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  1. camo raids lists the DOR as lighter than the GM overall obviously doesn't help slide vs slide. I duno I seen new TM hi capa and thought it must have that new magic inside. Guess reviews will let me know I should of just got a GM instead.
  2. how do you know the new one doesn't have these things?
  3. Could invite them to a private game with all the other cheats similar to some online games and the match making matching hackers with hackers. They soon get frustrated when no one is playing by the rules and quit. I wasn't there but my friend witnessed someone with an unchrono'd gun getting an absolute dressing down at my local but other than a stern talking to it didn't amount to anything as far as I know. @Rogerborg you hear about that one? Was on March 31st.
  4. Just pre-ordered the new TM 5.1. Knowing my luck this is when TM cash in on their brand name and release a shittier product than before. Also it's cheaper than the gold match whats that all about. https://www.camoraids.com/shop/airsoft-weapons/airsoft-pistols/tm-hi-capa-5-1-dor-gbb/
  5. By quoting things like owning one isn't breaking a law it means he is aware roughly of the RIF state in the UK and knows exactly what he is doing. Never underestmiate a mad man!
  6. Out of curiousity do you sell to non ukara holders? As you never actually mentioned he needed ukara just that he needed to skirmish. My friend purchased a CM16 with the receiept for his deposit at a site. I think it's interesting he goes all mental and starts quoting random nonsense after you asked only for a defense.
  7. Did you look up the definition? 🤣 Also your second screenshot "must funny people are miserable lol" those truth bombs hurt.
  8. Some of the guys are hide and seek champions in their multicam loadouts
  9. I am pretty new to the hobby like yourself but my understanding of an AEG is the springs get weaker over time and especally at the start if you fire it a bunch like 5 mags then it weakens the spring which brings the FPS down from brand new to a few hundred bbs you will see a drop but it will be very minimal after that at least how I understand it. I was going to fire a few hundred through my Evo when I got to test the gears but it didn't make it thru 2 bbs let alone 2 hundred before it decided to break. Once I got it back I fired less than a hundred to test my magazines were feeding and left it to bed in on my first game day with it.
  10. Yea there are people who are annoying not even just people making stories up but sometimes you will hit someone and they will walk up to you and decide to congratulate you on it like you just single handedly killed Osama Bin Laden. Get out the fucking way and shut up so I can keep playing my pretend war game. In the safe zone you can just keep to yourself and in a game you can wander off from the wanks. Often you will see Mr Militray next to a door yelling at everyone to push push push but never actually go through it himself. The only people I really take advice from in game is a marshal if they tell you something they are usually spot on at my site. Some people reading this might think there aren't any wanks at their airsoft games well theres always one so if you look around and can't find them..... well done you mustn't have any at your site nice one.
  11. the video in the first post helps get the fundamentals but using a dark background with a white BB helps see what your bb is actually doing. Set your hopup with the weight of bb you will be using then pick a target at a range you want your sights to be accurate to and adjust untill what the sights look at are what the bb hits. As Druid has pointed out until a few hundred bbs go through it then it won't be consistent anyway so spening a lot of time on it will be wasted but just get it rough with hop up and make sure they are roughly going where you aim with your sights
  12. Are you suggesting I can't buy my way to the top? Going to have to agree the split seconds people gain are not going to make or break who gets the hit if it was down to that time span to determ a winner and loser in airsoft then it's probably going to be a trade off and anyone who starts saying they shot first it didn't count when the other guy shot needs to grow up. I only accept it wasn't a trade if the person calls it out without promting.
  13. Was looking at maybe going in May. How do you reserve a place for a walk on kit? Seems they only sell rentals online.
  14. The bigger the better right? For OP if your looking at an AK comparision between a reccomendend low end ak to a mid teir ak. Spoilers they perform pretty similar just one has better externals.
  15. The idea of this is for breaking it down for carrying for the public transport commuter I think. Seen it on a few shotshow vidoes not sure what to make of it. I wouldn't drop that kinda money sight unseen wait for some in the wild.
  16. par for the course asking for advice on here you get it but at what cost! 🤣 It's healthy advice to caution leaping in to a new hobby with the wallet open. It's his money to do with as he wants and hes reached a point where most high end guns are a much of a much and he doesn't need advice so much as it's not like the difference between a CYMA P90 and a G&G CM16 is the same as the difference between a Krytac MK2, a VFC avalon or KWA ronin. They all perform basically the same with some unique features or lack of features in some way (which can be a bonus if you don't want EBB for example)
  17. chip on your shoulder much he never said anything about your age. If your so fortunate to not care about wasting money then buy what you want and if you don't like it or it doesn't perform how you expect you can try again with your endless bank account.
  18. some of us can't rely on our feet to get girls to notice us In all seriousness I don't know any girl whos seens a guy with any gun and is attracted because of the weapon. To be fair I met my misses raiding in WoW so maybe I don't know what girls like? I'm not surprised someone was stupid enough to do it. I'm surprised the action the site is taking and I support it. Zero tolerance policy is the only way to stop dick heads from thinking they can do it. My friend uses a sports direct duffle bag to carry his £10 theres no excuse for not having it inside a bag anywhere that isn't a site to play, your house or a airsoft shop.
  19. There is also nothing wrong with having 2 AEGs as a begineer because if one breaks you will have a spare to pull out and save the day.
  20. As you found out from your first post there aren't any DMR locked aegs really out of the box. even if you made one most sites insist on the same rules as the higher powered bolt actions. like a site near me section 8 One shot per 2 seconds delay. So you require a pistol to reach out to 30m and can only shoot once every 2 seconds with your primary if the target is over 30m. Best avoided for new players as believe that you will get sent off for firing faster or under 30m. which in the moment is easy to do. FPS IS important to a point like AEP pistols fire around 220fps so they are best avoided. Like a lot have said you just fell in to a trap that new players easily do thinking fps is the most important number and airsoft websites market guns at certain fps so it's easy to see why everyone thinks higher is better but there are limits for a reason any too many people focus on tweaking their gun to run exactly at 350fps but if that gun shoots 351 fps on the chrono it's going home as being too hot to play.
  21. Can I ask what puts your off a say 320-330 fps gun?
  22. got some links to this mystical load bearing equipment for a noob to look at? Run a chest rig currently as didn't see the point of PCs.
  23. Have to agree with others the site shows clearly the bits you mention as grey looking. As for the handguard not being as you expected this is surely the type of question a quick email to patrolbase would have told you before buying. I think you have gotten lucky to have a mechanical issue with it as your other complaints while might be valid were your own mistakes or assumptions about a product. I do hope you get something you like or at least a fully working gun sorted out quickly.
  24. Not going to lie I very much expect to see your kit on the classifieds but it's your money.
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