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  1. New handguard setup: I kind of like it black.. debating on whether or not to even get it cerakoted red now.
  2. I'm putting a Unity button on it; (and yeah it's backwards in the pic, it's not even screwed down I just laid it on for the picture) Because there's no rail there for the picatinny one I had previously. See here: Try to imagine it cerakoted red; I'm getting the MARS lower reciever too, it's gonna look badass. I love space gats.
  3. New handguard came; Need to get it cerakoted now.
  4. Some progress on MAWL. Going to finish it now and post final result. Edit: finished.
  5. I made a very light piston: 16.2g with the head. SHS 14 Tooth Piston (Half Cut Second Tooth) (Swissed) (-6 Teeth) Gearparts POM Piston Head
  6. Thanks, do you need to call? I just tried on instagram and waiting on a reply but if you need to call I can do that. Edit: Thanks he got back to me almost instantly, "Hi Simon that's no problem at all. As my knowledge of airsoft guns is limited would you be able to send me a picture of each item please and I'll be able to give you a price with the discount. The only thing I will need to know to match the colour is what ratio he has sprayed them in. Its normally 18:1 so my guess is that's what it will be anyway" So I've emailed daves to get that info. He quoted me £45 for the handguard/rails and 1x epm-1 mag. Nice.
  7. How much does he charge? Dave's would do a handguard for £40 and a magazine for £5, but I got quoted £150 for that by another place. I've emailed about 15 places from the first couple pages of google and only two have gotten back to me so far. One of them doesn't do airsoft and the other doesn't have the colour. Any other suggestions?
  8. Yeah it does have 3rd burst on the ICS SSS.
  9. Haha, I meant to type 'not', and changed the sentence to the opposite of what I meant to say. Oops.
  10. Time Left: 4 days and 9 hours

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    MADBULL Python Ver.II Upgrade Tightbore Barrel (AEG) (Length 285mm) (6.03) £20 shipped. Lambda Five Inner Barrel (AEG) (Length 208mm) (6.05) £35 shipped. Basically brand new, only used in the house a few times to chrono with.


  11. Well yeah I'm going to spray people.
  12. How do you mean? The fps is going to be site legal.
  13. Well northwest got back to me and quoted £150, where Dave's does handguard for £40, mags for £5, and I think they'll just toss the rail peices in with the handguard for me. I emailed about 7 different cerakote service sites from the first page of google and still waiting for any to get back to me.
  14. Time Left: 4 days and 9 hours

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    5x ARES Amoeba 100rd Mid-Cap Short AMAG (BK W/Red Cerakote) Black with Habanero Red cerakote job done. Will include an ICS 300rd T-Tactical Wheel Magazine (BK W/Red Cerakote) for free. £50 shipped


  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Has two brightness settings for RED leds, white torch, and strobe white. Mint condition. £25 shipped. Details This is a reproduction of Princeton Tec Charge Mpls. In addition to being able to attach directly to the ARC rails on Ops-Core helmets, it also includes a mount that attaches directly to the helmet rim, and a mount for attaching to MOLLE parts such as a vest. It operates on a single AA battery for good cost performance, and the flexible arm makes it easy to adjust the irradiation direction. Battery: 1 x AA battery (not included) Due to differences in the shape of the helmet manufacturer and individual differences, processing may be required for installation and may not be possible to install.


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