho didnt seem to work
  8. i dunno because it was fine before and fine with my gen 3 glock
  9. the vorsk v6 175 psi also theres no leak on the mags and since i have shit tons of silicone i decided to seal up the o ring on the mag to just make sure like its been away for a week maybe i always take it out and shoot like 4-5 shots every once in a while tho
  10. I racked the slide back pulled the mag out drained the gas then put it back in my british army dpm holster
  11. Done nothing to change it i just bought it out the holster and it was doing what it did in the video and so i lubed it i used spray silicone oil and it worked for a few seconds and then went back to doing that Yeah ive done with spray lube and superlube Done that too
  12. 20220618_125123.mp4 20220618_125123.mp4 Slide wont go back far enough to lock back when empty and when it needs to load another bb plus it dont make rhe hammer go all the way back either i need help my game is on sunday lol First vid is fucked dont mind that one

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    Both function very well the valken is tamiya the glock will come with box selling because i need thw money fast for a tm mp7 which will be my first gbbr The valkens fps was around 320 last time i checked which was like 3 months ago since i have got a ces-p since then The glock has been shot a few times gotten through like 6 whole mags so not many


    Bilston - GB

  14. Anyone going ace airsoft this weekend?

    1. strykerles


      Not this week, got a cqb game booked. Will be there on the 24th

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