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  1. Welcome! For sites near Glasgow, The Depot is my first choice. Fantastic and well run place to play CQB. Most lower mesh face masks work well, so long as they are the "two strap" kind rather than the ones that only have one strap for over your head. If you are getting a helmet, then you can also get them to clip onto the sides of it, rather than over your head.
  2. I got G&G green bb's once. They were possibly the hardest bb's to see when playing outside 😂 A number of decent manufactures do pink ones I believe...
  3. No problem @Sitting Duck, just glad you are doing ok. Family definitely comes first, and everyone does stupid things every so often. Well done for taking the time to fix things rather than give up. Take care!
  4. As above, hop rubber and nub are good to try first. Could possibly be the hop working itself "off"? So the arm/wheels are too loose.
  5. The only barrel I've had to replace has been on my most expensive AEG (the Aps/Evike Falkor Defence Recce) The cheap barrel in the wasp has been spot on, same as the nicer looking one in the viper so far. I can't really fault G&G's at all. Out the box both of mine have performed fantasticly. With a flat hop they rival most stock/badly tuned snipers. The only problem I've had with my G&G in nearly 2 years is the small spring that moves the trigger contacts back snapped. So it got stuck on continuous full auto or safe.
  6. For the hops, it's surprising in that they both perform pretty much the same as far as I can tell. One just looks better. For an extra £100 or so, I can't help but wonder if all the extras are simply looks, rather than bits that give better real world performance. On paper yes, the more expensive one should perform better. But in reality, I don't see a difference.
  7. Yup, but when £14 quid of hop rubber looks pretty much the same as £3 hop rubber. Airsoft prices can be meaningless 😋
  8. So I was putting a flat hop in my new G&G TR16 when I notice just how different the internals are compared to my Wasp (G&G GR16)! On top is the wasp - retails around £130 Bottom is the TR16, retails around £250. Anyone else seen such obvious quality improvement in two guns that are essentially the same, but one is more expensive?
  9. Welcome ! @ToGGoT and possibly @Smooth_Operator might be able to recommend shops local to you. I'd recommend renting for the first few games to get an idea of what you like. Ask people at games about rifs you like the look of. Most love talking about theirs 😆
  10. They were used as markers for completing an objective. Stupidly bright and last a reasonable amount of time 😅
  11. I find purple, blue and black smoke make for good pictures. These flare things we used last month were awesome though! 😍 (Not me in picture, I took it)
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking. Unless someone looses an eye, I can't really see someone promoting airsoft as a bad thing.

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    So I have now broken two lenses on my glasses! I'm looking for replacement lenses ( Sunglasses and clear). I have the small sized frame so looking for small sizes lenses (SH). You can tell what lens you have by using the following guide I may be interesting in another whole set, depending on price, but must be size small.


  14. That intruder sounds interesting! I'd love a newer shape Africa twin. But I look like a child when I sit on it... Feet dangling about 4" from the floor 🤣
  15. Boo 😢 What did you used to ride?
  16. I have one of the ones from decathlon (cannot remember which, one if long and thing the other is shorter and slightly wider) It is pretty robust, I use it for taking my aegs to skirmishes. Can fit the recce and the wasp (without it's tube "stock" ) in it no bother. None would fit with a scope attached however. For the money I can't really fault the case.
  17. Pretty much @Game Cam! Totally need to get my leather working gear out again and make a holster for it.
  18. Technically @Smooth_Operator bought it, managed to source what seems to be the only one for sale in Europe just now for my birthday 🥰😍 I can't wait till Sunday to play with it now! A&K Winchester 1873 Mare's leg
  19. As has been touched on by others, you can dress up as a police officer all you want. The crime comes if you actually try and act like a police officer while dressed as one (so fooling people into thinking you have authority). I've bought a lot of stuff from this seller on ebay - https://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=bluehat21&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2545226.m2531.l4585 They seem to stock a whole range of police things!
  20. There are three genders/sexes. Male, female and hermaphrodite(or intersex). Transgender is not itself a gender, it simply means you have changed gender from what you were born as. (Or are in the process of changing) As for bring gay into it, well that's sexual preference rather than gender. Hopefully I don't need to explain the difference between those two terms... You get self-righteous folk in all walks of life. Not all people who do not conform to gender/preferance norms demand special treatment or sing from the rooftops about it. Just like how not all males love football or all little girls play with Barbie dolls. Just like how if someone spends 20k on Airsoft gear doesn't concern you. Unless that 20k impacts you directly (such as it was ment to pay the rent) then so what. It's their money and they are not doing anyone harm. Let them live how they want too.
  21. We need a rolling eyes "like" button for this 😛 I'm of the more curvy form and end up playing in walking trousers (can't beat crag hoppers for wear vs value). I don't like weight/pressure on my chest so I run a belt with various pouches. Or in the winter I have been simply wearing my lovely warm and waterproof green army jacket (am sure @Smooth_Operator will say exactly what it is) and keeping everything in the massive pockets on it
  22. Arwen

    Plz Help

    The G&G ARP9 has the same inner barrel length as my G&G Wasp ( If i remember correctly) and out of the box mine was shooting 40-50m with .25's. I added a flat hop nub and rubber and it shoots a good 60m now with .25's. The short G&G's are absolutely fine for outdoors as stock.
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