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  1. Quick update. So turns out there were a couple of bbs stuck inside the hop but it took a lot of fiddling to get them out as I’d already tried clearing the barrels. One of the bbs that came out was quite chewed up, so I don’t know what caused that! Then on the next fire test (only loaded 3 bbs in the mag) same thing happened, so pretty sure it’s a dud gun. Contacting Bullseye to get it resolved.
  2. Cheers. I’ll give it a good few solid racks and if no joy try send it back.
  3. I’ve just bought a CYMA CM.350 (spring pump action) from Bullseye County Sports. I’ve only run 2 shell mags through and it’s stopped working?!? (Using ASG bbs) Pumps gone loose so won’t rack forwards and no trigger pull. Would cold weather affect a spring shottie or have I just got a dud? I need to get on to Bullseye and get replaced?
  4. I shot a real steel one in the Czech Republic and fell in love. (It was the cadet version so in .22 I think, but so much fun)
  5. The walnut Turkish furniture I ordered arrived… the Mrs was disappointed but I wasn’t. Just need to decide which lovely Czech lady gets it?
  6. I’ve got the ASG CZ75 and Shadow and both perform well. I only have green gas mags but understand that the co2 are much better, but Sunday just gone I was able to use them to decent effect (but one mag died before last 6 or so bbs fired. The 75 feels amazing and looks great but the paint is pretty shit so I’ve sanded mine on corners etc for an “ex service” look. It does have “ASG 6mm bb” on one side which is irritating and I’ve gin over with a black marker. I also swapped the grips from my shadow to the 75 (really nice black rubber on the shadow and they look even better on the 75) the ones on the 75 are historically accurate but the plastic 70/80s style ones, which I’m not so keen on.
  7. My first guns. ASG CZ Shadow 1 and 75 (I like the grips swapped round for some reason) CYMA MP5 A5 (can’t remember what CYMA call it) Torch lit for “dramatic” effect and because my flash is shit.
  8. Amazing. Obviously this is a thing of beauty. Only tiny thing I think you could add are the black rubber grips from the cz shadow or pearl grips 🙌
  9. Late to the party. But WE seem to be the only ones who do a Browning HP, and I find just looking at that gun online before bed guarantees me sweet dreams. Does anyone have the HP? and is it shit? Or could it pass as ok? (I know it’s not going to be TM level, but ok would be enough for me as the browning design is the main thing)
  10. As promised my replacement cocking lever arrived free of charge. Great service and helpful when I had an issue.
  11. Hi, has anybody got an MP5 with one of these CYMA hand guards attached? I want to know what size Lipo battery fits best in the rather small compartment? Looking at Turnigys. Mine has a retractable stock (which I want to keep) so the stock is out of the question. Thanks
  12. My package arrived on Friday. Very well packed and the tracking service meant I could watch the journey across Poland and Germany with great excitement. My only issue was that the cocking handle on my MP5 had snapped in 2 places while in the box! (I know these handles are meant to be temperamental, but I at least wanted the opportunity to break it myself with a good slap!) I contacted them and they are sending me a new handle, no fuss, which I was happy with. Everything else in the package was spot on and prices seemed as good as you could get.
  13. Love this collection. Proper guns with style, no mods needed. Solid 70s, 80s and 90s action movie look.
  14. Great news, the membership I’m on (Ground Zero) IS UKA’R’A not ‘S’. Luckily I was just being an idiot and looking at the wrong scheme info online 😂 Anyone would think I was new to this 😂
  15. Good to know they’re very competent and keeping us safe, and not just collecting our taxes and holding us up at airports.
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