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  1. Looks like this just came back from Fallujah or something
  2. Yeah good idea. Ordered one of these; https://imgur.com/a/QO0mu6F, keep the cam in the same spot but without the bulky case and a bit of perspex over the lens, will look a lot cleaner.
  3. This is what it looks like now: https://imgur.com/a/yMCBSwF I'm gonna get a rail mount for the camera so I don't have to use the bulky casing because it sticks out so much. cam was only £30 used on ebay so if someone manages to hit the lense and break it it's not a huge loss.
  4. Hell dude Ripley herself duct-tapes a godamn flame unit to her pulse rifle at the end of the movie.
  5. Thanks Honestly I will probably take the rail stuff off when I actually play because it's just dead weight, and the shotgun strap with shells is for my M870 that I have mounted on my back, but I've literally never even pulled it out, it's mostly just for aesthetics and the "I like to keep this handy *cocks*, for close encounters" line, so I'll probably end up taking that off too. I have weathered it quite a bit to try and make it look more screen-accurate which I think turned out really nice, and the grip tape on the stock helps with shoulder comfort and just gripping the ..grip. You guys haven't even seen pics of when I bolted a long 20slot rail to the top and slapped an eotech replica on top of it. the gap between the 'handle' is enough to aim with so I ditched that idea almost immediately.
  6. I finished fully upgrading my Snow Wolf M41A Pulse Rifle (v6 gearbox) including barrel/hopup, (literally almost everything internal replaced or upgraded): After about 8 months since purchasing it and spending most of that time fiddling with it and upgrading / trying to get it to fire straight, it finally is finished and works perfectly. I present the most powerful M41A in the UK: https://imgur.com/a/1f74kOC Parts: M41A Upgrades / Mods - (M41A) Maple Leaf Hop Up Tensioner (Omega Nub) - £6.00 - (M41A) Maple Leaf Macaron Hop Rubber Bucking 60 Degrees (AEG) - £7.50 - (M41A) ASG INFINITY CNC Motor U-30000 (Short) - £54.99 - (M41A) Aluminium piston head with the bearing [Shooter] - £6.79 - (M41A) Light Reinforced Piston Metal Teeth [SHS] - £8.67 - (M41A) Laylax (Prometheus) - Air Nozzle - £15.78 - (M41A) SLD 13:1 Gears (CNC Bevel Version) - £18.50 - (M41A) Lonex Aluminium Cylinder Head for Version 6 - £11.00 - (M41A) Prometheus EG Spring Guide Tornado Shaft (Version 6 & 7) - £19.00 - (M41A) PDI AEG 100% (M95) Silicon Chrome Steel Spring Variable Pitch - £18.52 - (M41A) Guarder Steel Bushing for Version 6 Gearbox (P90/Thompson) - £13.50 - (M41A) STAINLESS CYLINDER WITH HOLE 3/4 (Shooter) - £16.93 - (M41A) Madbull 6.03 Tightbore Barrel 300mm Black Python II - £42.59
  7. Nope but googled it and got the site, will give him a call tomorrow. Thanks dude.
  8. TL;DR: UK AEG techs, give me your deets and PM me and I will get my gun to you by Monday. And yes, I have contacted at least 6 of the most popular airsoft shops asking about tech work and they all tell me they are swamped and to contact another site instead, basically running me around in circles, so none of them are any help (update your fucking websites if you can't take any more work jesus christ).
  9. sweet thanks, seems like a good deal for 60k of .20's. Buy one of those and I'll have enough for my grenades for life. Any suggestions for .25's or .28's in bulk for my rifle/shotgun?
  10. ||| Side question; Whenever I load a fully loaded shell into my shotgun, it *always* seems to release at least 2 BBs, sometimes 3, before even pumping the action on the shotgun (they do not roll out of the barrel) - so when I fire it the first time, if it's on 3 shot it'll fire 5-6, is this a fault, am I loading the shells too heavily? or is this just a thing that happens?
  11. Thanks. You're probably right about the shotgun. It's my tertiary weapon anyway mounted on my back so I don't exactly need it to fire 20 shots or anything on full FPS, I was just kinda hoping there might be larger 'gas chambers' or something I could buy for it and simply replace the tiny one inside the stock so it'll hold more, but yeah I'll just leave it as-is. I don't want to take the stock off the shotgun again because it has a good seal right now, but the little chamber that (I assume) holds the gas is literally about: [-------------------------------------------------------------------] this big and slightly larger in diameter, I'm actually surprised I can get as many shots out of it already (I forgot to count last time I tested it but I'm sure it went to at least 15 shots before running out, the thing is after the first 5+ shots the pressure is much lower and shots don't go as far which is what I was thinking of trying to improve. As for the grenade still could use any suggestions on that, but I think I'm gonna email AI right now and just ask them what is the best gas I could be using. Thanks again. Edit: AI got back to me, said nuprol 2.0 gas is fine but seems like I should go with lighter weight BB's eg .20's rather than the .28's I have. Suggestions for the best place to get a ton of .20's in bulk? where do you guys buy your BB's? For the grenade it really doesn't matter about the 'quality' I guess, just need the cheapest at that weight in bulk I can get. As for the shotgun though - I've been using .28's in that, and like I say after about 5 or 7 shots they start dropping in range a lot, would I benefit from just filling all the shells with .20's or what? I've never actually used it in combat or anything so I don't really know the range on it with different weights, but the box says it fires 300 to 340 FPS with .20's, stick to those in that? Again it's my tertiary (pulse rifle primary, x-five pistol secondary, shottie on my back as tertiary) ------------------------ The brands I have in .28 are (I just checked they are acutally only .25 so whenever I said .28 I mean .25, are these; https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01NBEIRDR/ Nuprol .25's Don't know why I got .28 in my head, but yeah substitute .28 for .25 wherever I said that.
  12. I've been using Nuprol v2.0 gas in both, and lately just been wondering what is best - there's a vid on youtube where they compare them but no nuprol on there and it just seems to be an advertisement for a specific gas. My Tornado 2 grenade says; Not heard of 'duster gas', but when the nade detonates it seems to 'finish' spinning a lot faster than I've seen it go off in the trailer they have for it, is there a better type of gas I could be using for it? It specifically says somewhere to never use nuprol green gas v3 or v4, but I've only got v2 anyway so that's what I've been using. As for the shotgun, it's this one, it didn't come with a manual at all but the green gas has been working fine with it, although I'm a bit disappointed in the amount of shots I can get out of it with it, will different types of gas give more shots or anything like that? I took the stock off the end of the gun and there's only a tiny little tube where the gas goes but there's plenty of room in there for a bigger uh.. 'chamber'? to hold the gas, I wonder if it's possible to modify it so it can hold more, or will I just end up wrecking the thing? I have slightly damaged the tiny nozzle on the shotguns gas port, this is what the nozzle looks like; https://imgur.com/a/L76394L I wrapped the threading in plumbing tape to make a better seal as I could hear some leakage from it, and now I can fill it up and it's still good to fire 7 days later - but regarding the nozzle itself, does anyone know if it has a specific name where I can get replacement ones, or perhaps even a 'better' one? I suppose the same could be asked regarding the grenade but I'm not taking that apart unless I absolutely have to - it doesn't leak at all. Thanks in advance, para
  13. Got the workbench out and laid everything out again atop some white towels so you can see clearer and took a load more pics, here is the album:https://imgur.com/a/pyafymk
  14. I'm getting help from a guy here; http://forum.alienslegacy.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=18557 Any additional help would be great though. seems I might have lost some tiny bits at some point too which is annoying and no idea where to source replacement parts.
  15. Please, if anyone could even just point me towards some topics where someone has took apart and reassembled their snow wolf with pictures that would be a GREAT help. I am desperate here. If I can't get this back together I've got a £300 / $388.52 paperweight.
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