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  1. Hi all, looking at upgrading my SRS and don't really know what to go for. I'm aware that a fast hop unit is a must and a new spring as it shoots 330fps on .20g out of box, but is there anything else to upgrade that's pretty basic like barrel etc that I should be thinking about doing. End goal is to eventually be shooting at just under 500fps on heaviest BB's that are legal at that fps (based on site I play). I know joules then come into factor as well but don't really know much about it tbh so wont act like I do. Any information is appreciated. As for price limit there really isn't one so any upgrades even expensive ones I am open to trying. Thanks
  2. Looking at getting a scope for my Silverback SRS and aren't sure what to go for as only just started getting into sniping. Had a look online myself and there seems to be so many I don't know what's good or bad, so anyone who owns an SRS themselves or knows enough on scopes what's the best to go for?
  3. Very nice,think iv settled on a MP5K personally, countless people have mentioned it during conversation far more than anything else.
  4. Looking at getting a sidearm to go with my SRS whilst sniping. I play in woodland mainly so am relatively always well hidden and am wondering what would be best. I already own a TM MK23 which is amazing don't get me wrong but want something I can just spray at large groups of enemies. Heard the TM G18 is good? Also open to the idea of getting a small SMG I can just throw to my side or over my back when moving, I have an ARP-9 but I feel its still a bit too large to carry along with my SRS as I run it with a drum mag. Any recommendations welcome
  5. Looking to purchase a red dot for my TM416 Devgru. Any decent brands to go for? Looking for in the region of 40-100 quid.
  6. Thankyou for the reply, very helpful.
  7. Just wondering on what batteries I should get for a Tokyo Marui 416 DEVGRU. Turnigy 7.4 (not deans connector) were recommended by a youtuber I watch as he didn't change to deans but used an ET1 adaptor. Also what charger is the best to use. Any help is welcome and it must fit the stock of the gun mentioned as I know its a smaller stock than usual.
  8. I also have the same mindset about the clothing, I have spent no more than 300 quid on clothing with 55 of it on Bolle goggles and 25 on mechanix gloves the rest was MTL from a local army clothing store and a cheap 60 quid pair of boot. Also 100 quid on a plate carrier a couple mag pouches
  9. In reply to your mock comment I’m 20 and am fortunate enough to not worry about spending a couple grand on play guns and army gear to play a game of shooting BB’s.
  10. I just can’t decide lads, it’s a mess online trying find a gun there’s fecking loads ahah
  11. Looking to purchase an AEG have around £600 to spend wondering what’s the best to go for? That’s £600 just for the gun as well I have a budget of around £200 set aside for accessories. Any help is welcome as to what gun is best and/or best accessories (obviously dependant on gun). Cheers.
  12. Although I agree with your statement Nd maybe I might be rushing I’m in a fortunate enough position that I can drop a couple thousand on kit and guns and not be too bothered about it in 6 months time if I get bored. Cheers anyway
  13. Best quote iv heard since using the forum aha. Too many judgemental people on this forum at times acting like its do or die with certain topics. As for the Gate Titan I think I'll give it a miss until I become a bit more educated before forking out even more money on a gun. Cheers for response
  14. By larger I didn't mean DMR or LMG sized more your standard sized AEG compared to the smaller ARP-9 iv got on order. My friend has the ARP-9 and was nice enough to let me use it. It feels great for CQB but feels to small to be running around with on large outdoor site. Maybe its just me but it just doesn't feel right on larger site we play at.
  15. I have seen someone on Youtube by the name of "pain-x" saying he was doing the same thing because it required him to buy a different charger port or something along those lines anyway ahah. As for the Gate Titan whats the price looking like and for it to be fitted?
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