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  1. Mmmmmm ..... Swordfishy. Modded an SP89 foregrip that I'll fit tomorrow .... Should make the lines a bit more sleek. Not a fan of the MP5K drop grip.
  2. I'm not a nerd, you're a nerd........ (22 days until The Rise of Skywalker 😁)
  3. I think it needs a Dangler pouch at the front.....
  4. Loadout Update : Cheap plate carrier ditched & Slightly less cheap JPC set up acquired. 👍🏻
  5. Flash Hider, PEQ10, RDS and Cobra Foregrip. Unless we are counting the RIS Kit and Stock Adapter?? 🤔😁😉
  6. I had a surpressor but the BB's kept hitting the end regardless of how I adjusted the hop. 🤔
  7. I wanted to make it look a bit futuristic-esque and I think I managed it pretty well. Constructive criticism/feedback aside, I beleive people should embrace difference 😁
  8. I swear I'm done fiddling with the externals..... Honest!
  9. Advertised as an Emerson JPC. If so, I think I did rather well for what I paid.
  10. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Looking for a front sight and fire selector. Need to be complete and functional, but I plan to mod them so don't need to be perfect.


  11. No frills Civvie attire, low drag tac vest, MP5K PDW.
  12. +1 for the MP5K. Short, pointable and has a plethora of upgrades and accessories available
  13. Hellfish


    TM and No. Other than additional wire loom, its stock.
  14. Turned out it's milspec. Who'd a thunk it?
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