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  1. A little update..... I didnt get round to buying anything from the above thread. I had one of these kicking around, Viper mag rig So i got bored one night and found out that with a bit of slack the 7.62's would fit. But I hated all the bungee cord and the extra pistol pouches too so I got busy and chopped the mag pouches off, restrung the main pouches and voila! It now looks like this Sits nice an flush to my chest and also doesnt hardly affect the gun when slung in fromt of me. Anotjher view Anoth
  2. Any month should be fine, again sat would work better due to distance and work during the week. Assume its dark in the evenings? Any torch recommendations?
  3. Still a work in progress, but basically a all black/multi-cam loadout for the 7.62 rifle Old fishing hat boonie - looking for a good black one to replace it Revision Sawflys, slightly too big for me but not as big as my other pair... who knew there are different sized frames?? Viper Vx chest plate carrier, nice but i get so hot wearing it Emerson Blue label long sleeve UBACS and trousers to match TMC shooter belt Warrior Uni Holster - 1911 Hi-cap not in shot Mechanix Impact gloves Force Wear British Army Tee-shirt Shit boots of Amazon
  4. Saw this on Taiwan gun and thought sod it i'll buy it to cheer myself up after breaking up with the gf...again!
  5. I'm keen to buy a new pew so hook me up with any news/deals please 🙏
  6. @Smiling-Dutchman Keep an eye out for this one if it gets put up for sale... 😎
  7. Another sling, maybe this will be the one that works for me?
  8. Barny


    I've a PDW thats been faultless and a great performer too 😎
  9. No no wrong idea, my nuggets were certainly not golden 🤣
  10. I had the poops 💩 the other week... assumed it was the sh1t food I had the night before 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Glad your on the mend, take care and look after yourself ❤
  11. Ukara/Defence is basically a valid reason to purchase a gun. Sorry to hear of your theft and ongoing problems, but welcome to the forum. the classifieds in here is a really good place to start looking for kit too
  12. I've entered a handful of times and sadly not been lucky. The final straw was when i didn't win the Krytac Kriss Vector, I got the hump, had a hissy fit and un-liked the page* *Will no doubt re-like the page and stop being a tart very soon ☺☺
  13. I'll third it! Although ive only just bought it so no long term experience but loving it so far
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