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  1. I guess I forgot I actually bought the hopup as it arrived today, was just going to stick with the barrel and go from there, but might aswell get the motor now too - is this the one I ought to get? https://www.ak2m4.co.uk/zci-motor-high-torque-long?search=zci 22 TPA I've got 'ZCI Airsoft High Torque Motor 22 TPA (Short/ V3)' written down somewhere too so I don't know if I want long or short etc because can't remember where I read the differences. so hopup, barrel, motor, doesn't look too complicated to swap out, any other changes I can do while the gun is open that aren't too involved? mosfet? nozzle? preferably nothing more expensive than the motor. Is £30 a good price for that motor? I read that the Titan Supreme is solid; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AIRSOFT-AEG-MOTOR-HIGH-SPEED-TORQUE-LONEX-A1-SUPREME-ASG-SHS-LONG-M170-M140-M120/272035448749 bit more expensive though. Edit: oh, and what about the tappet plate? Will this do? Edit 2: Some googling about and found some nice guides such as this; https://tacticalparts.com/blog/tuning-vfc-scar-part-i/ as well as loads of teardowns on youtube, feeling more confident about opening it up now. Shs Tappet Plate Version 2 Gearbox V2 Deans connectors (suggested to switch to deans and use thicker wires) Lonex hopup bucking / AEG MACARON HOPUP BUCKING - 60° / Omega hopup nub (are these the same thing or?) DOUBLE SEALING ALUMINIUM NOZZLE FOR SCAR-H - 38,4 MM SHS Shim Set for Airsoft Gearboxes - consists of 30 shims 16 Gauge Silicone Wire SELECTOR PLATE FOR SCAR L/H VFC (VF9-SPSCAR01) SHS 14 TEETH FIBRE PISTON (BLUE) VFC SCAR-L (MK16) / SCAR-H (MK17) Selector Plate PISTON HEAD ASG VENTED POM ULTIMATE ALUMINIUM SPEED LONEX SHS 18:1 AEG HIGH SPEED GEARS AIRSOFT GEAR SET AIRSOFT M4 G36 MP5 Do all these parts look good, any better alternatives or things I'm missing while i'm doing all that? I'll probably play with it for a while before even opening it but just building a list of 'to buy'. thanks again.
  2. I was just browsing aliexpress for ideas and I saw this listing, what are the rails on the side of the helm in the pics here? I've never seen them before. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33045290703.html?spm=2114
  3. Almost finished my harness / belt, just waiting on a double grenade pouch and I'm set. https://imgur.com/a/ZkFMfpP Mostly Templars Gear stuff, 4x pistolmag pouches, 3x rifle, dump bag, knife, misc / binoculars bag, carabiner, medum hydration pack with 1l bladder, 2x large 'grenade' pouches for the M41A PR mags. BoaFeng radio mounted on the back of the hydration pouch. I've got a plate carrier I bought on the way a while back but I can't see how I'd need it - plus in this hot weather, y'know.
  4. I found this wire; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173942424795?ul_noapp=true Asked the seller says the O/D is 2.2 - 2.25, will that do or really need 2.1 O/D for fitting / routing it through tight spots? Sorry if you missed this but what do you have to say about this? Thanks again
  5. I found this wire; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173942424795?ul_noapp=true Asked the seller says the O/D is 2.2 - 2.25, will that do or really need 2.1 O/D for fitting / routing it through tight spots?
  6. Oh cool, but can you still get ukara stamps there for ordering elsewhere?
  7. Cool any way I can follow when that's done? I've got 2x Vapextech 9.6V 1600mAh nimh mini batts for it and a dremel so should be simple to make the cutting there nice and smooth to get them in. Thanks, first few posts scared me a bit - not even heard of a bucking I just thought it'd be a disassemble, swap the other hopup unit in, put back together - the spring I guess I'll forget about that then. Piston sure thanks. I might just change the barrel first and get the rest of the stuff and have someone who knows what they're doing do the rest, I'm too clumsy for my own good to be honest. And yeah I've got loads of heatshrink myself, I'd want it all neat and tidy, glue gun the wires down etc, but like I say I think I might just do the barrel and save the rest for a professional. Found this terrible potato video of a guy taking the inner barrel out the scar, just ..try to 'follow' this (noticed some comments correcting things etc) and use it with mine to swap the barrel with the madbull one?
  8. Thanks, I heard about the wires and the crappy stock - this youtube video shows a guy doing some cutting on the stock to easier fit a bigger batt in;
  9. Good suggestions but I've already just gone and returned the mask and helmet and will get that other one, will end up saving money and looks a lot lighter etc.
  10. Might be going on sunday if anyone is gonna be there; THIS SUNDAY AT 09:00 SWAT WOODLAND EVENT 14/7/19 SWAT Paintball Activities · Caldy
  11. I saw those but I've already got a fairly pricey headset
  12. Put a picatinny rail on the other side and a black battery peq box.
  13. I must have small ears because I thought of that and they fit as snug at the other way round, they're angled a bit - I was even thinking of trimming one side of the metal arms off and bending the other to get a better fit. Also I really need to sort out some replacement lenses for that mask because it fogs up just sitting down on the couch wearing it. It's also pretty hot and front heavy, battery pack in the back balances it but just think I'm gonna get a sore neck and end up roasting. Found this one last night and now I wanna get this - cost as much as the dang mask itself! And the base helm platform. https://www.weapon762.com/helmet/1921-tmc-super-flowing-helmet-light-version-with-modular-lightweight-mask.html?search_query=TMC+Super+Flowing+Helmet+Light+Version&results=1#/4-color-multicam
  14. I had the genius idea of mounting the headset on the rear rail when I noticed they swivelled, more room now for the light and they can easily be swung back behind the helmet. The screws that attached them to the metal plates that go on the rails were too small though and enough pressure pulled them out, I ended up putting some self tapping slightly larger screws in and using a dremel to cut the bits protruding out the back off because I couldn't find perfectly sized screws or nails. Anyway recommended mod for those replica headset mounts.
  15. Google image search comes up with posts on image things about it being TMC, I google TMC helms, masks, etc, but the closest one I can find still doesn't seem to match, anyknone know more about it? https://www.weapon762.com/helmet/1921-tmc-super-flowing-helmet-light-version-with-modular-lightweight-mask.html#/4-color-multicam Think I found it, I know that headset but what are those goggles? Thanks again
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