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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling a very lightly used Deagle AEP. Includes box, charger, 2 batteries and 5 magazines (30 rounds). I also have a large camo leg holster that fits the Deagle for an extra £10. Used a few times at home, it shoots well on semi and full auto and is highly recommended on full auto. Could be a good sidearm for snipers or for winter use when gas isn't possible or practical. The package cost just over £100 new. Looking for £70 including PayPal and tracked postage.



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    FULLY WORKING PLEASE Message me, thanks.


  3. Proper character wasn't he. Sorry to hear he's gone.
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    New and unused, slightly too tight for me. Medium size - 57cm head circumference. Postage is included.


  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Bolle X810 tactical goggles with original box, carry case and instructions. This item is used, but is not damaged in any way and am selling due to a new helmet that doesn't work with these goggles. Lens is in very good condition, as is everything else. Postage is included.


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Used velcro patch, but in very good condition. 8cm wide Postage included


  7. That's very honest of you @ghostwalker but you are most definitely not alone with mental health issues. So many people have them now and I think it's a sign of the times, but it's less of a weakness and more of an inner challenge. If we change the internal monologue most people would find there is no problem at all. The good thing about airsoft is finding like-minded people to game with and a lot of randoms I met over the years told me all sorts of tales about their lives and some were seriously sad, but life affirming as well. Keep focusing on the things you want to
  8. LoneTactix

    Red dot sight

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Used red dot sight, works perfectly, missing back cap and has small amount of dark green paint on it from a previous paint job, but most is removed. 20mm mount, 12cm length, 7cm height, 4cm diameter lens. Tracked postage is included.


  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    This is an ex-services red dot sight with incredible build quality. It has a wide angle view that the camera just can't show, but the field of vision is excellent. It has 20mm rail mounts and dimensions are: 13.5cm length / 5cm diameter lens / 8.5cm mount distance. It takes one CR2032 battery and one will be included. Tracked postage included.


  10. I'm still perplexed why tennis doubles is now allowed and airsoft is still in question. On a previous post I saw a site saying their precautions would be: - no travelling with anyone outside your household to site - PPE masks to be worn outside of games - no safe zone, use your car - hand sanitizer to be used - keep your distance. I think these seem to cover making things as safe as possible to play. Only thing I see a problem is if people need to do a #2 and we can't use toilets 😟
  11. Yeah, I managed to fix it. Bit of a fiddle, but not too bad.
  12. Quick question: can you fix an M4 hicap pullcord if the cord end broke? The cord stop is fine and the cord has retracted back, but I'm guessing I can potentially get the cord out and tie a new knot on the stop. I am going to open the mag up right now and see how I go, but didn't want to waste an hour if its impossible.
  13. This is it, in a game that has no consciences - TKs ain't that bad. In 90% of airsoft game days I've attended: who won what game and if there was an overall winning team barely gets a mention. Fun ftw usually, so I apologise, take the hit myself and keep working on a better "response time"
  14. I don't think my reaction time can be questioned, but I'm not trying to claim anything by saying they are quick if that makes sense, only that I am probably too quick to shoot before identifying a target, but it's a weakness as I stated 🙃
  15. I did see the game had been cancelled, which is a shame in a way, but maybe for the best until we know we've generally got the infection levels right down across the UK. The rules they stated seem pretty good if airsoft is to return anytime soon, but if tennis is allowing doubles to be played which is a pretty closely played game then airsoft is surely much safer especially when comparing our playing field space with a tennis court...
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