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  1. I was looking at this one, cheers for the info
  2. I'm want to change my standard Baofeng UV-5R antenna and was wondering if there are any brands that stick out for being better than others, or at least brands I should avoid. If possible I would like to shorten what I have, as its a tad long and limits the places I can place my walking talkie
  3. @Asomodai I know you said the ICS L85 was worth buying, but a G&G L85 AFV has come up and I was wondering if they are any good?
  4. Its funny you should say about 'upgraded' not only because a TM P90 come up for sale this morning and uses that word, but even though I have only just moved over from paintball to airsoft this year I have a tendency to steer clear of anything that is upgraded and or uses the phrase 'it's an easy fix'. Yes it's cheap but if it's so easy then fix it, then sell it is what I say lol Another thing I have picked up on is a good chunk of airsofters don't want to post things and also don't use PayPal that much, where as paintballers will gift each other funds via PayPal and will post anywhere in the UK. Personally I think the gifting of cash is due to the 14bps of 68cal paint to the head and trust me chaps that really hurts lol, but the posting as long as you are using tried and tested services I'm not sure why there is such a reluctance to do it. Ok back on track now though I also agree with you about the Evo as I personally can't see why people love them so much, but then again I know a lot of people who look at the Bullpups range and go ewww what the feck was you thinking. Whereas we go, now that is XXX rated right there 😂
  5. I will be honest I didn't mention it as I really don't like the look of it, yep it's that simple 😂 I will keep my fingers crossed that you get your money sorted soon though, as there is nothing worse than paying for something and no one knowing where it is I think at the moment the TM P90 is standing out above most of the options, but I think that's because everyone says the same thing in that TM makes good gear.
  6. Has anyone had ago of the Ares SOC SLR, I know the sniper got a bif thumbs up from Redwolf and I like anything that uses an M4 mag and has single, bust and full auto fire mods
  7. Thats like a P90 hybrid, the forgrip reminds me of the Hera one I had and is that a normal M4 mag in that?
  8. I don't think I've seen one up for sale if I'm honest, but I've seen pic and there are a good few variations you can get by the looks of things. An shame about the mags @DrAlexanderTabacco as I have a fair few of them I have a prome purple, which was going to go into my Predator but as. I'm selling it I won't be doing that. My only concern with replacing the hop rubber is that it increases my fps, I'm already borderline with it being stock using .25s so if I change the hop rubber and barrel I have a feeling I will be over the site fps limits. With regards to the Bullpup I think so far we can safely rule out the Tar21, however it's now being replaced with the AUG which is something I've always wanted even when playing Magfed paintball. The nearest I for though was the TGR Bullpup, but I sent it back as it weighed a tone and felt pound land cheap 😂
  9. I'm with you there I prefer short barrels, but then again I prefer shorter RIFs and I think its why I keep coming back to Bullpups. @Asomodai, @DrAlexanderTobac do you happen to have any pics of your AUG, as if I'm honest I have kinda written these off...may due to not knowing enough about them, like can you use standard M4 mags?
  10. Why would that be? It gives you a chances to go toe to toe with any LMG out there and you should be able to out move them as a P90 weighs nothing, I speak from experience as my Krytac LMG weighs the same amount as a baby elephant and isn't worth the grief of carrying around 🤣
  11. Thanks for all that information guys really helpful, I had read that the Tar21s could be hit and miss with the build quality and even though I like the look of them I think I will avoid. With regards to the barrel length I really wouldn't want to go longer at all, I like playing with shorter CQB builds, but my current Krytac PDW with its 155mm barrel just seems to be lacking when we are playing outside and you have more range. Hence why I was like well the FN2000 seems like a good bet, as I have a Predator which I like due to the G&G build (a mate is buying this now and it lacks character so happy to let him have it) and it has either a 403mm or 430mm barrel (I'm seeing conflicts on details on sites that sell them from new and they either say its a 405mm or 430mm internal barrel) and these as new have the newer etu mosfet setup that is installed in my Predator. If I go P90 I was thinking of getting a TM, as I have been told they are still up there as one of the best makers of RIFs and I would fit or buy it fitted with the high cap mag upgrade so I can use the M4 mag to feed it. The P90 does seem to be a fairly good option over the FN2000 as I can get a 275mm TNT internal barrel (by the way TNT barrels are really good and do exactly what Redwolf said they would) and I do like the high rise for the sight location. I'm not really sure about getting an L85 though and with the rail mounting being what it is and so it makes it a bit of a you buy it as is and make do and thats not really what I want, as I like to be able see something and go I will have that as I can fit it on my RIF. AUG were an option I was thinking about and a friend has a TM version, however I was told it only has safe and auto fire, which was another reason why i dont want to go for high cycle as I like to be able to bounce between auto and single shot as and when I want to. I picked up on the trigger pull issues you get with bullpups, would having something like a Gate fitted not resolve this?
  12. I've been looking at buying a Bullpup for a while now and have it narrowed down to one of three and was hoping that I could get some advice from people that have them as to the good and bad points, or whether its like owning any RIF in that they are all built to last as well as you treat them. So the three I'm considering are; G&G FN2000 Tavor 21 (Tar21) P90 I'm not sure as to the make to get on the Tar21 or P90, but the main reason I'm looking at a Bullpup is the fact you have a huge barrel stuffed into a body shell. In fact whilst the FN2000 has an inner barrel that is over 400mm its still in total length shorter than the G&G Predator, which when you think about it is actually pretty good design concept. So there you have it and now it's over to you folks to tell me what I'm getting into by going Bullpup and if there are any other options you want to give me the heads up on please let me know.
  13. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I'm selling my Krytac Enhanced LMG, it has a PTS grip fitted and is wired to deans.Other than this the LMG is stock and has a great rate of fire and is accurate as is.The LMG will come in its original box and with an 11.1v nanotech battery.I'm happy to post (postage is an extra £15 and will be sent via Parcel Force 48) or you can collect from my home address (Haverhill Suffolk).Trades could be a possibility, but your RIF needs to have a similar value to mine or cash being offered to make up the difference.If you have any questions or you are interested feel free to message me.


    Haverhill, Suffolk

  14. One of the sets I've seen has a set of these.
  15. Cheers for those, I will take a look at them
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