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  1. Yeah, overall it feels like the upgrade has improved the internals a huge amount, plus it should now be transferable to other guns if I get a different 1911 in the future.
  2. Done! My friend has done it perfectly. I spoke to him after and said that other people might want engineered bits for their airsoft kit and he would appreciate some work. Wondering if there's a place on the forums to promote him?
  3. Thanks again. I'm guessing if we somehow guff it up I could potentially buy a KWC spring guide, but I shall remain positive. 💪
  4. Thanks, I checked the back of the spring guide this morning encase I'd missed the hole and it's solid. It would be cool to drill a hole rather than cut it off so I will ask a friend with a pillar drill and see how we go. Do you know if spring guide stoppers/ends are solid metal or hollow by chance?
  5. I have bought a maple leaf barrel and hop upgrade unit. Fitted it yesterday and test fired it, seems to work fine. The only thing that doesn't is the slide lock when a magazine is empty. I have thrown in a photo of the unit from a website and the unit as it currently is sitting in my gun. I am wondering if the highlighted bit might be causing it. I have no idea of its use and found when I reassembled that the slide spring and its stopper butted against it a lot tighter as this sticky out bit is not on the stock hop up unit. I am quite new to disassembly and upgrading, lockdown finally got me to pull my finger out with regards to knowing more about the gear I use.
  6. Excellent work! When I have the courage (and money) I shall ask the price of some I like.
  7. july, these are great items, are they for sale?
  8. LoneTactix

    p226 x5

    Hi, is the 340fps an accurate chronoed figure?
  9. Just had a very good experience getting a shotgun that was the best price online I could find. Customer service was quick and so was delivery. 5/5
  10. Airsoft is whatever you make of it... I love the game, outdoors or CQB and try and go about 4 to 6 times a year, but that's actually enough for me to have sustained a love for it over the last 12 years. As like most folks I'm a gun nut and always have been since spark guns, cap guns, spud guns, sucker dart shotguns - they all led onto the air rifles, gat guns, catapults and spring BB guns that eventually hit Britain's shooting shops. When airsoft gained ground over paintball as a better alternative (imo) it just hit the spot - realistic guns and the ability to shoot someone else with them with little harm. What's not to love? The dedication for me comes from the fun not the gun. Even as a true gun nut I just think the fun has been the driving force behind the hobby. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the types of people that play and the cultures that genuinely mix so well on sites. Buying stuff and being a consumer is all consuming at times in this world but i would genuinely state that we can't find joy in objects, it's what they represent and our purpose for them. Bit deep, but yeah - best game ever for me, whatever tool and gear I'm using.
  11. I know a lot of people here love Tokyo Marui and I had an old TM M4 I loved and tried some of their more recent guns, but I have to say they just seem a bit boring. The innovation for me would be seeing their own designs come out, variants yes, but also homebrew Japanese cyber kit, or cold war era adaptations... stuff that isn't the same old weapons. Just my take on "latest" releases.
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    In very good condition - minor marks from use (pictured). Solid shooter - has given me plenty of hits during play. Selling due to just buying a different shottie. It uses the standard 10x3 shells. Last chronoed in late 2019 at about 270+ fps. Item comes with original box, manual, 3 shells and sling. I will make a video of it shooting so if you want to see it working please ask via PM. Postage is £7 via Hermes tracked.


    Cheltenham - GB

  13. Ah, ok. Yes, when I sent messages and I received the same 4 messages from someone about a classified ad so they must have had it as well and retried a few times not knowing it sent first time.
  14. PMs not loading properly today for me. They send but they endlessly loop as you send them so they appear to not send even though they do.
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