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  1. Great news, the membership I’m on (Ground Zero) IS UKA’R’A not ‘S’. Luckily I was just being an idiot and looking at the wrong scheme info online 😂 Anyone would think I was new to this 😂
  2. Good to know they’re very competent and keeping us safe, and not just collecting our taxes and holding us up at airports.
  3. Nice one. Will request that limit as want full auto AEGs.
  4. Probably already answered this question, but When ordering from these guys, do you just need the UKASA number and your personal details etc and it gets through customs ok? Just planning to make a first order from them and don’t want HMRC burning my kit. My postcode works fine by the way, but did have to put it all in caps!
  5. Great. Thanks for the info guys. I’ve found the Airsoft community is like Twitter, but not arse holes and actually helpful LOL. I’m a little wary of taking on a project gun as I’m not the most clued up, but I really like the look of those CYMAs. I should get my membership number next weekend so will look to purchase then. Where’s a good place to buy batteries from? Are ones on Amazon legit?
  6. I’m a newbie looking to buy my first AEG gun. It HAS to be an MP5 as I just love that gun (looked at other options but every time I look, I just end up back at MP5s). I’m sure it’s been asked before but I couldn’t find a thread. Can someone recommend a decent beginner MP5 for under £200? I have no idea about brands so any opinions would be appreciated.
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