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  1. I've not actually started playing airsoft yet but here a pic of me with Cap Ess goggles Cheapo metal mesh face guard The Shemagh was fun learning that!
  2. No, not the porn kind.... Whats the best place/person to buy spare mags for my CM16 MOD0. Taiwan gun seems the cheapest but they wont confirm if their mags will work, even though they look ok
  3. Often overlooked, moisture in the air can leave droplets, very small ones on the lens as its pointing upwards. Also if its cold leave the camera and lenses outside for a few airs before your planned shoot. lets them sdjust to the temp from a warm house to cold air and that will stop them fogging up. Ive not done star trails but did a similar setup for fire works night Link to show some other stuff ive done http://www.photoboxgallery.com/barnaby/6636730
  4. This probably wont help your impulsiveness, as i was in the same situation (no ukara, or any other kit )and wanted to get my hands on a gun asap but nearly all the two-tone effects had been slapped on with a dirty great brush. This on the other hand i actually quite liked so i bought it last week http://www.airsoftworld.net/media/wysiwyg/GC16-MOD0-BLK_1_1.gif (I can take some better photos this evening) Slowly getting bits n bobs in from places/peeps have recommended on here so as they say use the search function, or as i did get google to search the site, as i was looking for DMR articles and it came up blank!?
  5. Now, dont hate me, but im also a cyclist. yep one of those annoying twats who dress up in skimpy spandex and clog all the roads up. I also MTB too so it kinda evens it out.... Anyway, cyclists are big fans of Merino wool clothing for cooler/cold riding. I commute to work and even in the really cold spell last week (minus 4 apparently) i wear a short sleeve merino T shirt or even a just a compression vest under a softshell jacket. What im waffling on about here is the merino acts as a warm wicking layer thats tight to your skin, keeps sweat away from your skin and helps regulate your body temp. Have a look into layering up and you may find you dont need a softshell, or you could use them both. But layers are the key thing For instance, just been for a run, its approx 9deg outside, so longsleeve merino with a running t-shirt on. Toasty.
  6. It gets worse, gun arrived at work after i'd left and couldnt get back there to collect it, so i cant get used to it till next week
  7. Lipo's are here, bloody gun not yet humpf!
  8. Some black camo, shirt n trousers and cap. Lipo batterys just turned up so they're on charge And impatiently waiting for the gun to arrive So i bought this top....http://www.kombatuk.com/product_images/1361-1-D.jpg?443 What are the velco patches for, i mean what do i stick on em?
  9. I'm without ukara so i went with the snake effect, i kinda like it
  10. Hi, looking for a bit of battery and charger advise. Rather impulsively, i'm like that sadly, i bought the G&G GC16 30th edition from airsoft world the other night, oddly i kinda like the snakeskin two-tone effect http://www.airsoftworld.net/g-g-gc16-30th-anniversary-limited-edition-aeg-airsoft-rifle-black.html Now i didn't realise at the time it doesn't come with a battery or a charger. I see on their page and from an email chat with them that they list the Vapex cells and a little charger for it. My question is, should i just order this from them, or, is it better for me to go for somewhere/something else. I'm not necessarily looking to start upgrading the gun from the off, but in the interests of potential further upgrades/saving some money/buying a better grade of kit kinda thing. Any help appreciated
  11. Good review, just what i needed as it'll be my first time soon
  12. Hi im Barny Live in Stroud, Glos Background, well not much really dabbled with air rifles over the years still have an Air Arms S410 but not using it much these days. Looking forward to getting into Airsoft for a bit of excitement as the HTF stuff leaves me cold lol. Suspect my local will be Strikeforce but when i'm more mobile (1car) i will venture further afield. Looking forward to meeting you somewhere
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