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  1. Eagle 6 have them in stock, and Fire Support have the CQBR deal with 3 extra mags available. Had excellent service from both of then. MWS from FS and MP7 from E6.
  2. Blitz BBs are Zero One airsoft's own brand. I've since bought some Geoffs Precision and ASG Devil Blasters. Not tried them yet but I'll add BLS to the list 👍 I agree. Used their .25s and .28s for ages, and their .3s were perfect. Like you say, bad batches happen
  3. Very sensible. Some of the paint jobs just ruin otherwise cracking guns.
  4. Good points well made. I'm trying to resist the urge I always have to shift stuff because I know, as you say, in a couple of years it'll come back around. Partially why I picked up the MK18 rail but am keeping it in reserve. I always thought mounting an optic on the carry handle looked really awkward, but it's absolutely a case of functionality over fashion. Now they have that retro cool look. The BHD/Blood Diamond and Larry Vickers CAR-15 looks are massive. You planning on a paint job or mixing up attachments and tape to break it up?
  5. Loads of people do seem to be going back to that style of M4. It's crossed my mind to buy another MWS and give it the Gary Gordon makeover because they do look cool af. And do whatever flavour mayo you feel like pal. You're not going 100% period/screen accurate (dont blame you as the original trigger guard and grip is painful!) so you'll still have your own design...sort of. Looking forward to pictures
  6. What's the plan for the new set-up?
  7. I don't have a problem with patches in airsoft. As others have said, we're all playing dress up at the end of the day. Airsofters wearing impression kit are not the same as the wankers that buy berets and medals off eBay and pass themselves off as veterans at November ceremonies. Me and my mates all wore our issued MTP when we first started a couple of years ago because why pay for extra kit when we had free stuff? No rank slides though!
  8. It's almost finished...for now. Just looking to add a set of BUIS. Not sure whether to add the Magpul MBUS, King Arms MaTech 600 or go for the TM MK18. Open to any suggestions from the group. I'm not going for a specific build, just making something I like. That aside my CQBR has been fitted with: Magpul CTR stock and cheek riser Magpul MOE+ grip Magpul MOE trigger guard PTS Radian charging handle HAO Industries Geissele 9.3" SMR copy WADSN PEQ-15 and weapon light with dual pressure switch Angry Gun SOCOM 5.56 suppressor and flash hider Internally I'm keeping it completely stock, standfast the SixG brass nub. Pleased that I also have the G&P MK18 rail as another option too.
  9. As @SSPKalisaid, the TM M4 loader is the most consistently recommended. I still struggle a bit and adopt the shake and plunge technique when filling, but put it down to my mags being new.
  10. I have a Umarex Glock 17 and it doesn't sound like a skeleton blazing one off in a saucepan when I shake it. Send it back and try another.
  11. Had a decent day on Saturday, spent mostly range testing my MWS for the first time. Have to say I was really pleased. Gun is completely stock standfast the SixG brass nub. Consistently hitting the 60m target with .30s, which, for me is ideal. I did try some .36s but only managed 3-4 very sloppy shots before getting a stoppage every time. Any theories on why that may have happened? The BBs were Zero Blitzs.
  12. My HAO MK16 rail arrived recently to give me an option besides the MK18 rail on my MWS. To keep it company I've picked up a new PEQ15 and weapon light, some Blaster Devils and Geoffs SP .30s to see which I prefer, some MP7 mags and, because Ground Zero never chrono players and I don't want to be a dick with a hot gun, a chrono
  13. Can anyone share their opinion on the Angry Gun suppressor? Not interested in the version with the tracer installed and I'm impressed with the AG SOCOM I have on my MWS.
  14. Glad to hear you've rekindled your airsoft mojo. Amazing how scooting around, ducking and crouching can make you feel like you've had a heavy leg workout 😆 As others have pointed out a GBBR may not be the best option to begin with but they are amazing fun. Definitely worth keeping an AEG as a back up though as gas can be inconsistent. Enjoy your journey
  15. No worries. The quality from HAO is tremendous and it was simple to install. I got the Angry Gun SOCOM suppressor, which comes with a really nice flash hider too. Good bit of kit with a great finish and Surefire trades if you're bothered by that
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