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  1. I thought that. Just myths me why the mod issue ballistic spec Goggles and glasses and skimp on the respirator
  2. Off topic a bit here. It goes to show that the s10 was make by the lowest bidder with how brittle the lenses are, it's not an old design but yet they didn't incorporate them. I had trust in this mask when in service and last thing on want while wearing it in a gas environment is for a bit of shrapnel or a fall or what ever to hit a lense and cracked or smash it thus breaking the air seal. Don't get me started on the gsr that's even worse build quality can see glue round the edges of the lense on them.
  3. Right who one here has seen or done some stupid acts on the airsoft field? I'll start. Once had a lad who was sniping in full gillie suit and he thought the mesh on his hood would be sufficient enough for eye pro. Can safely say he was sent in for proper eye pro.
  4. Hi I'm trying to sort my mates tm breacher out it had a load of gas leaks that I've now sorted but now I've noticed the front end the barrel and mag tube are slightly wobbly I've dismantled and checked all screws and they are all good and tight. Any ideas?
  5. Vfc mp7. I love it, awesome kick to it and nice sound. Glad I got it over the kwa as I like the full scale. Looking forward to using it in a skirmish next year.
  6. Cheers. I'm glad I know that now. Used a gsr in airsoft too but had glasses on under it as I don't trust that flexible lense.
  7. Oh yea Haha. Me and my daze after nights. Haha.
  8. Can some one please tell me what this is worth. Its a a&k m249 minimi para. I got the gun second hand prefitted with a 6.03 manual tight bore barrel and ec3 connectors with 11.1v lipos. I know this is worth a lot less as the motor is broken. My guess is this was caused by the lipos as there's no mosfet fitted. Other than that the gun is in good nick.
  9. Mtemprell

    we g17

    I had same problem. Found that the spring wasnt strong enough to push slide lock up. Just had the spray out the spring a little and works 100% now.
  10. Can I ask why the s10 lenses aren't any good? As I have shot mine with a 480fps sniper at a range of 5m and the BBC just bought ced of with no damage so I assumed they're good for airsoft.
  11. Off topic here but how expensive would it work out to build a m4 from scratch using well known reliable parts?
  12. I'd love to do a load out from universal soldier. But that would cost a bit of money and probably a bit of scratch building.
  13. I wouldn't bother with a g18 I'd go for a g17 instead. As I've heard the full auto can be hit and miss when it wears.
  14. Is that a barret fitted with a 203?
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