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  1. Where did you get that from mate? Impulse?
  2. Can do, depends on the weather. As for airsoft, I had a eye near miss for the first time in 17 years of playing a couple of weeks ago. It was at a CQB site in Derby, and I foolishly broke cover and ran across an open doorway only to get pre fired by some tights wearing HPA hicapa spammer who was lying on the floor and put a line of bb’s into my face out of his/her/it’s stupid M4 magazine. The eye pro took the brunt, but a stray bb hit my eye socket in the gap between my ballcap and my specs and left me dazed and a gnarly black eye formed overnight. I wear prescription Oakleys which don’t seal to my face, but have got away with that for years. It’s at my own risk, but it’s probably foolish. My main error was going to a silly CQB site and exposing myself to a lot more risk than I usually do. In retrospect, I’d say wear high quality full face for CQB. I’m never going to that kind of hell hole, it’s not what I play airsoft for and is just too unrealistic. I’m sticking with my prescription Oakleys and being very picky about when I stick my neck out as a target. I like to try and treat airsoft like real life and not run out into obvious potential lethal danger, and as such I don’t get hit very often when playing. I do a lot of milsim, and this Dye type paintball PPE just doesn’t work with NVG or respirator’s either.

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    Large regular genuine Crye G3 field shirt in ranger green. This is brand new. Sadly this is too large for me, and has not been used - only been tried on for size. Lovely piece of kit. £100 shipped in UK.


    - GB

  4. I'm still not clear on what you mean?
  5. I can’t help you with sourcing one, but I’ve owned a Vector and found it terribly front heavy, with generally a poor design both ergonomically and technically. Have you tried one? Bespoke Airsoft supply a KWA thing that looks a bit Vectorish. I think it’s called a TK45 Ronin
  6. I’m still using the Modify X blue bucking, and getting good results with DN (Daves Nub), Laylax 370/6.03, black NPAS, black gas, standard TM mags. 10 shots per mag? That’s terrible, I’m getting about 100.
  7. I was surprised to discover that a TM MP7 is perfectly capable of holding its own in woodland as well as urban/CQB. 6 mags and a 6.03mm inner barrel/ML bucking and they shoot miles with green gas and heavier bb’s. Get one, you won’t regret it.
  8. Without exception the most entertaining airsoft games I've played over the last 16 years have been limited ammo games. I know that won't float on an open day, but I get by just fine with real cap mags, and internally deride the tactical maracas bunch.
  9. Hey up, is this IR torch and IR laser? Or white light torch? Do you think it holds zero OK?

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    Awesome hardshell, genuine Arcteryx, size large. Please see photos for sizing info - chest is 22 inches across, length is 27/28 inches, and under arm to cuff is 23 inches. Very good condition, I've owned from new. I noticed it was slightly dirty when I took the photos, so I have run it though a cold wash with some Techwash to clean it. Asking £90


    - GB

  11. Electric guns are a thing of the past for me now. I’ve committed to hard mode. I’ve run plenty of black gas through my MP7 in winter, never ever in summer. Nothing has failed yet, but if it does C’est La Vie
  12. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    I got this as a loaner gun for a friend when they were getting into airsoft, and they have since purchased their own. Great gun, and is fitted with the GHK 12" carbine kit, and 300mm inner barrel. It easily lifts .32's, and is fitted with a variable FPS nozzle, which is adjustable with an allen key. I haven't touched it since setting up, and I'm getting 350 with .20's It also comes with the M4 magpul style stock, and the original folding stock is included. It has a QD suppressor with flash hider, fully functioning Strike red dot, metal charging handle, and four gen1 magazines. The mags are gas tight, but suffer from the usual GHK feed lip issues. I have reinforced all of them, and they currently feed fine. I would recommend purchasing a new set, or better still get some gen2 mags as these do weigh over 500g per mag! See the photo of mag feed lips FYI. It is used and has wear to the bolt. It runs as it should do, with no cracks in the receiver. I am looking for £250 + shipping with everything included.


    - GB

  13. Heavy trigger and hard to reload mags would necessarily put me off from skirmishing one. GHK mags and GBBR mags in general do have a learning curve to reloading them quickly. And the DAS M4 has (or had) an unrealistic heavy trigger. People skirmish both of these guns all the time. Any possibility of doing the Devil Hunter mod on these GHK Glocks, do you think?
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