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  1. nuprol and smart don't seem right in the same sentance.
  2. TM Hi-capa 5.1 D.O.R completely stock running on TM 5.1 30 round magazines. Will add the TM red dot to it at some point soon.
  3. Think I am just going to insist on getting it chronod next time as I ran around with it all day again.
  4. My local site say it like "everyones here to have fun" so they try to help and if some folk just keep hiding in 1 spot they will tell players where they are etc. If a marshall tells me to push a certain stairwell or check an area I know it's a good tip and it works out great but if my team was stomping the enemy they wouldn't give duff tips just give the enemy heads up on our pushes etc. I was covering a enemy flag carrier once and 2 marshals liturally built a tyre wall between me and him to block my LOS because I had him on lock down. Didn't have a problem with it. Got to keep the game moving for both sides or it gets boring.
  5. yea multiple people failed, a degul, a vector and some m4 I think, gave them a few chances on the vector and m4 still failed but the deagle was a nope do not pass go do not collect 100 pounds. was really nice to see. When they ask if I am using green gas I say yes but is nuprol 2.0 higher than green gas?
  6. honestly just tell marshals when you see cheaters it makes the game better for everyone I know it's effort but best way to actually make future games better.

    1. Musica


      forgot to say. Report your own team as well. Talking when dead, not taking hits you see it easier and marshals will know you have little reason to make it up. 

  7. that's why I didn't see you with it! I seen 4 guys get told they were too hot while I was in line. Also did you see the remark about the owners gun bein hot so he was banned from playing?
  8. it's actually just the mags that fall so you can use different mags or use those mags in a different gun and still get the drop on empty effect. From what I understand it has the g2 gearbox so if you used a g2 mag it would support stop on empty instead of drop on empty. Bit long for my liking even with stop on empty.
  9. kinda seems like a mistake maybe it comes with a regular or something. G&G make a licensed cobalt kinetics competition shooting gun and designed a magazine that drops out of the gun when empty. They seem ballsy but with CMs and ARPs everywhere they have consumer loyality so they might be one of the companies who can afford to R&D stuff.
  10. it'l be covered in white when it arrives at the weebs house. I hope it's using the G2 gearbox need more stop on empty guns. I think most sites will ban it because of the "blade" trigger so seems a bit pointless.
  11. Stop on empty is something I like. My evo does it( but they have their own problems) To be fair I don't like hopups that aren't rotary and AKs are usually a sllder so it might be cheaper but is lacking a few features like stop on empty, EBB and the rotary hopup. Not really apples to apples but they both shoot bbs about as far as you can.
  12. Every youtuber ever "heres my new TM but I'm sending it off to xxx tech (deffo not a advertisement) to get £1000 of parts put in to it so it's tuned for me"
  13. Hmm I might be able to intergrate that with my chest rig save me getting one of the below + a H harness to molle it to. Long as it doesn't leak pretty nice bit of kit. https://www.weapon762.com/assault-packs/384-tmc-lightweight-defender-3-film-pack-multicam-black.html https://www.weapon762.com/assault-packs/722-tmc-mini-assault-backpack.html
  14. Seen this site linked a few times. https://www.surplusandoutdoors.com/shop/outdoor-clothing.html Pretty cheap kit tempted to pick up a few sets of camo for mil sim rules.
  15. They never chrono'd my TM pistol just asked the gas seems abusable maybe they just know a TM isn't likely to fire over 350? I wish they would chrono in game more. I've liturally never seen any site do it but to be fair to FWG it was 1 marshal so he would struggle. He chronod 20-25 guys in the time the depot do about 10 and he writes the chrono result on your arm band.
  16. are you only allowed to use bio BBs they sell? really stings to have 75 round mid caps for the evo with a rule like. I can't make this but give me a shout next time/event I am interesting in trying a more structued experience at some point.
  17. the depot do the occasional half saturday game but they are only posted on their FB page not their usual booking site.
  18. Only played 1 game with it so far ( a full days skirmish). It was good no issues aiming down my EVO with it but I think some guns might work out differenlt depending on the stock and scope height. Exceptional protection I just wear a baseball hat backwards to cover my forehead then slip the mask on and tigtening up the ratchet strap at the back. Much less of a fafe than goggles/lowermask/hat. A lot more comfortable than all the straps in my previous setup as well. No fogging on the day at all and I winded myself a few times sprinting more than I should. Wish I could wear a boonie with it tho but the baseball cap should shade my neck from sun.
  19. Yea I was there on the 30th of June. Was a fun site for it being outdoor more in common with The Depot than S8 that is for sure. I enjoyed the game modes a lot more as well as straight forward easy to follow especally as I was learning the site.
  20. I'd say 30 556 rounds would get a lot more "HITS" in a game of airsoft than 30 BBs to be fair but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. I wish fields but RPS limits just like FPS. Want to fire 40RPS? better be under 220FPS etc.
  21. he knows its there. It will be our little secret. ( I had the same question tho)
  22. Interesting perhaps some of the "recovery" based sports products would make the morning after less painful.
  23. Just not sure what the point of these things are. 150 BBs with little spread. It's just a shotgun of pain. Their own marketing below makes it sound like they designed it to hurt people intentionally. 100ft Range Get a 10 feet spread at 100 feet! Unrivaled range! Experience how dominant you can be when you put ballistics first! 150 BBs Hit 'em hard and hit em 150 times. The 40 Mike is easy to load and easy to fire, so you can put the maximum number of BBs downrange. Most Joules per Trigger Pull Fires 150 BBs in 1/3 of a second and hits with so much energy that we guarantee they'll call their hits!
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