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  1. I have tried ZTAC's and they died. Earmor's I tried twice on two different versions and if it wasn't the headset that stopped working, it WILL be the PTT. That's my experience anyway. Maybe I've had bad luck but I just bought a code red headsets speaker mic and run a mono 3.5mm jack from that to my Peltor Comtac XPI's that I have mounted to my headset. Have not had a single problem in 2 years. When the earmors worked, they were the best headset REPRO wise on the market at the time but after the first headset came with a defect and the PTT died, I bought the Earmor MOD 2's and a new Earmor PTT.
  2. The PTS EPS does fit it and I would highly recommend it because it's got all kinds of storage room. I have the EPS on all my guns minus my GBBR
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    KWA RM4 OPEN TO SWAPS AND OFFERS Delivery can be arranged at buyers expense although prefer collection. Haven't sent a gun in the post so I'll have to shop around for this. This is a genuine sale and if you wish for me to provide proof of any kind, let me know and I shall oblige good sirs INCLUDED is the NUPROL CASE, 9 Genuine MAGPUL PMAGS with COVERS, 1 KWA Mag that came with it that I just use for show as the follower broke on the first use and its crap, the magpul pmags are literally perfection so I'll include the KWA mag anyway but you can replace the follower if you like. The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x scope is not included in this sale The gun has been upgraded by CAMORAIDS and JTAC Custom and sports the following: EXTERNALS: PTS EPS Stock PTS EPG-C Grip PTS Centurion Arms Rail PTS Centurion Arms Rail Accessory Kit (Still have extra rail covers etc for it.) PTS Muzzle Brake PTS Handstop INTERNALS ASG 30K Motor SPRING CUT FOR 340FPS GATE MERF 3.2 MOSFET AOE CORRECTED STOCK GEARS RESHIMMED (They are 16:1 STOCK and absolute beef cakes, no need to change, just a shim job has been done) MAPLE LEAF BUCKING PROMETHEUS BARREL MAPLE LEAF OMEGA NUB FPS SOFTAIR PISTON FPS SOFTAIR CYLINDER FPS SOFTAIR CYLINDER HEAD FPS SOFTAIR CYLINDER X-RING FOR BETTER AIR SEAL FPS SOFTAIR PISTON HEAD FPS SOFTAIR NOZZLE REASON FOR SALE ALL in, this gun has cost me way over a grand and over the time that I have owned it, I have probably used it at about 12 games. I just don't use it as I use my GBBR instead. No point it sitting away so I'll wanna be selling it on. NOTES TO CONSIDER: The gun is around 2 years old so has seen some wear as seen in the pics. It's superficial wear which is expected as the coats on the KWA's are not cerakoted. The charging handle is missing the locking piece as pictured and the mock bolt is slightly out of shape so pulling back the charging handle does not release the dust cover. However it can be opened for hop up adjustment, it's just a bit finicky at times. The foam job on the case is my work of utter shame and I quite literally suck at shaping the foam so it's a pretty crap jobbie but it works and foam for the cases is really cheap so if you wanted to make it neat, you can. The wire guard on the stock as pictured is missing one screw but it doesn't affect anything and isn't noticeable.


    Basildon, Essex - GB

  4. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    I used the sixG nub with both the modify tan and the TM. The TM is still going strong. I was using both 0.3g and 0.32g bb's, no obvious wear on the TM.
  5. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    Only bb's I used were G&G and Geoff's. Both very good brands. The TM Bucking has lasted past 1000 rounds easy so no reason why the modify tan should die after a few hundred.
  6. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    So this happened. Modify tan just crapped on me after like 300 rounds. Back to TM I guess. I'm thinking a lemon? I used only Geoffs and g&g bbs. It was definitely working and definitely installed right. The nub is the six g one. Dayum
  7. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    Grab a small packet of lees precision o-rings for fill valves. Super easy install, just shove em in around the fill valve and sorted. No pissing gas from the mags when filling and in my opinion, no need for the green gas mod either.
  8. If you're gettting back on the horse, keep it simple stupid. Short run-intense, Medium run-moderate, Long Run-slow Each one, once a week so 3 days of running. In between that, just get a bodyweight circuit going for you. Situps, pressups etc. After you're more comfortable with that, throw some weights about and go nuts but honestly, people go way overboard and complicate general fitness because they want to see the fastest improvements. Basic fitness is basic fitness. You achieve it via the basics.
  9. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    I was thinking of sticking with the original barrel as the TM barrels are pretty good. Either that or an edgi/pdi barrel as replacement but I don't think I'll be doing much with the orga stuff. Has anyone tried the "Super" buckings by maple leaf?
  10. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    Does it have a special mound on the inside? I was fully expecting the maple leaf's to kill it with range and accuracy so was suprised that they didn't perform very well on the posts in this thread.
  11. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    Just ordered that SixG nub but I'm trying to track down the modify tan buckings? Can you only get them abroad? Also, I saw a video on someone with the same issue of bb's getting stuck in the magazine and apparently you have to take a file to a couple spots but they didn't explain it very well so lets hope I don't go and **** it.
  12. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    I' I'll get on that now. Cheers guys. Gonna follow Wolf's guide on maintenance and grab that chain fluid stuff from amazon.
  13. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    I was using devil blaster bb's.Do you think buying silent fill valves will stop the splurting of freezing liquid? 😂
  14. Katana

    THE TM MWS thread

    Hi Guys, I bought one of these sexy things and tried it for the first time at a skirmish today. Oh ma dayum this thing is the best thing I've owned period. It's damn accurate as well as easily overhops 0.28's which i was surprised with tbh but I've never seen a gbbr as accurate as this thing. The shots really get out there too. I just ran into a couple of minor problems. When I'm filling mags I felt like to get through a whole mag I would have to "overfill" all the mags until liquid started spewing out of the magazines. Definitely gonna hit up the green gas mod but also
  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    So I have for sale a bolt action sniper. No idea the make. It's been sprayed olive but the two tone is showing so it needs a paint job. It does shoot. I think it needs a new mag or something though as the mag that comes with it pushes too many bb's into the chamber most of the time and you get double feeds. Probably the stopper that is holding the bbs in the magazine is worn out. No idea what fps it is shooting although I think it's like 400fps. I don't think the hop up works. Guys it's a steal for a reason. It needs some work. You pay postage. It has a rail to mount scopes onto.


    Basildon, Essex - GB

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