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    For sale is a Double Eagle M89 (HK UMP). Well used with a few scrapes and marks. Bought used myself as a backup and run it at a couple of indoor CQB to test it out. Generally performs fairly well but could probably do with a service hence low price. Sometimes misses a shot then fires 2 in semi, but very infrequently. Selector switch is a bit slack when engaging semi and full auto and sometimes sticks getting into full auto. Only ever skirmished it in semi as site was semi only. Stock folds and is fully functional, locks closed and open securely. Shoots at about 250-255 on 0.25g bbs (see pic) equivalent to about 280-290 on 0.2s. Have vids of it firing in semi and full auto, PM for more info. Also includes vertical fore grip, rubber rail protectors, 2xhigh cap mags (200bbs I think) and smg mag pouch. Price includes postage and PayPal fees. Thanks for looking


    - GB

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