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  1. 416. I don't enjoy carrying a heavy, long Rifle about. Plus, as you have stated, the 416 takes standard M4/M16 magazines. Also because Seal Team.
  2. Time Left: 2 days and 26 minutes

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    Looking for a GBB MP5 (ideally WE Apache) Can travel, cash or paypal waiting


  3. What happened to Used Airsoft? One moment it was there, the next it vanished. I understand the guy ran it for free and basically made no money off it, but it was a good site
  4. Yup, and for this reason I want out. In my shooting career, I've seen everything from the handgun ban to absurd restrictions on deactivated firearms. I'm currently in the Czech Republic and the attitude here is completely different!
  5. Looks like their rules were modified today. Cut and pasted from their website: "10. No guns (of any kind, including air guns), shooting services including pest control, or any weaponry accessories"
  6. This will go well with bottle of vodka and Ushanka. Add AKM for added authenticity
  7. Matches your tracksuit for 100% Gopnik outfit. Cyka Blyat 🇷🇺
  8. I'm after a full metal, Gas Blowback, compact/sub compact 1911. I like the look of the silver Army Armament R45 (Because Don Johnson in Miami Vice) 🤷‍♂️ I've heard mixed reviews about the R45 which puts me off. Basically after something about the size of the Detonics, or a Colt Defender. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Umarex HK45 CT FPS: ~300 Hop up: adjustable Mag Capacity: 21 Rounds Plastic/Metal/Both: Metal Slide, barrel and magazine, polymer frame My opinion and overall comments: I purchased this to replace my (aging) WE P226. I'm not a huge fan of HK designs, but as the real steel version was designed in collaboration with Larry Vickers and Ken Hackathorn, I had to give it a go. The pistol is delivered in a nice, HK branded box, which is a great touch. Inside, I found the gun, one magazine, a spare backstrap and a small 'key' to adjust Hop Up. The HK45CT feels nice and sturdy in the hand, with no play in the slide. I found it to be quite light, but I am used to 1911's so that is to be expected. The finish on the slide is nice and neat, with the HK slide markings clean and well presented. Disassembly of the HK45CT is identical to the real steel version, and much like any other modern pistol. I found, however, the removal of the recoil spring and guide rod to be quite difficult, as this is linked to the hop-up wheel (see photo below) I loaded the magazine up and took the gun down range. The mag gasses up like any other GBB pistol, and BBs are dropped in from the top of the magazine. I found the catch on the magazine follower quite small and difficult to pull down while wearing gloves. After shooting 2 magazines, I noticed the HK45 was shooting low- almost an inch low at 10 yards. I adjusted the hop up (as per the manual) almost all the way up and found this rectified the issue. I also shot another 2 magazines with the pistol suppressed. Once the hop up was adjusted, the sights were bang on and I was easily hitting the X ring at 10 yards with no issues at all. Some thoughts: Pros: -HK stamps on the pistol are a nice plus -16mm extended barrel for suppressors -Feels well made with no wobbles or loose parts -Safety Catch snaps into place firmly Cons: -Low sights were useless once the pistol was supressed -Disassembly was tricky, especially with the recoil spring and guide rod -Hop up adjustment needs to be done with the slide forward and the muzzle facing you Overall, it's a nice pistol and one to add to the collection if you are a HK fan. Personally, I found the trigger placement to be quite far forward (Like a USP) and the gun felt a little too light in my hand. However, you could do a lot worse than getting one of these, especially if you are a USP fan. Has it replaced my 226? Not today. Overall rating: 8/10
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Bought this but unfortunately it's not for me, so it's up for sale and the search for a new sidearm continues Boxed, with manual, spare backstrap and Supressor. £65 or may trade for an interesting RIF £10 postage



  11. Macv276

    JG G36c

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale or swap
    • Used

    Used JG G36c, w/holographic sight and 7 magazines. Usual wear and tear as to be expected on a used RIF. I've photographed all issues on the Rifle. Basically an ideal first airsoft gun, only selling as I bought a GBB M4 yesterday and need the room. I'll consider trades, especially GBB pistols. Will either be sent via Parcelforce 48 at a cost of £15 or I can deliver to reasonable distance to Northampton/London The case isn't included



  12. Finally done. I'll lube it up tomorrow and run it down range. Not an easy build, but definitely worth it
  13. If you need any help, shout. 1911s are fairly straightforward to assemble but there are a couple of things you can get hung up on
  14. Please tell me you've removed the magazine before field stripping 😮 1, is the barrel bushing fitted? Bushings are the last thing that goes back in a 1911 during reassembly and can cause reassembly issues. 2, does the slide come to a complete stop in the position shown? It could be (as suggested above) your recoil spring and plug are misaligned. Some 1911 patterns rely on a precarious balancing act in this part of reassembly, which can be tricky. 3, check your nozzle isn't stuck in the forward position. I had a M45a1 that did this every time I field stripped it. If this is happening, this doesn't sound good. I have numerous 1911s and none of them have this issue. Hopefully this helps, if not I'd suggest taking the gun back to the store or searching out a decent tech.
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