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  1. Evic

    New player, west coast Scotland

    Welcome. Section 8 is my usual place. So far it's been great.
  2. Evic

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just bought Mid caps, sling, QD mounts, red dot and foregrip for an upcomming milsim. Testing it all out tomorrow at Section 8. Should be fun.
  3. Evic

    Looking for advice

    I have been for the last 3 game days and had a great time. The web page above has all the information that you'll "need". Is there anything else you would like to find out?
  4. Evic

    Gun picture thread

    The short-dot style does look awesome. I think it could look nice on my new MARS SBR. Will play a few games with iron sights first.
  5. Evic

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Finally got my RIF from UPS today. Woo!
  6. Evic


    Thanks, good to know. They have ordered the Mags from thier own suppliers and are waiting on them arriving. Should arrive in the next week or so... I'd say that I wouldn't want to order from here if you're in a hurry. Lesson learned: Check forum first..!
  7. Evic


    Hi all. Ordered 3, 180 round ICS T-MAGs on 2/4. Still waiting as of today 23/4. Website does say there is a 2 week turn around. So I'll phone them tomorrow and update this post accordingly. Anyone dealt with this company before? Cheers. Update: Pellpax are wating on the mags from thier own suppliers. Should arrive in the next week or so. Update 2: I cancelled the order after 1 month. Cancelled without issue though, and dude on the phone was like "Fair enough, can't blame you".
  8. Hi all, Been browsing the forum and there are loads of helpful links. Played my first few games and have caught the bug. Looking forward to seeing some of you on the field soon.
  9. Evic

    Private Airsoft Deals

    Has anyone bought anything from here since? Cheers