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  1. Precisely. I was issued the A2 and, despite all HK did to it, the thing was still unreliable (although not as bad as the A1) and there is no sign of it getting replaced any time soon.
  2. He's the UK tester for TM products and obviously a Glock expert, how could you possibly criticise? 😅
  3. SCAR wins out of these 2 by a country mile--the L85 gives me Forest Whitaker eye. Fixed it for you
  4. To be fair, I've never had an issue with Brownells in the UK, even ordering 1911 magazines for Re-enactment. The fact police are doing that is a touch 1984 though...
  5. For those who use real steel parts on their airsoft guns: Where are you sourcing them from? I know Brownells UK are the go to, but I think their prices are extortionate to say the least. The sight set I'm looking at is a full £80 more expensive on there 😡 plus on 'backorder' Tried the usual suspects in the US: Midway, Cheaper than Dirt, Daniel Defense themselves but no UK shipping. Even tried Canadian stores but again, no international shipments. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  6. More Blue Force Gear sling attachments 👌 SEAL Team Multicam Baseball cap 😎
  7. It's been a while since I looked at current gun law, but I'm pretty sure it would be classed as an air rifle and therefore come under firearms law.
  8. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale: WE SCAR L GBB Rifle Externally the rifle is in very good condition, there is some wear to the rails, which is to be expected. The gas regulator tool is new, as it was missing when I acquired it. The action cycles fine. I will be upfront (unlike the previous seller) about the two issues with this rifle: It will need new bucking rubber as it is worn. This is an easy fix for someone who has the time. This is causing an unreliable firing issue. The stock can only be used in position 1 or 6 (photographed). Obviously the price has been adjusted accordingly. £125 excluding postage and fees.


  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    As title, after a working PEQ15 with pressure switch


  10. Had the same thing when I came to sell on my first RIF. In the end, just asked the buyer for their UKARA number. UKARA isn't the only defence which muddies the water further. I used to do Re-enactment and private sellers either didn't challenge me or completey refused to sell because I didn't have a UKARA number (at the time).
  11. I second this motion, can supply fuel
  12. You're a bit restricted by the range you're using it at. 12 meters is way too short for a long gun, and way, way too short for a 3-9x40 optic. (on my centrefire rifles, I use a similar power optic out to about 250 yards) Are you planning to skirmish, or is this just for back yard plinking?
  13. 2 things to consider. Your vision will be limited and even with the filter out, you'll still find it hard to breathe after tabbing around woodland with gear and a rifle. It would provide protection, yeah, but you'll sweat like crazy.
  14. The name and the logo scream 'the owner of this business is a complete walt' It always makes me chuckle when businesses do the whole 'Regiment' theme. Love the site too, really modern 👌
  15. Macv276

    We Scar L

    Thanks, I'll pull it to bits today and take a look. I'm starting to see a theme with WE guns 😅 and it's not a good one
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