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  1. https://www.davescustomairsoft.co.uk/Flash-Hiders-Muzzle-Brakes/AngryGunSF216FlashHider?sort=p.price&order=DESC&limit=100 Angry Gun flash hider for my scarh cqc! https://imgur.com/a/2Poyrsa
  2. I've already got that UGL in Tan, and the ACR Renegade stock in tan on order
  3. About to buy a new grip for my SCARH. It seems Magpul grips should work with a bit of sanding on the grip / some shimming, I was going to get a PTS EPG M4 Grip: https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/pts-epg-m4-grip-aeg---black But I stumbled across this one: https://www.justcauseairsoft.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=717 I think the two-toned one will look great on a Tan SCARH. Thoughts?
  4. SHS (RA) Tappet Plate (V2), CYMA 15 Tooth Reinforced Piston w/ Piston Head, SHS (RA) 12:1 Gears, SHS Shim Set and 8mm SHS Bushings for my SCARH
  5. Targets are about head-height and are fine for anything that isn't a grenade / shotgun 2 of them are target traps, it's just BBs going on my yard floor from the 4x free standing ones (or the texas star spinner) I gotta worry about. I can easily 100% the 10cmx10cm targets with anything else.
  6. I got my SCARH at last the other day and just got a chance to test out the UGL with 3x master mikes, surprised at the spread and power. (The last shot was aimed low so I didn't shower next doors yard in BBs) I took the gun apart and put new gears/motor/cylinder/spring/piston/hopup/barrel in it, when I was putting it back together the wires in the stock broke so I need to solder them before I can try it again, but here's some of the chrono log from when it was 100% stock: gonna have to stick a weaker spring in to make it site legal - any
  7. I did the whole thing again using *BLUE* RTV sealant, and also much less (I used way too much before) and each mag has been perfectly sealed since.
  8. Found silver safety levers for my TM Samurai Edge custom machined by Robin Hood (small JP shop): https://sanko-webshop.jp/shopdetail/000000004559 Unfortunately the levers are chrome metallic - I was hoping they would match the rest of the silver metal parts like trigger, latches, etc - is there something I can do to them to take the 'gloss' off the paint? or is it possible beneath the chrome is just black metal or something? https://imgur.com/a/B4Fgb74 (I'm colour-filling in the text on the slide hence the mess there

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    Willing to pay £175 + whatever shipping. Going for £200 new but my retailer is taking 2 months to restock. Willing to negotiate price. Payment via paypal. Thanks in advance.


    Higher Tranmere, Merseyside - GB

  10. Anyone know why my extened mag keeps venting and the standard ones are fine?
  11. Possible to filter completed listings yet? Don't see the option.
  12. Is there any way to list a 'Want to buy' classified?
  13. Aside from the hopup/inner and outer barrels everything else is stock, springs and all. Using nuprol gas now. I've previously used the same green gas fine but switched to propane (but I've ran out of propane). Edit: Seems to be not jamming now. No idea what change it was though. This is perplexing.
  14. Old gas route mag seals. I took a video, after the first shot BB jams every time between hopup lip and nozzle. I clear it, rack the slide, and now it's started jamming even then 75% of the time. Also at the end of the video the magazine vents all its gas for some reason which is now another thing. Here: It even looks like sometimes it is trying to double-feed, because there will be a BB jammed and also one in the chamber, but not every time.
  15. Tried that. Also tried putting the old bucking back in the hop.
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