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  1. Arwen

    Ordering RIF

    Ups will leave them at their drop off points for you to sign for. Local corner shops and such.
  2. Arwen

    Death with RIF’s

    You only need a defence to buy rifs. Not to own them. To sell them she would need to check the buyer defence. You need a defence to carry them around. But not to keep in your home.
  3. Arwen

    Do cameras help prevent cheats???

    I've came across a fair few non hit takers, where you can see the bb's bouncing off their chests/heads/whatever and nothing happens about it. I now simply move to another playing area. I cannot be arsed to get wound up and annoyed by non-hit takers any more. I had a camera on my aeg for a while, you need to be very close to actually see the bb hit, or change the lens on the camera so it acts as a scope cam. Personally encouraging fair play and penalising repeat offenders is my preference, rather than constant filming of each other. I have also been accused of non-hit taking. Which was reported to the marshals who got the complainers (there was a few of them) to try and hit me while they watched through a scope. The complainers bb's were falling a good 15ft consistently in front of me. Marshals enlightened them to this news, that although I could reach them, that doesn't automatically mean they can reach me.
  4. Arwen

    Mesh googles/glasses

    No ratings as far as I am aware. Personally, if I had to buy mesh to protect my eyes. It would be the hero sharks. They are much better made and I've never heard anyone complain about them. Face masks though, so long as they have two straps and are comfortable I will wear them. Most of mine now have dents and rust from multiple BB hits. I've not seen a pair of hero sharks with rust.
  5. Arwen

    Mesh googles/glasses

    Yea last game day I suspect it was someone who maybe bought a bulk load of the dodgy batch... 🙄
  6. Arwen

    Oldie, but new here

    Welcome 😁 Now go buy all the things!
  7. Arwen

    Mesh googles/glasses

    I agree with this. For a while blasters were banned at my local site due to a bad batch of them. But now the cold weather coming back I've noticed more bb's shattering when hitting my face mash. I only every wear glasses or goggles to protect my eyes, however a mouth full of shattered bbs is still horrible.
  8. Arwen

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I usually only buy the .25 G&G bbs, but I've never had an issue with them. The only time I get misfeed with them, is actually a mag problem.
  9. Arwen

    New To Airsoft

    Welcome to the forum! Yes, most airsoft sites are a laugh and a giggle. I thought it would be too serious for me at first, glad to say I was proven wrong ! Sites I commonly buy from: Landwarrior.com zerooneairsoft.com fire-support.co.uk and good old ebay! There are many more, along with recommendations in the "Where to buy " section on the forum. Best makes of guns depends on what you are looking for and your budget. If you are looking for a great AEG and have no max budget then you can't really go wrong with a TM recoil and a couple of select mods (main convert to lipo batteries.) If you have a small budget, G&G's are fantastic, I've just bought my second from them.
  10. Arwen

    Your photos are blurry ! Seriously ?

    Oh yes, blurry photos do my head in as well! If folk can't be bothered to even take a decent photo of the ting they want to sell, how long is it going to take them to post it after they have the money I wonder....
  11. On my revision bullet ant goggles I removed both top and bottom foam. This along with Abby anti fog spray stopped 90% of my fogging/condensation problems.
  12. Arwen

    Airsoft site List

    Think this is the most up to date one... http://www.airsoftmap.net/skirmish/
  13. Arwen


    Oh I do love a firehawk! Definitely get one if you like the style. Although it is short, all the ones I have seen shoot at range no problem. You may need earplugs after a while though Looked like this?
  14. Arwen

    Newbie gun advice

    You can't go wrong with a g&g at that price point in my view.
  15. Glad you enjoyed it! I keep meaning to look into going to the fortress, it means pistols only for me however, as none of my aegs shoot sub 330fps 😅 Gloves are a definite must for me, hand shots are owie. Indoors I also usually put my hood up. After seeing someone get a BB shot right into their ear it now gives me the heebie-jeebies 😆
  16. Arwen

    Hello from the US!

    Hello and welcome!
  17. Arwen

    Low Cap Only Games

    I'm not a fan of most limited ammo games. However I also dislike the mass spray play style of some. I would like to use midcaps, but after spending a fair amount and struggling to get ones that consistently feed well in both my aegs I gave up. For the past few months now I run with one ~400 round flash mag, a couple of pistol mags and a full speed loader. That now lasts me 2-4 normal "quick" games or a much longer afternoon game.
  18. Ages and ages ago… maybe around march last year? Only figured out as someone had tagged you, or you commented, on one of the depots game day pictures. Think we were taking about g36's 😅
  19. I'm curious to see the ratio too. Unfortunately too far for me to travel!
  20. I actually think @Smooth_Operator and I have spoken to @Rogerborg at the Depot, but none of us knew it at the time
  21. Lol oh no! I'm not sure if I want to see those videos 😂
  22. Pretty much, Sunday 20th is next game day at VSA, if you need a hire send them a message via Facebook. Depending on if I get my AEG's fixed I will be the one with the camera (Pictures from last Sunday if you want a wee look) Otherwise, I normally wear a mix of gray and tan and have blueish coloured hair. And normally near the guy with all the american camo in the safe zone! FWG has been around longer than VSA, so you probably heard of it first 😉 Evolution Airsoft is another local site, we occasionally play there too, but the hill kills me
  23. @Smooth_Operator and I are Dundee, however we don't play at FWG due to the bio-only rule. We normally play at Viper Strike (just north of Dundee). It's a very welcoming site, if you visit and see either of us , pop over and say hi and we'll show you around 🙂