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  1. Can you find an adapter for me to buy? I don't really know what I'm looking for. Will that site have it? In a youtube vid, the guy seems to be able to fit this 9.6v 1,600mah battery in it, which is "Size 240.5mmx18.2mm" Those batteries you linked all look a lot smaller which is great, there's even a 2,000mAh one which is Dimensions: 127x19x21mm, so that should fit? Thanks again guys.
  2. The battery in it is a nim-h, it's alright to use a lipo instead? I know you can get ones with the same tamiya connector but the guy above seemed to say the lipo wouldn't work? the one I linked. Which charger? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/catalogsearch/result/?cat=&q=IMAX+B6AC Ready to buy one right now. Also could you go on there for me and do a search for the right long cylindrical battery I need, 9.6v with the highest capacity they have, if you would please. I do not like the look of that gun -at all-. My favourite guns are the M1911, P226 X-Five, FN-P90, PDR-C, Sig Sauer MPX - you can tell I prefer more 'futuristic' looking guns, I love the bullpup design. I saw this PCP airgun the other day which I LOVE but it doesn't seem to be a replica of a real gun and there's no airsoft one I can find. https://hardairmagazine.com/reviews/kral-puncher-armour-pcp-air-rifle-test-review-22-caliber/ I'll probably get it eventually just for shooting in the back yard and plinking cans and just having fun etc. I'm sure you all know heh./ http://forum.alienslegacy.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=16721 Thanks for this, he got it working? Looks like a lot of work but will be worth it I think. Reading the thread a bit more... yeah, that's a huge job. I was hoping I'd just be able to shove a small mini launcher in there and cut a hole out of the bottom for the trigger or something, but I can do all the stuff he did I've got a massive amount of tools. http://realitypod.com/2011/06/03/recreate-m41-a-pulse-rifle-coolest-sci-fi-weapons-of-all-time/ This guide is insane. It really looks like a lot more work than I expected. But yeah in the meantime can you tell me exactly which of those chargers to get, and find the best battery on there for me? as there are loads of different ones. Thanks again guys, so much info.
  3. I'll be able to know more when I actually have it delivered and in my hands, but from looking at youtube vids of it, the shotgun chamber on the pulse rifle replica holds the battery, which like I said in my first post I'll try and dremel out space in the magwell for a battery to power it so I can use it as a launcher - the heat shield you mention is what I'd like to get in metal as I don't think the one on the snow wolf pulse is metal (according to a forum post I read which is linked somewhere above). That part isn't a huge deal though. But because the barrel for the launcher is designed to just hold the long cylindrical battery I can't see how it would be easy to reload if I fit a shell in there, I mean look at these pics again: It looks to me like it'd be a one-shot per game and reloading it in between games, can't imagine it being easy to quickly put a new shell in there while playing.
  4. Well the shottie part of the gun is going to be one-use per game anyway really as reloading it would involve stripping it I think to reload a new shell, but if I can rack the shottie/grenade launcher slide on the gun to fire this from the chamber in the gun that's really all I want, like I don't want to be slapping a whole shotgun assembly to the bottom of the gun, I want to keep it as screen-accurate as possible while still working. Again thanks for the advice/help everyone. Nice community.
  5. haha. I'm the opposite. I get really into new hobbies and spend a fortune on stuff. I got a Remington 1911RAC replica a few weeks ago because I've always wanted a 1911 as it's one of my all-time favourite handguns, but obviously no guns allowed so ended up eventually getting that replica airgun. Does 300-350 FPS with metal pellets, been shooting at a texas star target and one of those ones that collect the BBs in the back and you stick a paper target inside, shot about 300 rounds with it before the pin in the gas chamber snapped (no idea why such a vital part is made of plastic, but they're gonna bring me a replacement on the 15th) Anyway I know you can't use airguns like that for airsofting (is that the right vernacular?) I'm getting an x-five as a sidearm that shoots plastic BBs, another one of my favourite guns. Will that be allowed to use when playing or is it too powerful? Oh okay thanks, I was drunk last night looking those up and half asleep so wasn't paying much attention. Will bookmark that. In the meantime, while I wait for my pulse rifle, what long nimh battery would you recommend? I think it comes with one but in a youtube review video I think the guy says its an 8.4v nimh but he fits his larger 9.6volt one in no problem, looks like this, think this is the one: https://www.vapextech.co.uk/8vp1600afp-l8-tm1/ Should I get that? Or say, this one? https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/we-9-6v-1600mah-ni-mh-stick-battery I'm not up on which brands are better. Some battery manufacturers (most really) are cheap as fuck and just use the cheapest cells they can get from china and slap their label on them and claim higher mAh etc when really they're not. They do that a lot with phone batteries. Well, batteries in general. Is this charger any good? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B071NZ6ZCC/ open to recommendations. I've actually got a few from my RC helicopter, but I'm pretty sure they're li-po only. Thanks again. Also does not look like I'll be able to get a real metal spas-12 guard to replace the one on the gun because they're rare as fuck. Don't suppose anyone knows where I might be able to get that part? It's not a huge deal but would prefer to swap out whatever plastic parts of the gun there are with metal versions. Just to check too, will I be allowed to use this pulse rifle in games? There's a few local places about 15mins drive from here (north-west, Rock Ferry), was gonna show up with it and be like, "I wanna introduce you to a very personal friend of mine. This is an M41A pulse rifle. Ten millimeter with over-and-under thirty millimeter pump action grenade launcher." haha
  6. If I took the 9v battery out (or rather just not put it in), and cut off part of the housing for it, do you think this lipo would fit in the magwell? https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/vp-racing-9.6v-4600mah-ni-mh-block-battery Anyone ordered from there and know if I'll be able to get a refund if I send it back if it doesn't fit? 4600mah vs the standard 7.4 1200mah cylinder battery is surely much better? Will it improve FPS or anything or simply last longer before recharging it? I would wire it up to the ammo counter too, would need to cut into the wires and solder the 9v battery connections to it so it'll power both the gun and display - not like the display is going to be a huge battery drain at all anyway right? just a tiny screen. And if I can fit a 9.6v 6400mah battery that would awesome. Last a lot longer and frees up the shotgun chamber fir doing that mod.
  7. I'm really new to airsoft and airguns in general, what's a spring shotgun? will it go inside the barrel? I don't want to attach something to it unless it's a scope or laser
  8. That looks pretty awesome, and might even fit inside the spacious magwell in the pulse rifle, but if I'm doing the shottie mod and sticking a battery in there I doubt I'll have the space, I could probably knock together something much simpler/smaller myself, but I like your idea of having it able to play different sounds. Kill a guy, play "GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!" Edit: Looks like this guy got the mod done but had to use 3d-printed custom parts to finish it; http://forum.alienslegacy.com/viewtopic.php?p=243160&sid=1eab0ba8f632201a83e57f42bc447a09#p243160 Pretty awesome but I don't know if I can be bothered going through all that hassle, especially with that post being 4 years old, probably can't get in touch with the guy / get the parts needed. Another commentor talks about replacing the plastic spas cage with a real metal one and apparently it just slips on fine without no mods necessary, will probably go that route to start with! Now to just find the right real spas cage part..
  9. Hah thanks. I was actually looking at the moscart and the zoxna (can't seem to find them in stock anywhere, especially the zoxna which I was thinking of getting to stick on the bottom rail of my five-seven, I watched a short youtube vid of it and it looked fairly decent as a sort of 'last resort' thing for CQ combat scenarios, but you say good luck hitting anything with em?) and thinking about ways they might be able to fit inside the chamber, but I won't really know until I have the gun in my hands and measure the diameter of the barrel / check the exact dimensions of a standalone small launcher etc. Once I get the dimensions of everything I guess I'll probably look for the cheapest mini launcher I can find and hopefully disassemble it and shove it into the M41A (I'm sure I'll probably need to cut a load of plastic out of there to make things fit, and like you say the trigger mechanism will probably be the main issue, but thinking about it I suppose I could cut a small hole in the bottom of the rifle and poke the trigger through it, but it would be awesome if the cocking mechanism on the gun could be made to fire it, maybe with some sort of spring mechanism, just brainstorming this right now but got a good idea. I might get it and find out it's not really possible without butchering the Pulse Rifle too much which I don't really wanna do, I want to keep it looking as screen-accurate as possible. Speaking of which I saw some pics of some 'worn/beaten up' ones earlier that might interest you; I didn't think of the sound! You've inspired me to do that mod too now, although I'm not sure running around CQB with it turned on would be a great idea haha, could still do it with a little on/off switch inside the magwell! Thanks for the idea. Just googling around I came across this video where someone seems to have a working shottie, but looks like he scratch-built it according to the comments; But then goes on to say "The pump is jenky however you can add a shotgun in it. Requires a lot of work. If I were you I would check Out "dymerski weapon labs" on Facebook. Wealth of info on there for his snow wolf pulse rifle build." So I'm gonna check that out and see if he did the mod, but yeah before even holding the gun in my hands I can tell it'll be a lot of work. Edit: Looks like he does have it full-auto and a shotgun mod on there! Gonna get in touch and ask for details. Edit 2: Damn, looks like it's a totally custom build (which is awesome, but doesn't really help me, but might get in touch for some advice anyway) Just noticed that the Snow Wolf rifle is only semi-auto too, any ideas where to start with converting it to full auto? I saw on another youtube video which I can't find now a commentator said he modded his to be full-auto but didn't say how. Just trying to decide now whether to go for the Tan or the Green version (There's an all black version but don't like that at all). Olive Or Tan I like the Tan but leaning towards the Olive as it's more screen accurate. I feel like it'd look better with black+olive rather than that dark green+olive. Oh, and another edit, just came across this forum post: http://forum.alienslegacy.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15977&sid=1a319aafe24d16247f8e2fc1d315c3b0 People already have had a go! Lots of reading to do. Looks like I need to get a seemingly rare 27mm moscart, which on first search can't find anywhere. (Anyone got one to sell??) Will keep this thread updated as I go anyway.
  10. So I've always wanted to own a replica pulse rifle from Aliens - who hasn't? This even has a digital ammo counter on the side! https://www.surplusstore.co.uk/snow-wolf-m41a-pulse-rifle.html I'll be getting it soon, I watched a few videos and it shoots remarkably accurately despite the sights being pretty poor, but it's mostly about having a god-damn Pulse Rifle. The main downside I don't like is the battery in the grenade launcher / shotgun chamber. Well, that's not really it - it's that I'd like it to be a working grenade launcher rather than battery storage. I watched this video review of the gun, and he talks about modding it to support a shotgun or grenade launcher in there somewhere in the video (the launcher slide bit actually does move back which is great) and sticking a battery inside the mag-well, by the looks of it, you can take the 9v battery out for the display counter, dremel half of the 9v battery compartment away, and then you should be able to stick something like this battery up there? (Open to better suggestions just found that via a quick google). I'm no stranger to dabbling with basic electronics so I've got no problem being able to do this part and hook the ammo counter up to the same battery that powers the gun, but what I've got no idea how to do is convert the battery compartment into a working grenade launcher. I'm totally at like step 0 with this so any advice on where to begin would be really helpful.
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