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  1. I would say that was a life hack, you got things working so you could play on 👍
  2. I see so warranty is a bad word 🤑 Ok that aside I have run into the whole trying to wedge a battery into a stock, it is a pain nothing seems to fit 😂 But I will take a look at the smaller 7.4s
  3. I was reading through this thread as I have a GC16 Predator on the way and I wasn't able to see some of the batteries. Can someone let me know what the best power to use is, as I read that G&G say you can use a 11.1 1300mAh 15c but no higher or it voids your warranty. However I was keen to see what you folks are suggesting, as I dont want to kill my Predator through using an OP battery.
  4. It's where the goggles have these two indents, which see solid plastic and they dig into my forehead. There isn't much you can do with it, as its how they were designed.
  5. My EVS mask is sweet as Lozart, it's the spider goggles and my stupid head lol
  6. If we are talking about the EVS I find it amazingly comfortable, buy I can't get that close up weld with the stock when wearing a mask. If it's the Wolf Spiders it's not the nose, it's where the top of the Goggles sit thats the issue and its pulled against two points on my head and its just not comfortable at all When it comes to fogging up I resolved this with rainX anti mist, but the main reason I wanted to go for separate Goggles and face protection was so I could get shot of the overhang of a mask. I know the mask gives me full protection, but I was hoping the Onetigris would be up to the job of that
  7. Possibly haha and fully aware you have to try things out, hence why it took me 4 attempts of buying paintball masks before I ended up with my EVS. So the aim of the post is more to get some feedback, which then gives me options to look at chances are I may have already come across a few but when you see the same names over and over again you wonder if that is it or whether there is more to life if you know what I mean 😁 Chances are I will, but wanted to try something that allows me to get closer to the stock than a mask allows me to. So the EVS is my default, but as Airsoft is a new adventure I was hoping I might be able to try a new load out
  8. So I have been looking through some old threads trying to find any old posts on goggles or masks, but just can't find anything so I'm going to just ask what people are using and think are good. I play Magfed and use an Empire EVS mask, which tbh knocks the spots off of the Dye mask and is specially designed for people like me with a fat head 😂 As I'm making the move over to play Airsoft I was toying with the idea of using a OneTigris Foldable Half Face with a set of Revision Wolf Spider Ballistic Goggles, I got the the goggles the other day and the lenses are so thick that it pulls the mask into my head so much that its its not comfortable and is therefore no use to me. So before I run out and buy something else, which maybe just as bad or worse I'm hoping some of you on here will help me out and offer some suggestions for me to look into.
  9. No that actually makes sense, we see it with paintball just because you have the same thing doesn't mean it will work in the same way. Internals can be different so impact how things work, then if your 68cal ball has any imperfection that can send your round to the back of beyond. Then you have your barrels and your air source, all impact what you are trying to do. Which is normal hit what you are shooting at and hope you can hit and move on without being seen and hit by someone else 😂
  10. We play Magfed paintball and are trying airsoft purly because they have moved all the milsim events up north. So as there are loads of airsoft events near us we figured we should give it ago. For paintball we both use a T15 and his looks similar to the Saliant arms. His ideally looking for a DMR style, but without the punch of a DMR purely because we tend to end up in the thick of it and he doesn't want to running that higher velocity due to that. Make wise his open to ideas, I have a Krytac and he likes that but it's too short for him. TM is a make he likes and his also looked at some WE scars, he has a limited edition Maxtact SCAR and that's another reason why he has been looking at these. We are gonna go AEG with out RIFs purely because we tinker and play with them more, whereas anything running in air means you run out of air before you finish tinkering 😂
  11. It was more that he liked the looks of these, his looking for a good platform to start with and work from there and was thinking that the EMG SAI looked good due to the upgrades. If you have any suggestions he would be all ears, he likes SCARS as well and is open to anything that uses M4 mags as I have a MK2 Trident PDW
  12. Hi all I'm after some advice for a friend on a couple of RIFs that they have seen, but I can't find any real feed back on one of them as to whether it's good, bad or anything in between. The one we would really like some advice on is the VFC Avalon Gladius DFC, that land warrior is selling. http://www.landwarriorairsoft.com/airsoft-rifles-c38/electric-rifles-c45/vfc-avalon-gladius-dx-urban-gray-second-hand-p9667 What we can't find out is are they any good or should they be avoided like the plague. Another one his interested in is the EMG Saliant Arms, we have found a lot of info on this one and he likes both but his not sure which way to jump and is looking for some advice please. https://airsoftimports.co.uk/collections/aeg/products/emg-salient-arms-licensed-gry-ar15-m4-cqb-aeg-with-pdw-stock-gray-refurbished
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