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  1. Thanks, guess I'll go for that! Will post pics with it holstered etc when recieved and all setup. Thanks again.
  2. The Golden Eagle M8877? I like the look,, relatively cheap, should do for what I want it for. Only 1.7kg.
  3. Good to know. How about these? https://www.airsoftzone.com/de/SAS-12-Shorty-Shotgun-3-Burst-Black-Franchi-16496de987/ https://www.airsoftzone.com/de/M870-Shorty-Shotgun-Black-G-P-8647de987/ https://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=category&item=golden-eagle-m8876-gas-shotgun-black&search=special&rs=Shotguns&catid=&cat=130&view_choice=b https://www.airsoftzone.com/de/M37-Police-Shotgun-KTW-10180de987/ https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/bison-c501a-bb-gun-pump-action-shotgun.html (OOS everywhere) https://www.evike.com/products/31211/ https://www.targetszone.co.uk/ak-m870-metal-pump-action-shotgun-short-188-p.asp (cheapish, pump action, shorty, looks good with some weathering?) https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/double-eagle-m58b-tactical-airsoft-shotgun.html https://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=category&item=ak-8870-shotgun&search=special&rs=Shotguns&catid=&cat=130&view_choice=a https://www.wgcshop.com/products?search_From=category&item=golden-eagle-m8877-gas-shotgun-wood&search=special&rs=Shotguns&catid=&cat=130&view_choice=b Plan is to have a local sewing place add some molle cuttings / attachment areas to the rear right-side of my hydro pouch, and attach some simple scabbard like this on it for the shorty. The cheaper, lighter, etc the better.
  4. It's mostly for aesthetics, not to really be used - plan to have some sewing shop add some molle cutting on the rear hydro pouch and add a simple shottie scabbard on the side with some kind of super-lightweight-shorty on it, I've been eyeing this; https://www.surplusstore.co.uk/hs-mad-max-sawn-off-shotgun-2350.html but it's pretty expensive and I would really like a pump action on it.
  5. https://www.wgcshop.com/product_detail1.php?search=special&rs=KTW&item=KTW-SG-M37SOM Out of stock everywhere I can see, is there a newer model by anyone that I might find still in stock somewhere? or any places I can find one used (none on ebay)? Apologies if this is the wrong section but can't find this anywhere and didn't know where else to look for help. Thanks
  6. Nice thanks. they had some anti-fog stuff there but it didn't last very long before fogging up again. seriously thinking of just playing without a mask because as you can probably hear in the video I could barely breath, I can't be that out of shape!
  7. foam it up first or just rub the gel on in a smooth layer?
  8. Technically the second game of the day but forgot to turn camera on. Surprised at the quality for a used Xiaomi from ebay. (That's my mates ass in the thumbnail haha) 1. I went all-out sprinting around and sliding everywhere like crazy and exhausted myself, that combined with the heat and about 19mins in to this game I had to tap out and some medic on my team took me back to safe area to help cool me down etc. Everyone there was super nice. 2. Need to slow down next time and not kill myself running about like crazy. That or just get fitter, been a year since I went the gym, but there were guys that looked like they weighed 300lbs that seemed fine after 4 hours. 3. Slimming down my loadout / reducing weight where I can. Took a backback full of shit I thought I might need and didn't even use my rifle long enough to drain the one battery in there. I don't think I even went through 3x mags for it. 4. Took a sniper shot straight to the upper cheek about 1:50m in, stung a bit and bled but eh expected it. 5. My arms are covered in scratches and shit from sliding around on grass and trudging through bushes and such. 6. I had no idea what I was doing and my eye protection fogging up made it almost impossible to see anything. A lot of people there didn't even use face protection (other than eyes), I'm too scared of being hit in the mouth but the increased ability to actually breath (and not fog up the lenses) would be good so I am thinking about it. 7. Man I am taking the light of my arc rail, totally useless other than looking cool - would never use and just sticks out. Same with the torch and peq on the pulse rifle - besides, thing is heavy enough. I'm saving them for when my FN Herstal SCAR-H arrives. 8. Despite all that it was hella fun and can't wait to go back and get better. I don't think I hit a single person but I tried to suppress when I could escorting the 4x4 buggy thing. Fun.
  9. I tried to kill myself 2 weeks ago. But thanks for the snark. Edit: Lozart actually pm'd me and apologised. He's a cool dude.
  10. Went ahead and gave it a shot, improvement I think: I might chop the bottom of the brackets off so I can angle it back a bit and make the seal better now I know it looks good, the groove inside the mask prevented it so just did the best I could there.
  11. Pricey bit of kit though, £35-45 so don't wanna ruin them. I've got the one that covers the ears too for running without a headset; That one runs about £45 too. https://www.weapon762.com/helmet/1369-tmc-modular-gunfighter-mandible.html?_pcnocache=1566411332143
  12. Okay, so I really don't like the huge gap between the mask and goggles here; I was thinking of first drilling some extra holes in the mask part itself to mount it closer, like this: But then I tried this: And it's already a bit better. Then I noticed the top part of the brackets are connected with screws in 2 parts like so: And I thought I could put some holes up there further down and closer to the front, but then I'd have to dremel some of the top of the bracket off for it to fit under the arc rail, and then thought it might be easier to do the same but with the bottom half of the brackets now with them underneath the mask, like so: Any thoughts on this? I've got a ton of tools (like 3 drills and a million bits for them), dremel, etc, what'd be the cleanest way to go about doing it without 1) fucking it up 2) making it look shitty? Anyone ever done anything similar? Maybe I could just use gorilla glue or something on the inside of the brackets to secure them to the mask where I would drill the holes? But even with epoxy I'd be worried about it coming apart when donning / removing the helmet or something. 3D-printed smaller brackets? Looking for any suggestions here. Thanks in advance. (Also you reckon a pair of Tan goggles would look better with this helm setup? The same pair comes in Tan.) Edit 2: Oh I just checked, it's only the top part that comes in Tan/MC, but may look better? https://i.imgur.com/eYGUnVN.jpg
  13. If money were no issue.. Edit: My TMC RAC headset just arrived this morning, but the box was crushed to hell and one of the retention clips that secure it to the arc rail is snapped. Pretty pissed off since it's obviously a used/returned unit and they sent me it anyway, can you get spares of this part anywhere or do I need to return the things? helmet would be finished now otherwise. aside from wanting a gopro hero black instead of this xiaomi yi action anyway, but better things to buy before that. Took some pics of the loadout; https://imgur.com/a/DHxcN9D
  14. Would that be here? http://www.safariland.com/products/holsters-and-gear/holsters/tactical-military-holsters/drop-rig I can't find any 'GLS' even using the search - and those prices, yeah if I can get a solid LH one I would pay that much.
  15. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32465295981.html I really like the design etc, but I can't find any left handed ones similar. It'd need to be able to hold a 1911 and/or a P226 X-Five (tactical version with rail) I've got a fabric one; But it's a pain to secure the gun and can't quickdraw from it easily. Also rather than make another topic, does anyone have any tips on how I can make the glass on my EoT replica (this one: http://shop.specwarfare.com/element-aim-o-xps-2-0-red-green-dot-qd-mount-dark-earth ) not act like a godamn mirror? I can't see shit through it other than my own reflection. I was thinking of trying to cut some matte phone screen protector film over it and see if that does it. Also, what are the best branded peq-15 boxes out there? there's so many I wanna get the best one I can.
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