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  1. Jambo88

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Its a steel barrel and its a maple leaf hop bucking. I was only joking about the vsr part. I thought all the dragunov stuff would have gave it away. I've not read anything bad about airsoft pro hop ups anyway.
  2. Jambo88

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    I bought tons the day. airsoftpro upgrade hop unit Madbull 590mm 6.03 inner 75 madbull bucking Upgrade steel piston catch Upgrade barrel mount Side mount Gen 3 reinforced piston SVD steel bipod Top arms. .4s SVD extended cocking handle And a scope Will that make my vsr good? Also thinking of a ghillie suit what's people's opinions on them?
  3. Jambo88

    Koer SVD

    You can get the a A&k svd on Airsoftworld and buy the black furniture for a extra £40 so would be around 180 in total. The hop is shit and needs upgraded but it does shoot OK out the box. Mine was 440ish fps and it's not so bad to cook either. Some reviews say it's hard with the stock lever.
  4. Jambo88

    Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    Desert can work well in winter woodland games. I used to wear mtp trousers and a desert jacket and could stalk no bother. I think it works better when there is a low sun and the contrast between the darker bottoms and lighter top. Why would you let someones clothes annoy you?
  5. Jambo88

    Little Things That Annoy You In Airsoft

    Dunno if he means those that come on here calling UKARA a licence etc.
  6. Jambo88

    Battle Belt

    I wear a battle belt. I have 2 single pouches then a double on my left side and largeish LMG ammo(I think) pouch for a small bottle of water, speed loader and small bag of bb's on my right. It's all I need for a morning game. If I use my radio that clips onto a bit on the yoke. I see people with scissors and glow sticks stuck in their vest and tons of pouches plus holster and camelpak. That's a bit overkill imo. ETA You can pick up a multicum belt for £20 on ebay.
  7. It shouldn't smoke. Anything electrical that smokes usually means it's fucked. What kind of gun is it?
  8. Jambo88

    Would you eotech

    Do people actually use nightvision at airsoft?
  9. Jambo88

    Would you eotech

    If its only for you then does it matter if it's real or a clone? As said previously there is no gain in airsoft just the potential of getting a expensive bit of kit broken.
  10. Jambo88

    G&g g96 sv

    You tried twisting and pulling with pliers?
  11. Jambo88

    Whats your favourite game type/scenario?

    Its worse when you've done the 10min walk to spawn then have a 5 minute wait. The game is far better when the spawn moves upto the next objective and less chance of getting shot at again.
  12. Jambo88

    Help identifying ancient pistol

    Looks like a gun to me
  13. Jambo88

    Judge Rinder - Airsoft Case

    I seen the end of this. The guy who was wanting money sounded a twat. £1900 for emotional distress :/ I took my new gun out just before Xmas and it wasn't feeding, the emotional distress I felt having to fix a gun in near darkness is all part of the sport.
  14. Jambo88

    New Camouflage Gear

    Get partizan camo or digi flora
  15. Jambo88

    Please Help Me With A Russian Loadout

    Airsoftworld sell gorkas for £60 feel OK quality.