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  1. I have the same problem and I'm left handed too but can shoot the pistol right handed. I have a paddle with an Ebog-Design 3d printed holster that allows the pistol to be drawn outwards not upwards. Feels odd to begin with but after a while it becomes more natural. Fits my 1911's fine and maybe worth a chat to see if they can do a custom one for you? https://ebog-designs.co.uk/collections/holsters
  2. Have you seen these? I recently bought one and with a bit of fiddling and a viper 308 insert i can run 4x high cap .308 mags in it. Tbh it feels a bit cheap to me, certainly don't think its £60+ worth but it does feel very lightweight and comfortable too. I've not fielded it yet so no practical use. But house clearing practise it work very well. And like you I've got fed up of my PC!
  3. Ive got the uv5r, never had any use for it as I've no friends 😥
  4. I cant recommend these things enough... they are simply the single best thing you can buy for overall training and conditioning. KETTLEBELLS Plenty of workouts on YouTube to follow that you can tailor to your time/fitness levels. Its a High Intensity Interval Training session that you can fit in during your normal day. They take up hardly any room and i believe the prices for home gym equipment are coming down now the delivery pandemic shizzle is .... well a bit better. The good thing about these is you do this at home. There's no need to travel anywhere, you don't need to spend a fortune on gear or clothing, your not spending hours outside in all weathers.... Its just you, the bell, some space and some time. I'd recommend the cast iron type ones as their physical size is smaller for the same weight as the nylon ones are filled with concrete and can be massive in size. Aim for a 12kg one to start with. My 1st one was a 7.5kg and its was too light and ineffective. I have a 12kg + 20kg plus some home gym equipment. The main movement with KB's is the standard swing, which is mainly leg based and your legs are a lots stronger than you think! You will sweat, a lot, so have a towel and water to hand and sip between each set.
  5. @Smiling-Dutchman what do you think?
  6. Barny

    Gg Tr16 308

    I've had a good google but i cant find the counter sunk style motor screws that my 308 has lost one of. I've noticed that my predator also uses the same style bolt/screw but i cant find them online. Does anyone one know what size they are and a possible link/source for them please?
  7. I'd forgotten too, i need to check dates for seeing my son, but i'm still keen
  8. Don't buy the cheap sh1t ones from Amazon, lesson learned...
  9. I've one similar - its a 44mm - on my Air Arms S410. Lovely scope and i'm sure you'll like it too 😊 Hi, Would you have a link for these please, my googling skills are falling short tonight 🤦‍♀️
  10. Just booked Skirmish high Wycombe Xmas day on  the 20th this month


    With @Smiling-Dutchman


    - anyone else fancy it?


    @GAMBLE @snuff @EDcase @L3wisD

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    2. Skullchewer


      Just had this email from Skirmish


      We can still run the Christmas game on this coming Sunday 20th December as we fall under the following guidance.


      "3.16 - Can I still participate in sport and physical activity in groups of more than 6?You can continue to take part in organised sporting or licensed physical activity in groups of more than 6. This can be in any public place – indoors or outdoors – or a private outdoor space like a garden; but not inside a private home. These activities either need to be organised by a club, business or charity; and/or involve someone who has received an official license to use equipment relevant to the activity. In all cases, the organiser must conduct a risk assessment and ensure compliance with COVID-19 Secure guidance.You should only be playing team sports where the relevant governing body has published guidance on how to do so safely. Organised dance and exercise classes can take place in groups of more than six, where a risk assessment has been carried out, but you should limit your social interaction with other participants.All supervised activities for children, including sports and exercise groups, are permitted where a risk assessment has been carried out – up to any number of participants.When participating in organised sport or licensed physical activity, you must not gather in groups of more than 6 before and after the activity. You must also ensure you socially distance from people you do not live with (or have formed a support bubble with) wherever possible."


      We will understand if you wish to postpone your booking if you wish to do this please email [email protected] with you booking reference number and this will be done for you.

      This is a service email from Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft. You are receiving this email because you have been issued tickets for Saturday 5th December & Christmas Game on Sat 5 December 2020. To contact Skirmish Wycombe Airsoft, please email [email protected].

      Organising an event? Sell tickets online with Ticket Tailor. Low fees. No fuss.



    3. GAMBLE


      Yeah got this in an email! 🤞

      Sadly my friend can’t make it, but I’ll be there! 🔫😎👍

    4. GAMBLE


      Tier 4, game is postponed until Jan 24th! 😷

      Had all my gear ready and very keen to play! 🔫🤬

      Better safe than sorry, I’ll see you all there in 2021!? 🤞👍

  11. I'm easy, nothing booked till april next year - i have no life
  12. A little update..... I didnt get round to buying anything from the above thread. I had one of these kicking around, Viper mag rig So i got bored one night and found out that with a bit of slack the 7.62's would fit. But I hated all the bungee cord and the extra pistol pouches too so I got busy and chopped the mag pouches off, restrung the main pouches and voila! It now looks like this Sits nice an flush to my chest and also doesnt hardly affect the gun when slung in fromt of me. Anotjher view Another view The centre pouch is fairly rigid, would prolly fit an M4 in there at a a guess I also bought these The G2H G&G 400rnd mags are fairly small and they fit fine in all configurations The Skorpion style ones ive not fitted yet as i want to trial the mag rig 1st Cheepy fast mags on the belt, with the wings on to aid refitting
  13. Any month should be fine, again sat would work better due to distance and work during the week. Assume its dark in the evenings? Any torch recommendations?
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