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  1. It is fugly, but I love it and therefore I'm embracing the hate. At least its not "Another M4" 😁😁
  2. The foregrip finally arrived and Ugly just got a little more ergonomic.
  3. G&G L22A2. Shmexy little low profile RDS and an FMA PEQ10. The Rail Riser arrived this morning and now the RDS is at the perfect height and although I'm still waiting on the foregrip to arrive, it's done. The more I look at the rifle, the more the upper receiver is begging for attention. I just can't decide whether to go OD, a darker shade of tan or take it back to black and slap some decals on it. Opinions? 😁
  4. Low Drag Loadout.... Nothing but a chest rig for mags and essential stuff (batteries, camera, small tools, snack bars) Also minus the chest rig and with a 40lb rucksack added, this gear doubles as my Paras 10 training kit 😁
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    As per the title I have a modified US Night Desert Parka for sale. I would also consider swaps for Armalite/M4 magazines to go with a G&G L85 AFV. It's a size Snall, but if you know about these, then you'll know they were cut BIG - I'm 5ft11 and a 42inch chest and this fits with room to spare. It's been shortened by about 10 inches to jacket length - The seamstress did exactly as I asked, but I think I asked for it a touch too short. It would fit a bloke between 5ft8 and 5ft10 a little better than it does me. The excess materiel from the amendment was used to add some elbow reinforcment. Its also been fitted with a front zip fastener and velcro at the wrists. Had a patch or two sewn onto the shoulders then removed, but it has little damage or wear showing otherwise. Cost includes postage/fees


  6. +1... Altberg Sneekers are amazing. I use them as I'm training for Paras10 in Catterick again this year. Supremely comfortable when paired with decent socks.
  7. Hellfish

    Beeman 4 x 21 Scope

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    In pretty much perfect condition, and will come in original box with a Picatinny to Dovetail adapter .. makes attatching it to your rifle easier and quicker. Matte black finishReticle: CrosshairMagnification: 4xTube Diameter: 30mmObjective Diameter: 21mmFast-focus eyepieceAdjustable Objective11 to 21 mm mountFully multi-coated opticsLength: 180mmWeight: About 500gClick Value, in @ 100yds 0.25" (1/4 MOA)Adjustment Objective: Minimum 5 yards100% waterproof, fogproof and shockproof1/4 MOA fingertip windage and elevation adjustmentsBuilt on true strength platform, completely sealed one piece 30mm tube Happy to take cash or swap for Metal M4 mid caps to go with my L85 AFV


  8. Looking to return to airsoft, but not wanting to spend loads so I've purchased a Second hand G&G L85 AFV - In need of some love and attention and currently in with a local tech for a service. To complete a CQB look for it, I've also bought a G&G L85a1 Cocking Lever, Helix Slim AFG, Cheap Surpressor, Dovetail to Weaver Adapter and a Low Profile Red Dot. The receiver will also need a good fettle at some point as it's currently got a tan spray job ....
  9. Hellfish



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    Cyma, Kings Arms or TM. Used to excellent condition & sub 350fps please.


  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    In good, used condition. Functions but could certainly benefit from a good clean\service and possibly new recoil springs. Picture shows it without the masher front end, but it is included. Original box ,manual, cleaning rod. Original chrome mag with bumper on the nameplate. Clone weapon torch ... Lovely but of kit, solid, well made and bright. x 4 Toykyo Mario 1911 without mag bumper. Price includes postage and PayPal fees. Will consider swaps for PDW sized AEG's


    Bradford, West Yorkshire - GB

  11. See, I thought the Strike Warrior r was just a tarted up 4.3.... 🤔
  12. Can any of you guys point me in the right direction of a retailer and the right spring?
  13. Ahh... I did wonder why the stock spring was like that. No. Its just a standard spring, not doubled over....
  14. Zero One green gas... But the slide diesnt lock back even if i manually rack it. 🙄🤔
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